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Top Entry Litterbox from Modkat

Posted on 30 January 2018 in Top-Entry Litter Boxes

Our boys aren't the best at digging, covering, and generally scratching up their litter. William paws at the wall, and all of them have trouble covering up their business. Sometimes when they do manage to dig around in the litter, they dig and paw so hard that litter ends up everywhere. We had this problem especially in one location, so we recently replaced their old box with a top-entry box like this one from Modkat.

Top-entry litter boxes are like a regular litter box but with extremely high sides. They come with a removable lid that has an entry hole or port. Just like a regular box with a lid and door, the cat has one entry point, which prevents excess litter tracking. In our case, we got the box for the high sides and not for the single entry point, so the cats use the box without the lid on it. They have to jump a bit to get inside, and they always perform a little occupancy check before jumping in since they can't see inside without standing upright.

All three of our boys have no trouble using the box. Litter can be scratched around to wild abandon and it doesn't go flying all around the room -- it stays in the box. Cleanup is very similar to any other litter box with the easy removal of the lid (or even easier if you leave the lid off at all times like we do).

This particular top-entry box from Modkat has a lot of great features. The lid has perforations to keep even more litter in the box, and it swivels when you open it so any litter trapped on top simply falls back into the box. The box also comes with a removable, reusable tarp liner that is easy to clean and makes litter replacement very easy. It even comes with a matching, hanging litter scoop. Choose from black, grey, or white, to match a variety of decors!

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