Toys on Strings

Go "fishing" for fun with cat toys that come on strings! Most of the toys featured here are attached to a string that the human owner controls with a wand or pole, just like going fishing. One of our cats' favorite types of string toys is a simple piece of fleece attached to a rod. Other types of toys on strings include catnip toys, feather toys, and mice toys. These kinds of toys should be used under supervision to prevent excited kitties from chewing or eating the string part of the toy.

Rabbit Fur Cat Toy on Elastic String

This simple toy was our 5th top seller in 2019. If your cat goes wild for real rabbit fur, dangling a ball of it on the end of the string will surely drive him or her wild.

Cat Dancer Fleece Wand Teaser Toy

I'm not surprised this was a best-seller for Prime Day last year. We have this simple fleece "tail" on a wand toy and our cats really enjoy chasing it. It's a fun interactive toy for you to play with your kitty. This one is available in a single serving or a two-pack.

Cat Teaser String Toy with Praetorian Guard

This is a cute fun toy that you can use to "go fishing" for your cat! This toy is a bit of a deep cut as it features a member of the Elite Praetorian Guard in plush form. The toy is on a string at the end of...

Super Cute Pusheen Pizza Cat Fishing Rod Toy

Go fishing for jumping cats when you get this adorable Pusheen teaser toy on a string.  A cute simple cartoon cat is at the end of the pole. A string hanging off the other end holds a plush simple pizza toy. Kitty will love chasing this cute cat toy and you'll love orchestrating the play!

