Toys on Strings

Go "fishing" for fun with cat toys that come on strings! Most of the toys featured here are attached to a string that the human owner controls with a wand or pole, just like going fishing.

Super Cute Pusheen Pizza Cat Fishing Rod Toy

Go fishing for jumping cats when you get this adorable Pusheen teaser toy on a string.  A cute simple cartoon cat is at the end of the pole. A string hanging off the other end holds a plush simple pizza toy. Kitty will love chasing this cute cat toy and you'll love orchestrating the play!

Cat Dancer Fleece Wand Teaser Toy

I'm not surprised this was a best-seller for Prime Day last year. We have this simple fleece "tail" on a wand toy and our cats really enjoy chasing it. It's a fun interactive toy for you to play with your kitty. This one is available in a single serving or a two-pack.

Cat Teaser String Toy with Millennium Falcon

This is a cute fun toy that you can use to "go fishing" for your cat! A little Millennium Falcon with little blue streamers is at the end of the string with stick.

Rabbit Fur Cat Toy on Elastic String

This simple toy was our 5th top seller in 2019. If your cat goes wild for real rabbit fur, dangling a ball of it on the end of the string will surely drive him or her wild.

OurPets Play-N-Squeak Teathered & Feathered Play Wand Cat Toy – REALISTIC CHIRPING SOUND: OurPets Real Bird toys and wands feature an automatic cat toy with electronic, bird chirping sound when batted, providing safe, indoor prey and... View on Amazon
MeoHui Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, 2PCS Retractable Cat Wand Toy and 9PCS Cat Feather Toys Teaser Refills, Interactive Cat Toy Wand Kitten Toys to Play Chase Exercise – 1. EXCITING ENTERTAINMENT FOR CATS: Cats are crazy about chaser games! Combine string and feather into a great cat toy, this cat feather toy is an... View on Amazon
Kalimdor Interactive Cat Feather Toys,Retractable Cat Teaser Toy ,Hanging Interactive cat Toys for Indoor Cats Kitten Play Chase Exercise, Kitten Fun Mental Physical Exercise Puzzle Kitten Toys – 【Hanging door bouncing mouse cat toy】: Can be hung on the door frame, door handle,every time your feline touches this door cat toy,the plush mice moves... View on Amazon
Pet Fit For Life 5 Piece Worms Teaser and Exerciser for Cat and Kitten - Cat Toy Interactive Cat Wand – ★ We listened to our customers and created the most durable cat wand sold on Amazon. Made from high quality carbon fiber, our new wand is... View on Amazon
CUTEFURRY Cat Teaser Wand Toy - 3 Pack Cat String Toys with Leopard Ribbon, Funny Stick Toy Interactive Toys for Indoor Cats Kittens – Leopard Style: You will receive 3 pcs cat feather toys designed with popular leopard patterns, cat will be interested in them.; Size Details: Pole measures 13.7... View on Amazon
JXFUKAL Cat Wand Toys, Interactive Cat Toys with 5 Animal Pattern String with Feathers Refills, High-Stretch Steel Wire, Wood Handle & Bell for Kitty Kitten, Cat Toys for Indoor Cats Cat Teaser – GREAT TOYS OPTION FOR CATS: This cat toy is a combination of a cat string toy and a cat feather toy, double Irresistible lures, greatly stimulate... View on Amazon
LASOCUHOO Interactive Cat Rainbow Wand Toys, Interactive Cat Teaser Wand String, Colorful Ribbon Charmer for Kittens - 2 PCS – 💜 Interactive Cat Toys: The colorful cat toy teaser wand is a great way to attract your cat’s attention. Your cat will love the cat string... View on Amazon
Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Cats,Retractable Cat Toy Wand,12 Packs Cat Feather Toys and Replacement, 9 Assorted cat Teaser Refills with Bell for Cat Kitten, Cat Fishing Pole Toys for Cat Kitten – Great Value--2 Cat wands,4 Worms,5 Packs Cat Feathers and 1 Pack Cat Tunnel.(Provide endless of fun) Durable & Retractable Cat Wand.The wand is made of high... View on Amazon
6 Pieces Cat Wand Toys Interactive Feather Cat String Toys Catcher Teaser Toys with Bell Attachment Replacements Rainbow Leopard Jungle Toys Colorful and Sounding for Cat Kitten Training Exerciser – Various styles: you will receive 6 pieces cat wands in different styles, various styles and sufficient quantity can satisfy your cats' multiple needs; The first style... View on Amazon
FATCAT Catfisher Teasers Cat Toy – Interactive Play: This interactive cat toy wand will help your Indoor cats get plenty of exercise. Watch as your cat jumps, flips and chases the catfish... View on Amazon
Goldfishes Cat Wand Catnip Toys with Tassels Kitten Fishes Teaser Chew Knickknack Interactive Fishing Rod Pillows Catmint Plush Kitty Plaything Gift Ideas Set of 4 – Novel Goldfishes Cat Wand Catnip Toys-The package includes 4 different color cat wand goldfishes catnip toys. Each fish pairs with a rustic tassel and a stick... View on Amazon
LukPaw Cat Teaser Cat Kitten Toys Set Natural Sisal Wand Teasers with Mouse, Bell, Feather, Elastic String, and Sturdy Wood Rod – Dimension: 15.74 Length of Kitten teasers wand, includes 2 wands, with 1 Woven sisal mice and 1 ball.; Hand Made Wand, keep your cat happy and... View on Amazon
Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charmer – Made in the USA; Excellent aerobic exercise; Durable and safe; Unbreakable; Fun for all kittens, cats and kids; Colorfast and nontoxic. View on Amazon
SPOT Ethical Products Ethical Wide Colorful Springs Cat Toy – Colorful springs to entertain your cat with random bouncing movements; Extra wide springs for stronger bouncing; Spot Colorful Springs will make your cat Spring into action... View on Amazon
Ito Rocky Pet Fling String Cat Toy Robotic Interactive Chase Toy with Pom-Pom Ball – [ High Applicability ] - It can be set up at the edge of most kinds of desktop, window or cat tree.; [ Enjoy Fun By... View on Amazon
SmartyKat Frisky Flyer, Interactive Cat Toy, Extendable and Retractable Wand with Feathers,Blue,Large – EXCITES & ENTICES CATS: Keep your kitty active with the SmartyKat Frisky Flyer interactive cat toy. This feathered wand is designed to help you bond with... View on Amazon
Hartz Cattraction with Silver Vine & Catnip Koi Dangler – Simply dangle the bait, and even the most inactive furry fisherman will be up on all paws ready to swat and stalk. Exercise your cat's natural... View on Amazon
Cat Dancer 101 Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy – Made in the USA; The original interactive cat toy from Cat Dancer; Spring steel wire and rolled cardboard; Irresistible lure for cat; Great fun for cat... View on Amazon
Cat Toys - Cat Feather Toys - Include Cat Wand and Natural Feather Refills – Popular! Supervisor by Cat Owner! This cat wand toy set supervisor by cat owner, We pick out the most popular from Hundreds of cat toys to... View on Amazon
Earthtone Solutions Cat Kitten Teaser Wand Toys, Sisal with Mouse, Bell, Feather, Elastic String, Sturdy Wood Stick, Interactive Fun, Cat Catcher Mice for Pet, Set of 3 – Buy With Confidence - Earthtone Solutions is Trademarked and Amazon Brand Registered.- We are a family owned American company. We care about our customers.; Your Precious... View on Amazon
Cat Toys Kitten Toys, Interactive Cat Toy 2pcs Retractable Cat Wand Toy & 7pcs Natural Cat Feather Teaser Toys Refills, Telescopic Cat Fishing Pole Toy for Indoor Cats Gifts, Kitty Toys for Exercise – 【Cat Toys for Indoor Cats】2pcs cat wand+2pcs wiggle worms+5pcs feather teaser refills, Variety feather teaser attachments make this cat toy used for longer periods of time,... View on Amazon
Petstages ORKAKat Catnip Infused Orange and Blue Cat Energizing Toy – Toy infused with real catnip for energized fun; Catnip infused for longer, stronger catnip scent; String is great to chase or carry; String won't unravel during... View on Amazon
Moody Pet Fling-AMA-String Cat Toy – A battery-operated string-flinging machine offering nonstop entertainment for kitty (takes 3 AA batteries not included; also takes rechargeable! Best with Polaroid AA Batteries); Multi Award Winning... View on Amazon
CAT DANCER Jungle Cat Wand 1 Pack, Multicolor – Made in the USA in our solar-powered factory in Wisconsin; Provides excellent aerobic exercise and is a durable and safe interactive toy for all kittens, cats,... View on Amazon
Andiker Cat Spiral Spring, 12 Pc Cat Creative Toy to Kill Time and Keep Fit Interactive cat Toy Durable Heavy Plastic Spring Colorful Springs Cat Toy for Swatting, Biting, Hunting Kitten Toys – ✿4 Bright Colors: Cats like bright colors. Our cat plastic springs are composed of 4 classic colors of yellow, green, pink( some are red) and blue,... View on Amazon
Bouncy Ball Rabbit Fur String Cat Toy Gray – Real rabbit fur Cat toy on a Elastic String. Made in the USA.; Real Gray rabbit fur pom pom cat toy on a elastic string.; Natural... View on Amazon
Retractable Cat Toys Wand with 5 Piece Teaser Refills, Interactive Cat Feather Toy for Cat Kitten Having Fun Exerciser Playing – 🐾Ideal toy for cats: These feather cat wand toy are the perfect toy for exercise and mental health. It is the perfect way to tease and... View on Amazon
Maxpower Planet Interactive Cat Toys Teaser Rainbow Wand String - 1 Pack – Funny Interactive Cat Toy: The rainbow cat toy teaser is a great way to play with your cat. Safe, simple, and one of the prime cat... View on Amazon
Andiker 3 Packs Cat Toys Balls with Bell and String, Kitten Toys Colorful Yarn Balls for Indoor Cats Interactive Playing(3 Pieces) – Our cat yarn ball toys are made from high quality wool. Soft and comfortable.; Fun Design: The wool ball toy has a built-in bell that makes... View on Amazon
JIARON Cat Feather Toy, 2PCS Retractable Cat Wand Toys and 10PCS Replacement Teaser with Bell Refills, Interactive Catcher Teaser and Funny Exercise for Kitten or Cats. – Funny Feather Cat Toy: This cat wand can help your cats keep active and do more exercise. This interactive cat toys can build trust and companionship... View on Amazon