Feather Toys

Yoda Face Catnip Toy for Kitty

This fun plush cat toy is a big stuffed Yoda face. The toy comes with springy cords and feathers to add fun and excitement for kitty play time.

Interactive Feather Smart Toy for Cats

The last top selling toy on our list is another interactive gem with battery-powered lights and motion. The toy rolls around in a random pattern, catching your cat's attention with its irregular movement and enticing dangling feather attachment.

Foam Cat Toys With Feathers

This is a pack of 8 cat toys that are perfect for batting, chasing, and even carrying around! These are lightweight sponge-foam golf balls with attached feathers.

aponts Cat Feather Toys, 9 pcs Retractable Cat Toys Set, Interactive Feather Teaser WandBirds Worms & Funny Mice Cat Fishing Pole Toy for Indoor Kitty Old Cat Exercise – 【Packing includes】1 telescopic rod, 1 cat worm toys (orange ), 5 cat feather toys and 1 cute little mouse 1 cat teaser stick.; 【telescopic rod】 9pcs... View on Amazon
Cat Toy Buffalo Leather String, a great teaser for your kitty - Simple toy concept, great fun! – This listing is for my Buffalo Leather string! PLEASE READ this full listing to learn about each of the three string types I carry, so you... View on Etsy
Cat Toys - Cat Teaser Toys - Include Cat Wand and Natural Feather Refills (5 Pack) – Popular! Supervisor by Cat Owner! This cat wand toy set supervisor by cat owner, We pick out the most popular from Hundreds of cat toys to... View on Amazon
JIARON Cat Feather Toy, 2PCS Retractable Cat Wand Toys and 10PCS Replacement Teaser with Bell Refills, Interactive Catcher Teaser and Funny Exercise for Kitten or Cats. – Funny Feather Cat Toy: This cat wand can help your cats keep active and do more exercise. This interactive cat toys can build trust and companionship... View on Amazon
Cat Teaser Toys - Star Wand Toy - Catnip and bell inside – Cat Teasers by Cattus Toys ~ We love making these cute toys for you and your feline friends, and we hope everypawdy has a happy play! 🌟Catnip... View on Etsy
Pink Bouncy Wire, Bells & Feather Teaser Wand Cat Toy – These super cat teaser wands are ideal to play with your cats. Has bell, feathers, the long pink wire that will make the featherhead imitate a... View on Etsy
Feather Teaser Cat Toy, Retractable Cat Feather Toy Wand with 5 Assorted Teaser with Bell Refills, Interactive Catcher Teaser for Kitten Or Cat Having Fun Exerciser Playing – Perfect Cat Toy: This cat wand help your cats keep active and do more exercise, increasing kitten’s interest and stimulate cat’s sense, and make teasing a... View on Amazon
Cork Cat Toy, Mouse, Cork, Feathers, Leather, Cheese Cloth Dragonfly Wings , 6 toys per pack, Unique Handmade Cat Toys – New unused Corks/Goat Leather Toy - set of 2 New unused Corks/Rooster Feathers Toy - set of 2 New unused Corks/Cheese Cloth Dragon Fly Wings... View on Etsy
Spinners, Cat Toy, Natural Rabbit Fur, Rooster Feathers, Handmade Cat Toys, 3 per pack – This cat toy is called a Spinner - Cats like to bat at them and watch them spin. Set of 3 - Rabbit fur... View on Etsy
SmartyKat Flutter Ball Cat Toy Feather Ball 2 Pack – Flutter Balls a teasingly tempting set of soft balls cat toy with feathers; Toys are designed without potentially hazardous beads, buttons and decorations that are common... View on Amazon
MeoHui Interactive Cat Feather Toys, 2PCS Retractable Cat Wand Toy and 9PCS Squiggly Worm Feathers Teaser Refills, Cat Toys for Indoor Cats Kitten Play Chase Exercise – 1. EXCITING ENTERTAINMENT FOR CATS: Cats are crazy about chaser games! Combine string and feather into a great cat toy, this cat feather toy is an... View on Amazon
