Laser Pointers

Laser pointers and cats – a match made in mischievous heaven. Why are these little beams of light such irresistible cat toys?

The erratic movement of the laser triggers a cat's innate hunting instincts. Stalking, pouncing, and chasing the elusive red dot unleash their inner lion, providing vital exercise and mental stimulation.

No two laser sessions are ever the same. The unpredictable dance of the light keeps your cat engaged, preventing boredom and fostering curiosity. It's an interactive game that never gets old!

Playing with a handheld laser cat toy requires your active participation, creating a fun, shared experience that strengthens the bond between you and your feline friend. Laughter, excitement, and playful banter – it's quality time at its finest.

Chasing a laser can be a surprisingly high-energy workout. It tires out even the most lethargic cats, promoting healthy weight management and fostering a good night's sleep.

A laser pointer turns any room into a playground, perfect for apartment dwellers or those with limited space.

Of course, responsible laser play is key. Avoid shining the light directly on your cat's eyes and give them occasional "catches" to avoid frustration. Use automatic laser toys with caution.

Shop this collection of different laser toys for cats.

Automatic Cat Toy with Laser & Feather

A cat-toy like this two-in-one unit, that works automatically to invite interactive fun, was a best-seller in 2019. The device rotates a laser light and a feather toy in various patterns and speeds to keep your kitty engaged and active!

Super Popular and Highly Rated Auto Laser Toy for Cats

This popular automatic laser toy for cats (and interested dogs!) has over 2K ratings so far, with a high rating of 4.3 out of 5 overall (at time of writing). The device has a rechargeable battery on board with easy USB charging, making this a convenient automatic...

