Feather Toys

Catnip Yoda & Crinkle Ball Toys for Kitty

This fun cat toy set includes a little plush Yoda and an enticing crunchy crinkle ball toy. The plush Yoda is infused with catnip for extra fun.

Interactive Feather Smart Toy for Cats

The last top selling toy on our list is another interactive gem with battery-powered lights and motion. The toy rolls around in a random pattern, catching your cat's attention with its irregular movement and enticing dangling feather attachment.

Foam Cat Toys With Feathers

This is a pack of 8 cat toys that are perfect for batting, chasing, and even carrying around! These are lightweight sponge-foam golf balls with attached feathers.

Cat toys UCCELLINO | Cat fishing with feathers & rattle – For fun together The rubber cord with the 2 balls made of felt, should animate your house tiger to play together. Hidden in the larger ball is a... View on Etsy
Feather Cat Toys, Sparkly Ball Cat Toy, Catnip Feathers, No Catnip Toy, Knitted Ball Toys, Gift for Cat, Fetch Toy for Kitten, Yarn Cat Toys – This listing is for 3 (three) Feather Ball Catnip Toys. Kittens and cats really love this combination of fuzzy yarn balls and feathers! the ball end... View on Etsy
MeoHui Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, 2PCS Retractable Cat Wand Toy and 9PCS Cat Feather Toys Teaser Refills, Interactive Cat Toy Wand Kitten Toys to Play Chase Exercise – 1. EXCITING ENTERTAINMENT FOR CATS: Cats are crazy about chaser games! Combine string and feather into a great cat toy, this cat feather toy is an... View on Amazon
Feather cat toys, lovely handmade toys – Feather cat toys, lovely handmade toys Handmade Materials: wool, acorn top, satin cord, bells, catnip Cats of all ages love these sweet little cat toys. Collected in the fall... View on Etsy
Cat Wand Toys, 4 PCS Interactive Cat Teaser Wand Cat Feather Toys with Loud Bell - 20" Long Wand for Cat and Kitten – PRODUCT SIZE - The length of cat rod is about 16.5 inch. The feather is about 3.93 inch; MATERIAL -The cat toy interactive stick is made... View on Amazon
Deer Hide Cat Toy - Fur And Feathers Cat Toy / Natural Fur Teaser Toy / Cat Toy / Cat Teaser Toy / Teaser Toy / Cat Toy With Bell / Feathers – Does your cat like to hunt? Toys made from animal skins are sure to entice them. These toys are made from white tail deer hides collected... View on Etsy
SmartyKat Flutter Ball Cat Toy Feather Ball 2 Pack – DESIGNED FOR ACTIVITY: Engage cats to play & move, toss these feathered balls to your cat's delight; STIMULATING CAT TOYS: Attract cats with catnip to engage... View on Amazon
Feather Ball Cat Toys Set of 3, Catnip Feathers, Pom Pom Cat Toy, Kitten Toys, Catnip Free Toy, Bell Cat Toy, Cat Fetch Toy, Yarn Cat Toy – This listing is for a set of 3 Feather Puffs Cat Toys. Each pom pom ball has a variety of fun feathers for your cat to... View on Etsy
Interactive Cat Toy, Wooden Turntable, Intellectual Pet Track Tower, Funny Cat Toy Plate Ball Bell Rocking Cat Interactive Toy – Your cat would LOVE this interactive toy! It is a good gift for your pet. Features: - It can train your pets natural instincts, will keep your cats... View on Etsy
Spinners, Cat Toy, Natural Rabbit Fur, Rooster Feathers, Handmade Cat Toys, 3 per pack – This cat toy is called a Spinner - Cats like to bat at them and watch them spin. Set of 3 - Rabbit fur... View on Etsy
Flight Of Fancy Bendy Teaser Wand Cat Toys – Fantastic luxury cat teaser wand cat toy, perfect for interactive play with your cat. The realistic bird looks as if it is flying and your cats... View on Etsy