Natural Rabbit Fur & Feathers Cat Toy, Handmade Cat Toys, 5 per pack, Birbit – This cat toy is called a Birbit - part rabbit and part bird a hybrid I call it a Birbit. Set of 5 - Rabbit fur... View on Etsy
Cat fishing with ribbons. Super stable through with metal wire and wood handle. Lovingly handcrafted in Germany – Cats love to hunt. With this stable cat angel your cat can really let off steam. And thanks to the sturdy construction with a metal wire... View on Etsy
Moth Cat Teaser Toy Attachment (use with wood teaser wand) – This fluffy Moth will delight your cat! It’s “Boy Chappell” approved (that’s my fur baby and the inspiration for all our toys). This attachment has two... View on Etsy
Mink Tail Cat Toy Attachment – OH.MY.GOODNESS! These are Mr. Chappell’s new favorite toy!! He loves hugging and chasing this cat toy as a teaser attachment. It’s made of soft, mink tail... View on Etsy
PET SHOW Pack of 5pcs 1.4” Cat Toys Balls Soft EVA Foam with Feathers Colorful Rainbow Toy Balls Interactive Kitten Cats Small Dogs Puppies Doggies Quiet Indoor Outdoor Play Activity Chase Training – Balls Dia: As picture, the ball is about 1.4" (3.5cm). The ball with feather is about 3.54”(9cm).Only suitable for small cats, dogs, puppies, kitten.; Color: Multi-color... View on Amazon
Petstages Krazy Kale Dental Catnip Cat Chew Toy – HELPS CLEAN TEETH: Petstages dental cat chew toys are made with mesh material that gently cleans soft plaque and tartar off your kitty's teeth as they... View on Amazon
Feather Toy Interactive cat toy Kitten toy Catnip toy for cats Best kitten toys Сat christmas gifts Organic Catnip Toy Cat Kick Stick – * Feather Toy is a compressed catnip cat toy with feathers. * Feather Toy is made from compressed organic catnip, a natural plant that is attractive and... View on Etsy
Halloween Catnip Kickers| Halloween for Cats| Halloween Cat Toy| Handmade Cat Toys| Premium Catnip – HAPPY MEOWLOWEEN 🎃👻🐈‍⬛🐾 Your cats will certainly be feline spooky this Halloween with our meow-verlous range of catnip toys for the spooky season! These kickers are lovingly handmade... View on Etsy
New Design! Raccoon Tail Cuddle, Carry and Kick Cat Toy – Super soft Raccoon Tail “Cuddle, Carry and Kick” Cat Toy. Mr. Chappell loves his collection of fur tails! He loves to carry his Raccoon tail around... View on Etsy
NEW! Feather, Leather or Fur Cat Teaser Toy Attachment (use with wood teaser wand) – Leather, Feathers and Fur cat toy teaser attachments. Choose from our fancy Feathers and Leather Fringe Teaser Attachment or our fancy White Feathers and Fur Teaser... View on Etsy
TIENAILING 10 Pieces Cat Feather Toys Natural Bird Feather Refill Worm Replacement Refill Cat Wand Toy Teaser Refills, Interactive Teaser Toy for Cats – [10 PCS Feather Refills ]: The package includes 10 replacement toys of cat teaser wand (Does Not Include Wands). Various toys will bring out your cat's... View on Amazon
Charity cat Halloween kickers – Our catnip charity cat toys are filled with catnip that cats love! You can choose from: - Cat fabric with orange feather - Sugar skull fabric with purple... View on Etsy
Organic Cat Teaser Toys – My cat, “Mr Chappell”, loves to help me in the studio when I’m making smudge fans. Two of his favorite things to do is to... View on Etsy
Pawaboo Feather Teaser Cat Toy, Interactive Feather Wand Cat Toy Flying Feather Cat Catcher with Extra Long 31.5" Wand and Small Bell, Fun Exerciser Playing Toy for Kitten or cat, Brown Feather – The natural feather flying motion at the tip of the wand activate a cat's natural instinct to chase and pounce, encouraging healthy activity.; Long reach flexible... View on Amazon