List: 2019 Cat Needs Best-Selling Toys

This is a list of the best selling cat toys sold on this webshop over 2019. Does your cat have these popular toys? Interactive toys and tunnel tubes topped the list.

1 Three-Level Track Ball Tower Cat Toy

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Our top-selling toy in 2019 was this three-level tower of tracks, each with a moving ball that spins around with every bat of your cat's paw. This is an extremely popular product on Amazon, both in sales and ratings.

2 Rechargeable Laser Light Pointer Cat Toy

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Stop messing around with cheap laser pointers that you just end up throwing away because you're not going to replace the small unhandy batteries! Get a highly rated USB rechargeable unit like this one, similar to our best-selling model.

3 Soft & Crinkly Cat Toy Play Tunnel

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This is a fun hideaway toy for cats. The tunnel has a soft suede like finish with fluffy borders at the ends and hidey-hole, with an attached dangling toy and crinkle texture for playtime fun.

4 Madcap Mouse Super Fun Refillable Catnip Toy

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This best-seller remains one of Timmy's favorites. This popular and extremely affordable soft plush refillable toy comes in random styles (you might get a koala or different colored mouse).

5 Rabbit Fur Cat Toy on Elastic String

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This simple toy was our 5th top seller in 2019. If your cat goes wild for real rabbit fur, dangling a ball of it on the end of the string will surely drive him or her wild.

6 Affordable Paper Tunnel Toy for Cats

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Some cats love tunnels. Some cats love paper bags. This fun playtime cat toy tunnel is an intriguing combination of these two concepts -- it's a play tunnel made of sturdy paper! This one folds down, accordion-style, for easy storage.

7 Automatic Cat Toy with Laser & Feather

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This is a two-in-one cat toy that works automatically to invite interactive fun! The device rotates a laser light and a feather toy in various patterns and speeds to keep your kitty engaged and active!

8 Interactive Feather Smart Toy for Cats

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The last top selling toy on our list is another interactive gem with battery-powered lights and motion. The toy rolls around in a random pattern, catching your cat's attention with its irregular movement and enticing dangling feather attachment.

List: 2018 Cat Needs Best Sellers

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