Handknitted, Catnip, Woodland Birds, Cat Toys – Cats Go Mad For These Toys! Handmade Knitted Woodpecker Toy Filled With Homegrown Catnip and Toy Stuffing. Kingfisher and Woodpecker. Each Cat Toy is Hand Knitted and Stuffed with... View on Etsy
Premium Spring Cat Toy – Premium Spring Cat Toy Size: 14cm long Various colors, stimulate curiosity as well as make your pet more interested in playing. The spring is sturdy, so that... View on Etsy
SmartyKat Hum Singer Electronic Sound Feather Bird Toy for Cats & Kittens, Battery Powered, Fun & Interactive Play - Multi, One Size – SMARTYKAT Hum Singer Singer Electronic Sound Cat Toy is sure to make playtime fun for your favorite feline friend.; CREATED to excite your cat, the hummingbird... View on Amazon
3 Squiggly Soft Cat Toys, Optional Feathers Catnip Bell, No Catnip Toys, Bell Cat Toys, Gifts for Cat, Catnip Feathers, Fetch Toy for Cat – This listing is for 3 (three) Catnip Toys Cats really enjoy carrying these around the house and throwing them up high in the air! The bodies look... View on Etsy
SmartyKat Feather Whirl Electronic Motion Cat Toy, As Seen On TV (9621), green – Age Range Description: All Life Stages. View on Amazon
Catnip, Knitted, Garden Bird, Blue Tit, Blackbird, Cat, Toy – Cats Go Mad For These Toys! Handmade Knitted Garden Bird Toy Filled With Homegrown Catnip and Toy Stuffing. *Blue Tit and Blackbird Currently Available* Each Cat Toy is Hand... View on Etsy
Cat Toys - Cat Feather Toys - Include Cat Wand and Natural Feather Refills – Popular! Supervisor by Cat Owner! This cat wand toy set supervisor by cat owner, We pick out the most popular from Hundreds of cat toys to... View on Amazon
Cat Teaser Toys (5 Cute Designs) / Organic Catnip / Bell And Feathers Cat Toy / Teaser Cat Wand / Cat Fishing Pole / Wood Cat Toy / Rattling – Looking for a cute toy that will drive your cat or kitten crazy (in a good way)? You found it! Our handmade cat teaser wands are made to... View on Etsy
2022 Latest Cat Feather Toys, Interactive Cat Toys Kitten Toys, 1PCS Elasticity Cat Wand Toy and 3PCS Teaser Refills Tail Bird Feathers, Cat Toys for Indoor Cats Kitten Play Chase Exercise – 【Safety】All our cat feather replacements are made of natural bird feathers (guinea fowl feathers and goose down, etc.), and no dyes are added. Cats can chew... View on Amazon
Petlinks HappyNip Zippy Zebra Catnip & Silvervine Feather Toy for Cats & Kittens, Stimulating, Fun & Engaging Play - White/Black, One Size – GREAT FOR EXERCISE: Encourages cats to give chase when the toy is launched or tossed through the air, providing vigorous activity and exercise to help improve... View on Amazon
Petlinks (2-Set) Feather Flips Feathery Ball Toys for Cats & Kittens, For Solo & Interactive Play, Encourages Exercise - Blue, 2-Set – MULTI-TEXTURED: Different material textures work to mimic the feel of real prey; featuring soft plush, knit fabric, felt, and feathers to further satisfy your cat's hunting... View on Amazon
IMPERFECT Cat Toy Buffalo Deer Hair Buttermoth - Moth Butterfly like Teaser Wand / Pole Attachment / Refill – You will get TWO imperfect Buttermoths! The main image shows many to give an idea how they can vary. Making some toys does not always produce ... View on Etsy
Handknitted, Catnip, Coastal Birds, Cat Toy – Cats Go Mad For These Toys! Handmade Coastal Bird Cat Toys Filled With Homegrown Catnip and Toy Stuffing. Puffins and Seagulls. Each Cat Toy is Hand Knitted and Stuffed... View on Etsy
JIARON Cat Feather Toy, 2PCS Retractable Cat Wand Toys and 10PCS Replacement Teaser with Bell Refills, Interactive Catcher Teaser and Funny Exercise for Kitten or Cats. – Funny Feather Cat Toy: This cat wand can help your cats keep active and do more exercise. This interactive cat toys can build trust and companionship... View on Amazon