Feather Toys

Interactive Feather Smart Toy for Cats

The last top selling toy on our list is another interactive gem with battery-powered lights and motion. The toy rolls around in a random pattern, catching your cat's attention with its irregular movement and enticing dangling feather attachment.

Foam Cat Toys With Feathers

This is a pack of 8 cat toys that are perfect for batting, chasing, and even carrying around! These are lightweight sponge-foam golf balls with attached feathers.

Catnip Yoda & Crinkle Ball Toys for Kitty

This fun cat toy set includes a little plush Yoda and an enticing crunchy crinkle ball toy. The plush Yoda is infused with catnip for extra fun.

MeoHui Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, Interactive Cat Toy 2PCS Retractable Cat Wand Toy and 9PCS Cat Feather Toys Refills, Funny Kitten Toys Cat Fishing Pole Toy for Bored Indoor Cats Chase and Exercise – 1. EXCITING ENTERTAINMENT FOR CATS : Cats are crazy about chaser games! Combine string and feather into a great cat toys for indoor cats, this cat... View on Amazon
Cat Toy Cow Leather String, a great teaser for your kitty - Simple toy concept, great fun! For large breed cats or strong chewers. – SAFETY INFORMATION: Never fling/flick the leather string at your cat (or any living thing), it may hurt him (like a whip) and he won't play with the... View on Etsy
CATENESS Cat Wand Toy Feather Stick Cat Toys, 6 PCS Cat Feathers Wand Toy, Interactive Cat Toy Feather Wand for Indoor Cats – 1.Funny Design: This feather cat toy is designed with bright color that can attract cats attention easily, and the loud bell can arouse cats interest quickly,... View on Amazon
Our Bestseller Cat toy | XL feather crown - blue | Long cat toy | Feather cat toy | Interactive cat toy | – An exiting cat teaser toy for your beloved feline companion! This is the best seller of all our cat teasers. The feathers are sturdy and durable,... View on Etsy
Cat Feather Teaser with Suction Base and Refills, Pet Grooming Massage Brush, Cat Wand Fishing Pole, Cat Lover Gift, Cat Interactive Toy – Excites your little hunter with our feather teaser toy sets! You can interact with your cat with the wand to mimic natural hunting prey instincts. When... View on Etsy
Assorted Colorful Cat Ball Toy Set, Sisal and Feather Dental Chase Ball, Crincke ball , Wool Ball, Pom Pom Ball, Pet Lover Gift, Kicker Toy – This assorted collection of cat-approved ball toys promotes interactive play and provides cats with a wide variety of enriching toys 🐈🐈🐈🐈FREE shipping over CAD$35🐈🐈🐈🐈 Use coupon codes to... View on Etsy
Limited supply! Bobcat Tail Cat Toy Attachment – Limited Supply!! Sooooo beautiful and soft! Mr. Chappell went wild over this new toy!! He loves giving snuggles and chasing this cat toy as a teaser... View on Etsy
Mink Tail Cat Toy Attachment – OH.MY.GOODNESS! These are Mr. Chappell’s new favorite toy!! He loves hugging and chasing this cat toy as a teaser attachment. It’s made of soft, mink tail... View on Etsy
Cat toys | 5-pack - Rattle balls with rabbit fur tail cat toss toy | Cat toy Pack | Ball and fur cat toys – These are 5 rattle balls with rabbit fur tails. Each ball is filled with rice to make a loud rattling sound when it is moved. *******Please... View on Etsy
Cat fishing system "Mika", cat toys, feather toys for cats, felt ball with bell | orange and green – 💖 MAYBE YOUR CAT'S 💖 NEW FAVORITE TOY Here you can see the favorite cat fishing rod of our cat Mika in the color variant "robin". The... View on Etsy
Cat Toys Feathers Wand, Interactive Cat Toy Kitten Toys 2 Retractable Cat Wand Toy and 7 Feather Teaser Refills with bells, Telescopic Cat Fishing Pole Toy for Indoor Bored Cats Gifts Exercise Pack – 【Cat Toys for Indoor Cats】2pcs cat wand+2pcs wiggle worms+5pcs feather teaser refills, Variety feather teaser attachments make this cat toy used for longer periods of time,... View on Amazon
