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One Fast Cat Jumbo Exercise Wheel for Cats

Posted on 4 February 2020 in Super Fun Cat Toys

You can't get your kitty a gym membership, but this cat treadmill wheel is perfect for cardio at home. If you're looking for a way to help kitty get in shape or burn off that extra young cat energy, look to this unique pet exerciser product.

This fun pet exercise wheel can help to alleviate potential boredom in your cat, while burning off extra calories at the same time. This unique piece of equipment makes for excellent indoor cat enrichment. It can be especially helpful for active cats who might live in smaller homes or one-story dwellings where running around the house doesn't rack up the steps they might achieve in a larger space.

The One Fast Cat wheel is easy to assemble. It's made of recycled materials and is both lightweight for ease of movement and sturdy for years of active use.

Cats Love the Mysterious Purr Pad!

Posted on 25 October 2016 in Blankets & Mats
This is a simple yet effective product that cats just seem to love. It's a soft polyester cushion mat that attracts both kitties and any fur, dander, or dust they might normally leave behind. That makes... More


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