Mitubati Cat Toys Indoor Hanging Door Retractable Bird Cat Toy for Kitten Fun Exercise Interactive String Feather Cat Toys for Hunting Chase (6 Pack) – 【Hanging door cat toy】 2023New indoor cat toys can be hung on door frames, doors, can be hung anywhere using stickers, whenever your cat touches the... View on Amazon
Amaxiu Cat Ribbon Wand Toys, 3pcs Interactive Cat Rainbow Wand String Toys for Indoor Cats Colorful Ribbon Charmer for Kittens Teaser Training Exerciser Playing Catcher Accessories – Attractive Cat Rainbow Ribbon Toys: Cats are always attracted by bright colors and this is a great way to play with your cat. This cat wand... View on Amazon
umosis Hanging Cat Toy, Automatic Teaser Cat String Toy, Electronic Interactive Kitten Mental Physical Exercise Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, Rechargeable – [New Eletronic Cat Teaser Toy] A unique new door hanging cat toy simulation of human and cat interactions,Just hang it to the door, power on, the... View on Amazon
Hartz Cattraction with Silver Vine & Catnip Koi Dangler – Simply dangle the bait, and even the most inactive furry fisherman will be up on all paws ready to swat and stalk. Exercise your cat's natural... View on Amazon
Cobee Interactive Ribbon String Toys for Cats, 4 Pack Colorful Cat Teasing Ribbon for Indoor Kitten Stick Toys Cat Rainbow Wand Toys, Cats to Play Chasing Training Exercise – Kitten Ribbon String Toy Set: You will receive 4 pieces of interactive rainbow cat string toys. The rod of each cat wand toy is 28cm/11inch long... View on Amazon
MeoHui Interactive Cat Toys - Retractable Wand Toy and Feather Toys Refills for Indoor Cats to Chase and Exercise – 1. EXCITING ENTERTAINMENT FOR CATS : Cats are crazy about chaser games! Combine string and feather into a great cat toys for indoor cats, this cat... View on Amazon
LASOCUHOO Interactive Cat Rainbow Wand Toys, Interactive Cat Teaser Wand String, Colorful Ribbon Charmer for Most Cats and Kittens - 2 PCS – 💜 Interactive Cat Toys: The colorful cat toy teaser wand is a great way to attract your cat’s attention. Your cat will love the cat string... View on Amazon
JIARON Cat Toys Feather Toy, 2PCS Retractable Wand and 10PCS Replacement Teaser with Bell Refills, Interactive Catcher and Funny Exercise for Kitten. – Funny Feather Cat Toy: This cat wand can help your cats keep active and do more exercise. This interactive cat toys can build trust and companionship... View on Amazon
IUHKBH Cat Wands, 3 PCS Colorful Rope Cat Toys Interactive Cat Teaser Wands with Bell for All Breed Sizes – You will receive 3 pcs cat wand toys. Pole measures 15.7 inches in length, the colorful rope is 23.6 inches in length; The cotton rope is... View on Amazon
Cat Toy Interactive for Indoor Cats, Smart USB Rechargeable Door Hanging Automatic Retractable Kitten Toys, Teaser Electronic Self Play Feather Cat String Toys Attached with 3 Catnip Mice Purple – 😻【Upgraded Eletronic interactive cat toy】A unique door hanging cat toy is designed to simulate human and cat interactions. Just hang it to the door, turn on... View on Amazon
Glaciart One Felt Mouse Cat Toy – Soft Fuzzy Enrichment 100% Natural Wool Toy - Interactive Catnip Play Cat Toy Set - Safe for Pets, Non-AZO Colored Dyes - 100” Long – HOURS OF FUN – This catnip mouse cat toy will help keep your cats occupied for hours. It's a creative way to get them to exercise... View on Amazon
Cat Toys Interactive for Indoor Cats,2PCS Retractable Cat Wand Toys,9PCS Teaser Toys&1PCS Hanging Door Lure Cat Toy,Interactive Feather Toy for Teaser Play and Chase Exercise with Kitten – 【INTERACTIVE CAT TOYS AND DOOR HANGING BOUNCING RABBITS】:Practical cat toy set,cat wand toy is telescopic rod design,extending from 15" to 38.6",shortened for easy storage,fully extended cat... View on Amazon
FYNIGO Interactive Cat Rainbow Wand Toys for Indoor Cats and Kittens,Extended Colorful Cat Teaser Wand String Plush Toy,Original Product Strong and Sturdy Pole with Bells(2 Pack) – Extended Plush Strings: The newly upgraded string is made of plush and skin-friendly fabric. bite resistant and the soft touch makes the cat like it more,... View on Amazon
MOODY PET Fling-AMA-String Cat Toy – A battery-operated string-flinging machine offering nonstop entertainment for kitty (takes 3 AA batteries not included; also takes rechargeable! Best with Polaroid AA Batteries); Multi Award Winning... View on Amazon
Fat Cat Tadpole Cat Wand Stuffed with 100% Organic Catnip Interactive Cat Toy – This interactive cat toy wand will help your indoor cats get plenty of exercise. Watch as your cat jumps, flips and chases the tadpole all while... View on Amazon
LASOCUHOO Cat Toy, Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, Automatic Cat String Toy for Cat Exercise, Fit for Most Cats – 2 In 1 Automatic Cat Toy: Combination of cat track toys and cat string toys bring your cats new play experience; Electric cat toys: Battery operated... View on Amazon
CHIWAVA 6 Pack 20" Woolen Yarn Cat Toys Ball with Bell 2" Large Indoor Cat Toy Balls Kitten Interactive Toys – Made with Plastic Inside, Soft Woolen Yarn Outside.; Lightweight, Easy to Chase Carry & String Hanging Out Great to Hurl the Balls.; Bell Design, Appealing to... View on Amazon
12PCS Interactive Kitten Toys, Retractable Indoor Cat Wand Toys with Replacement Teaser, Rainbow Ribbon and Make Exercise by Sunshinetop – Make Kitten Heathy: Sunshinetop Cat toys makes your kitten active and do more exercise. Let your cat or kitten run, jump, chase, pounce to keep a... View on Amazon
CAT DANCER Jungle Cat Wand 2 Pack, Multi Color (305),Medium Breeds – CAT DANCER INTERACTIVE TOYS: The Jungle cat charmer toy is a great way to attract your cat’s attention and make it active It's an Irresistible lure... View on Amazon
LukPaw Cat Teaser Cat Kitten Toys Set Natural Sisal Wand Teasers with Mouse, Bell, Feather, Elastic String, and Sturdy Wood Rod – Dimension: 15.74 Length of Kitten teasers wand, includes 2 wands, with 1 Woven sisal mice and 1 ball.; Hand Made Wand, keep your cat happy and... View on Amazon
Catstages Tons of Tails Dental Catnip Cat Toy – THREE TEXTURES HELP CLEAN TEETH: Made with rope, ribbon, and cotton fabrics to help clean your kitty's teeth and satisfy their urge to bite as they... View on Amazon
OurPets Play-N-Squeak Teathered & Feathered Play Wand Cat Toy, for All Breed Sizes – Cats Love Stalking And Pouncing And Are Keenly Attracted To Movement; Promotes Healthy Interactive Play; Catnip Filled Toy; Long Lasting Battery; Contains feathers. View on Amazon
Cobee Cat String Toys, 3 Pack Interactive Cat Teaser Wand String Toys Colorful Ribbon with Furry Plush Balls for Kittens Stick Cat Toys for Indoor, Cats to Play Chase Exercise – Interactive String Toy with Cats: The cats are obsessed with the game of chase! Colorful cat wand ribbon string toys are a great way to get... View on Amazon
3 Pieces Jungle Cat Wand Cat Teaser Charmer Interactive Cat Toys Wand Fun Cat Kitten Kitty Playing Toy, 3 Styles (Classic Color) – Package includes: you will get 3 pieces cat playing toys in 3 styles, enough for you to use, have good time with your cat; Ideal toy... View on Amazon
Cat Dancer Products Charmer Interactive Cat Toy – Cat charmer cat toy, from cat dancer; Interactive cat toy designed to charm, not harm; Polycarbonate wand; Colorful fabric. View on Amazon
Niko and Oscar's Cat Toys | The Blue String | Cat String Toy | (1-Pack, Original, Blue) – Looped handle for easy grip; No hard plastic or metal parts; Proven color that cats love; Wiggle it, Dangle it, Pull it, Chase it; Created by cat owners. View on Amazon
Premium Interactive Cat Toys Set with Feather Wand, Hanging Door Toy & Multiple Attachments - The Ultimate Playtime Solution for Cats – All-in-One Interactive Cat Toy Set: Includes two engaging wand toys, a versatile hanging rope toy, and a variety of feather, bug, and mouse attachments for endless... View on Amazon
Potaroma Interactive Cat Feather Toys 6 Pcs, Cat Teaser Retractable, Hanging Cat Toys Indoor Kitten Play Chase Exercise, Mental Physical Stimulation for All Breeds and Species – Self-Play for All Day: when cats are left alone, they could be bored. The 6 pcs toys are designed for hanging over the door for cats... View on Amazon
Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charmer – Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toys: The Rainbow cat treat toy wand is a great way to attract your cat’s attention and make it active It's an... View on Amazon
M JJYPET Cat Wand Toys, Interactive Kitten Toys for Indoor Cats,Colorful Cat Teaser Wand String for Cat Kitten Exercise Cat Stick Toy Cat Charmer-2Pcs – Funny Interactive Cat Toys:2 difference most popular styles cat teaser wand are the best gifts for your lovely cats, Interact with your cats can make your... View on Amazon