XIMIBI Laser Pointer, 3 Pack, Pet Kitten Dogs Laser Pen Toys Chaser Tease Pointer Pen Toys for Cats Indoor Training – 🐱【MULTI-PURPOSE】: There are more uses for this cat laser toys pointer, You can use the laser pointer toys as a for meeting, teaching or construction site.... View on Amazon
Cowjag Cat Toys, Laser Pointer with 5 Adjustable Patterns, USB Recharge Laser, Long Range and 3 Modes Training Chaser Interactive Toy, Dog Laser Toy – 【Multi-Mode Toys】There are three modes of toys for indoor cats. The first mode (red) can be used as an interactive toy for pet dogs and cats... View on Amazon
3 Pack Cat Laser Pointer for Cats Dogs, Laser Pointer Cat Toy for Indoor Chaser Cats Dog Pet Laser Cat Toy Laser Pointer Pen Cat Laser Light Pointer, aaa Battery Powered (Not included in the package) – 🐾【ENDLESS FUN】: Letting your beloved pets exercise and have fun effortlessly. Also, the cat laser chase toys can satisfy the curiosity and playfulness of your cat... View on Amazon
Danigh-buy Cat Pointer Toy,Dog Laser Pointer,7 Adjustable Patterns Laser,Long Range 3 Modes Training Chaser Interactive Toy,USB Recharge – 🛑 The charge lasts for a long time. No more searching for batteries when it dies during a play session.; 🛑 Cat Laser pointer Toys:The laser... View on Amazon
FYNIGO Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Cats and Dogs,7 in 1 USB Rechargeable Cat Teaser Toy for Chasing and Exercise – 🐱UPGRADE BUTTON: The latest upgrade, original click switch button is upgraded to a sliding button, which makes the switching function more convenient; 🐈2023 NEW FEATURES: 3... View on Amazon
Lzonunl Cat Laser Toy, 2 Pieces USB Rechargeable Laser Pointer, Long Range 5 Modes Laser, Interactive Kitten Toy for Indoor Cat and Dog – 【USB Rechargeable】: Say goodbye to battery swaps, enjoy a longer-lasting experience! The cat light features a retractable USB charging port. Twist to expose USB during charging,... View on Amazon
Cowjag Laser Pointer, Cat Laser Toy, Long Range 7 Modes Lazer Projection Playpen for Indoor, Dog and Kitten Outdoor Pet Chaser Tease Stick Training Exercise, USB Recharge – Elevate Your Playtime with Our Innovative USB Charging Feature:Say Goodbye to Wasting Money on Batteries and Enjoy a More Sustainable and Convenient Experience! Our charging port... View on Amazon
umosis Automatic Cat Laser Toy Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Cats/Kitty/Dogs (white) – Automatic On /Off: The laser cat toys will automatically shut off 1.5 hrs every 15 minutes working. Entertain your cats when you're busy or out.; Placing... View on Amazon
SereneLife Automatic Cat Cube Toy - Electronic Rotating & Moving Teaser Machine for Interactive & Smart Sensory Pet Play - Auto Wireless Control - SLCTLA40.9 – FLIP FOR WALL OR FLOOR: Turn any surface in your house into a fun playground. Place on a window ledge or table top to shine down... View on Amazon
WNZQK Laser Pointer for Cats Dogs Pet Interactive Toys Laser Presentation Remotes Red Green Purple Light Laser Pointer for Cats Chargeable (1 PCS Pack Red Light, Without Battery) – If you notice a severe reduction in the light level, please take care to replace or recharge your pointer battery. Please do not irradiate the eyes... View on Amazon
Cat Toys,Laser Pointer Cat Toy,Cat Pointer Toy,Long Range 7 Modes Lazer Projection Playpen for Kitten Outdoor Pet Chaser Tease Stick Training Exercise,USB RechargeSmall Laser Presentation Clicker Pen – 🐾【USB CHARGING】: 2022 New cat laser toy. No need to buy batteries! Just unplug the back cover of the funny cat toys and plug into usb... View on Amazon
WNZQK 6 PCS Cat Toys Laser Pointer Mini Keychain Laser Pointer LED Flashlight Dog Laser Toy Pet Remote Control Laser (6 Pcs Pack A) – Cat laser pointer toy: The brightness of the laser is moderate, just right. Stimulate the hunting instinct of cats and dogs.t interactive adventures. Versatility.This laser pointer... View on Amazon
HEYPOMAX Laser Pointer, Red LED Light Pointer Cat Toys for Indoor Cats Dogs, Long Range 3 Modes Lazer Projection Playpen,USB Recharge – 【7 In 1Multi-Function Mode】This cat toy has 5 patterns: red dot, mice, butterfly, smile face, star. Turn the black gear on the front end to switch... View on Amazon
BEGRIM Cat Toy Pointer for Indoor, Cat Mouse Toys Wand Light Pet Interactive Toys to Keep Cat Busy, for Kitten Cat Dog Chase Play – 【Interactive Cat Toys】High quality aluminum alloy shell which equipped with metal clip design and three adjustment modes, only need to slide adjustment, no need to long... View on Amazon
PetSafe Bolt Automatic, Interactive Laser Cat Toy – Adjustable Laser with Random Patterns Small – HANDS FREE PLAY: Automatic Mode entertains your cat for 15 minutes and uses mirror to create unpredictable patterns for your cat to chase; MANUAL MODE: Pick... View on Amazon
PARTSPOWER Laser Pointer Interative Cat Toy for Cats to Chase, Rechargeable Red Laser Light Pointer Exercises Training Tool for Kittens Cats Dogs (Purple) – 😻 LOTS OF FUN : Interactive laser cat toy for interacting with cats, chaser toys, with 5 patterns of projections (Point, Smile Face, Butterfly, Mouse, Star),... View on Amazon