Kyo’s Colorful Exotic Feather Cat Teaser Toy Attachment – Inspired by our kitty customer, Kyo, this exotic feather attachment features his favorite color red. This attachment highlights peacock, pheasant and other fancy feathers in a... View on Etsy
Gigwi Interactive Electronic Cat Toy, Automatic Chirping Bird Cat Toy Squeaky with Feather Tail, Melody Chaser Toy Bird for Cats to Play Alone, Play and Squeak Kitten Toy for Boredom – REALISTIC BIRD DESIGN: Our cat hunt toy like a real bird is designed to satisfy your cats hunting instinct and to keep it on its paws.... View on Amazon
Cat Pet Toy Kitten Funny Teaser Stick Interactive Wand Feather Bell Rod Colorful – Cat Pet Toy Kitten Funny Teaser Stick Interactive Wand Feather Bell Rod 1/3/5Pcs Description: 1/3/5 Pcs Cat Kitten Pet Teaser Turkey Feather Interactive Stick Toy Wire Chaser... View on Etsy
GREMBEB Cat Toys, Silvervine Cat Feather Toy 10Pack Kitten Chew Stick Catnip Treat with Bell for Cleaning Teeth Indoor Kitty Teaser Wand Bunny Molar Snack for Interactive Pet Rabbit Hamster Guinea Pig – 1.[Upgraded 5 in 1 Cat Toys]:Cat chew toy for kitten is designed for cat health problem by"5 semsings".SMELL of twisted catnip hemp rope; VISION of natural... View on Amazon
NOW 2 SIZES! Pheasant Tail Feather Cat Teaser Toy Attachment (use with wood teaser wand) – The regular size pheasant tail feather attachment features a cluster of three long, sturdy pheasant tail feathers adorned with peacock and fluffy “fairy” feathers. Measures 8... View on Etsy
CATENESS Cat Feather Toys Replacement Cat Toy Wand Refills, 10 Pieces Cat Feathers Refill, Interactive Cat Wand Toy Replacement Feather for Indoor Cats – 1.Exercise and Fun: This cat feather toy come with tinkle bell with rustling sound, it is easy to catch your cats attention. Encourages instinctual behaviors and... View on Amazon
SmartyKat Toss-A-Fox Feather Toss & Chase Cat Toy, Randomly Selected Color - Brown OR White, One Size – RANDOMLY SELECTED: The cat toy is randomly selected from an assortment of colors; customers currently do not have the option to choose their desired toy variant;... View on Amazon
Dual Colour Handmade feather hemp and pompon refill toy for frenzy & da bird type wand teasers - PURRFECT HUNT – - PURRFECT HUNT -This toy will fit FRENZY & DA BIRD type wand teasers Material: Feather, short strands of cotton, viscose, nylon, polyester or polypropylene, metal wire,... View on Etsy
EcoCity Cat Toys 2023 - No Chemical Dyeing Cat Feather Toys - Include Cat Wand and Natural Feather Refills – 1. NO CHEMICAL DYES - Made from safe, eco-friendly, durable, and non-toxic materials, our wand comes with eight replacement feathers to ensure it can be used... View on Amazon
4-pack of rabbit & feathers cat toys – These are 4 rabbit fur pieces with natural feathers attached to one end. Each piece is unique. There are 5 different fur colors and you will... View on Etsy
JIARON Cat Toys Feather Toy, 2PCS Retractable Cat Wand Toys and 10PCS Replacement Teaser with Bell Refills, Interactive Catcher Teaser and Funny Exercise for Kitten or Cats. – Funny Feather Cat Toy: This cat wand can help your cats keep active and do more exercise. This interactive cat toys can build trust and companionship... View on Amazon
MUNIFICENT Big Lad's handmade natural rooster feathers refill toy for frenzy & da bird type wand teasers - PURRFECT HUNT – - PURRFECT HUNT - This toy will fit FRENZY & DA BIRD type wand teasers Material: Feather, short strands of cotton, viscose, nylon, polyester or polypropylene, metal wire. Made... View on Etsy
Petlinks (2 Count) Feather Flips Plush Ball Cat Toys - Blue, 2 Count – MULTI-TEXTURED: Different material textures work to mimic the feel of real prey; featuring soft plush, knit fabric, felt, and feathers to further satisfy your cat's hunting... View on Amazon
Litterboy 18" Catcher Wand - New item for us, – The Litterboy Wand is approx. 18” long, with an approx. 36" braided wire that is nylon coated. The nylon coated wire is NOT glued into the... View on Etsy