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Prevent Cat Wire Chewing with Split Loom Tubing

Posted on 31 January 2017 in Repellants for Training

Alternative use product alert! One of our kitties (it's William) has a thing for chewing on wires. He especially likes Apple product wires and other similarly pliable round cables. They're his favorite thing and he's already chewed through several iPhone chargers and even our Amazon Echo wire! William is the reason we couldn't play Christmas music in our living room on Christmas day. We tried a few options and found this great solution: split loom tubing.

This is small 3/8" ribbed tubing designed for automotive or electronic use. The slit tubing can be used to group wires together and keep them in position. And we have found it works perfect to deter William from chewing on wires in our home.

The tubing is made of polyethylene (which is somehow less tasty than expensive Apple wires) and typically comes in black, as shown here. The tubing is thin and easy to cut to size. We added tubing around wires in our offices and by our television areas, taking the extra step to hold the tubing in place using electrical tape.  There are other tube-like protective products on the market, but what makes this stuff so great to work with is that it is split, so you don't even have to unplug your devices in order to protect your wires. It's easy peasy!

If you've got a cat that likes to chew on (or clean through, as in the case of our William!) wires, we recommend this split loom tubing as a preventative solution!

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