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Collapsible Paper Cat Tunnel: Crunchy Fun

Posted on 4 June 2019 in Cat Tunnels

This is a fun toy for cats who love tunnels and crunching sounds. It's a sturdy collapsible tunnel made of biodegradable paper! When not in use the tunnel folds up like an accordian for simple storage.

When unfolded, this fun cat tunnel toy is about 32.5" long by 12"x 12". Each end has a round entry port for easy access. Once inside the tunnel, let the fun kitty crunching and sneaking begin!

This is a highly rated unique cat tunnel toy. Note that while some users say it is sturdy, others have reported (with hilarious photos) that the tunnel is easy to rip by a determined kitty. But even those whose tunnels ripped agree it's a fun toy for cats.

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