Cat Laser Toy, Red Dot LED Light Pointer Interactive Toys Indoor Cats DogsLaser, Long Range 5 Modes Laser Projection Playpen for Kitten Outdoor Pet Chaser Tease Stick Training Exercise,USB Recharge – 🐾【USB CHARGING】: 2022 New cat laser toy. No need to buy batteries! Just unplug the back cover of the funny cat toys and plug into usb... View on Amazon
Laser Pointer for Cats, Small Cat Laser Toy, USB Laser Pen Kitten Toys, 7 in 1 Rechargeable Cat Toy Laser Light, Multiple Pattern Red Light for Dogs Pets – ❤MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: 7 In 1 Multi-Function Mode. This laser cat toy has 5 patterns: red dot, mice, butterfly, smile face, star. Turn the black gear on... View on Amazon
Catstages Crunchy Pickle Kicker Dental Catnip Cat Toy – CRINKLY & CUTE DENTAL CAT TOY: This silly Crunchy Pickle Kicker cat toy is made with crinkly texture that cats can't get enough of! Great for... View on Amazon
YEHUOT 2 Pack Cat Toys Pointer Interactive Toys for Indoor Cats and Dogs, Pet Cat Catch Single Interactive Exercise Cat Training Tool with USB Rechargable – 【Upgrade button】: sliding button design, no need to keep pressing the button.; 【Convenient charging】:no need to install batteries, charging via USB plug, convenient charging. and also... View on Amazon
TBTeek Cat Laser Pointer Toys, 2 Pieces, Rechargeable, 7 Adjustable Patterns, Interactive Kitten Pet Dog Red Dot Chase Light Toy for Indoor Cats Fun Playing Exercise – 【USB Rechargeable】: The new cat light have a retractable USB for charging. When charging, just twist the charging port, and the USB will be exposed. It... View on Amazon
Valonii Interative Cat Laser Toy Automatic for Indoor Cats, [2024 Newly Upgraded] Real Random Trajectory Rechargeable Laser Pointer Cat Toys for Indoor Cats/Kittenes/Dogs – 【Real Random Interactive Cat Laser Toy】Dual motor control for horizontal rotation and vertical swinging of the laser head. Stimulates the hunting instinct of pets, keeping them... View on Amazon
Cat Laser Toy, Laser Pointer Interactive Toys for Indoor Cats Dogs, Red Dot Light Lazer Pointer, Long Range 3 Mode USB Rechargeable Pet Kitten Chase Exercise Toy, Small Laser Presentation Clicker Pen – USB CHARGING: This cat laser toy does not need to replace the battery. The blue indicator light will be on when charging, and it will be... View on Amazon
YVE LIFE Laser Cat Toys for Indoor Cats,The 4th Generation Real Random Trajectory Motion Activated Rechargeable Automatic Cat Laser Toy,Interactive Cat Toys for Bored Indoor Adult Cats/Kittens/Dogs – 【The First Real Random Trajectory Automatic Cat Laser Toy】The built-in dual motor moves the laser point trajectory randomly, stimulating your pet's hunting instincts and keeping them... View on Amazon
Luli & Cat USB-Rechargeable Cat Laser Toy | Multi-Function Cat Laser Pointer Toy | Interactive Cat Toy Gift Set – Cat Laser Toy: Our cat laser toy is a fun way to interact with your cat. They get exercise and stimulation as they chase the light.... View on Amazon
Koackl Cat Laser Pointer Toy, USB Rechargeable Laser Pointer Cat Toy 2 Pack, 3 Light Colors Cat Interactive Toys for Dogs, Cats, Pet Chase Toy for Fun Playing Training Exercise Indoors – ENDLESS FUN: Keep your furry friends healthy and active with our cat and dog chase toys that promote exercise and playfulness, preventing obesity and depression. Endless... View on Amazon
Cat Toy Interactive, Rechargeable Laser Pointer, Cat Wand with Feather Toy, 2-in-1 Cat Toy for Indoor Cat, Kitten Pet Laser Toy for Fun Playing, White – [Multi-function Laser Pen] The cat toy has three light modes: white, purple ,red; The white light is a flashlight and the purple light verifies banknotes; The... View on Amazon
DOOT TOOD Pet Cat Laser Toy, USB Rechargeable Handheld Pointer, 5 Red Laser Patterns, Suitable Indoor Interaction with Cats or Dogs – 【Interactive Cat Toys】High quality aluminum alloy shell which equipped with metal clip design and three adjustment modes, only need to slide adjustment, no need to long... View on Amazon
MEUSNO Laser Pointer for Cats Dogs, 3 Pack Laser Pointer Pen for Cats Dogs Pet Laser Pointer Cat Toys Indoor Interactive Chase Cats Toy Lazer Light Pointer Pen Tease Cat Laser Pointer for Cats – 🐾【BATTERY OPERATED】: The laser pointer pen powered by 2 x AAA batteries (Not included in the package), Longer battery life than Coin Cell Battery, You could... View on Amazon
ORSDA Cat Laser Toy, 2-in-1 Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, Automatic Laser Pointer Cat Toy, 8 Holes Mice Whack A Mole Moving Feather, USB Rechargeable Electronic Kitten Toys for All Breeds – 😺【2-in-1 Cat Laser Toys】Unique dot and star double laser patterns, combined with automatic 360°random laser trajectory of Fast, Medium and Slow lasers, unpredictable movement stimulates cats... View on Amazon