Litter Boxes & Supplies

One big convenience / inconvenience of pet cat ownership is the litter box. How handy and civilized is it that cats use the bathroom indoors just like their owners? On the other hand, how annoying and demeaning is cleaning the box on a regular basis? Litter box technology has come a long way since clumping litter was first developed in the 1950s. This type of litter was finally introduced in the United States in the 1980s, and what a difference this made for pet cat owners. Clumping litter is made from small lumps of clay that clumps together when wet, making clean-up of both liquid and solid waste a simple matter of scooping out the clumps. But there are more types of litter than clumping. Natural litters of different materials are available for kitties who can't use clay and for owners looking for dust-free solutions. Crystal-type litters absorb liquid waste over a month or so per cat. Besides all of the choice in litter types, there is a huge variety in litter pan types. Open pans, lidded litter boxes, even self-cleaning boxes are all options for today's cat owner. You can also pick out your favorite style of litter scoop and accessories like liners and cleaning solutions to keep you and your cat happy.

Compostable Pet Waste Bags

It's a good practice to keep kitty litter boxes clean with regular scooping. Keeping the catbox free of waste makes your cat happy and keeps your home cleaner and odor-free. But regular scooping might mean using a lot of plastic bags if that is your preferred waste collection...

Highly Rated Black Light Flashlight for Urine Detection

File this under "What Cat Owners Need" because it is an essential item when it comes to keeping your house clean for yourself and your kitty companion. Did you know that black light can help you find urine stains in your home? This handy portable black light flashlight will do the trick!

Natural Litter Box Attractant (2-Pack)

If you are having trouble getting your cat to use the litter box, several issues may be at influence. A check at the vet is a good idea for a start, in case your kitty is having a medical issue like bladder stones that make urination painful. After...

Nature's Miracle Litter Box Scrubbing Wipes

Make spot clean-ups between full litter box washings a breeze with scrubbing wipes from Nature's Miracle.

Ewww Cat Stain and Odor Remover for Carpets

We love the name of this product: Ewww!  This is a highly rated spot cleaner for carpets. If your cat has ever had an accident outside of the litter box or been sick on carpet in your home, this enzyme-rich cleaning product will be a lifesaver for both you and your cat.

Litterbiotic: Highly Rated Litter Deodorizer

Litterbiotic is a highly-rated natural product designed to help reduce or elminate unpleasant odor coming from your cat's litterbox.

Neater Pet Brands - Neater Scooper Cat Litter Sifter - Includes 60 Refill Bags - Mess Free Cat Litter Scoop to Bag Waste Bin System with Extra Waste Bags (Green) – EASIER - Scooping & bagging combined into a quick, easy, one hand operation; CLEANER - Attached waste bin and clever trap door design makes cleaning the... View on Amazon
PRIJESSE Top Entry Cat Litter Box, Large Foldable Cat Potty for Cats with Cat Plastic Scoop, Drawer Structure for Easy Clean,Closed Smell Proof Pet Kitty Litter Box – 【Convenient for scooping】Beautiful litter box with drawer, the tea crystal transparent front door can better control the cat's situation, at the same time protect the cat's... View on Amazon
Van Ness Pets Extra Small Open Cat Litter Box, Kitten/Rabbit Size, Blue, CP0 – Ideal for kittens who benefit from easy entry and exit; High polished finish that is odor and stain resistant; Easy to clean. View on Amazon
Arm & Hammer Deodorizing Cat Litter Crystals for Litter Boxes | Restoring Odor Neutralizing Cat Litter Odor Eliminator in Clary Sage & Mint Scent | Litter Box Odor Eliminator, 15 Oz – ODOR NEUTRALIZER CAT LITTER CRYSTALS - Use Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Crystals to help conceal odors in your pet household; ARM & HAMMER BAKING SODA... View on Amazon
Kitty Sift (6-Pack) Disposable Cat Litter Box, Sustainable, Clean - Large, 6-Pack – QUICK & CONVENIENT: Saves time; no cleaning or chemicals required; ECO ADVANTAGE: Made from 100% post-consumer waste plastic-free, recycled cardboard material; ECONOMICAL DESIGN: Keeps litter drier... View on Amazon
Sfozstra Cat Litter Box with Lid, Fully Enclosed Splash-Proof Litter Box,Top Entry Cat Litter Box, Easy to Assemble and Installation (Grey, Small) – LIFT-OFF DESIGN: Thoughtful buckle lock, effective reinforcement of the litter box, so that the litter box more secure and stable, pets play in it, will not... View on Amazon
Pettiny 20 XL Cat Litter Box Liners with Drawstrings Scratch Resistant Cat Litter Bags for Extra Large Litter Trays – 20 EXTRA LARGE LITTER BOX LINERS — Pack of 20 individually folded XL cat litter liners 38.2 x 17 inches ideal for jumbo litter trays up... View on Amazon
Dwanton Litter Box Enclosure, Cat Litter Box Furniture Hidden, Reversible Entrance Can Be on Left or Right Side, Wooden Cat Washroom Indoor, Fit Most of Litter Box, 27.6 x 19.7 x 19.7 Inches – 【Furniture style for more usage】:The black frame and greige wood panel is designed to perfectly match the decor. It is not only a cat litter box... View on Amazon
Medario Cat Litter Box, Large Foldable Front Entry Top Exit Litter Box with Lid for Cats, Cat Potty with Cat Litter Scoop and Cat Litter Mat Easy Clean (Grey) – [Enclosed Layout] - One-way design, front in and top out, the self-closing front entryway leaves odor and dirt inside. The top sand pedal prevents the cat's... View on Amazon
Jonny Cat Fragrance Free Cat Litter Bag, 10-Pound – Natural odor eliminator delivers safe and effective odor control; Allergen free, no perfumes or dyes, just pure and simple odor-fighting ingredients; Perfect for finicky cats, cats... View on Amazon
PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Crystal Cat Litter - 5x Better Odor Control Than Clay Litter - Less Tracking & Dust For A Fresh Home - Non-Clumping - Two 4.3 lb Bags Of Litter (8.6 lb Total) - Lavender – REMOVES ODORS QUICKLY: Crystal litter absorbs urine and dries solid waste to quickly remove odors 5 times faster than clumping clay litter; LONG-LASTING: Just 1 bag... View on Amazon
Sifting Cat Litter Box Liners Bags with Holes- Durable with Drawstring Scratch Resistant Waste Large Size 37×18inch(Pack of 7) – 【Large Cat Litter Bags】Size: 37 inch×18 inch. These linings are large enough or oversized bins to make cleaning the litter box much easier. Suitable for most... View on Amazon
30 Pack Disposable Cat Litter Box Foldable Paper Kitty Trays Lightweight Cardboard Box Water Proof for Indoor Low Entry Easy Disposal Non Clumping Nice Absorption Portable, 13.8 x 10 x 2 Inch (Blue) – What Will You Get: you will receive 12 pieces disposable litter boxes for cats with cute patterns, sufficient quantity to meet your pet's daily uses and... View on Amazon
IPRIMIO Metal Cat Litter Scoop with Deep Shovel - (Black) - Non Stick Plated Aluminum Cat Litter Scooper for Litter Box - Designed by Cat Owners - Patented Sifter with Holder - Super Solid Handle – Finally a Cat Litter Scooper Designed by Cat Owners like yourself - A Sifter and Shovel Combined -- Strong Grey ABS Plastic. A Perfect Cat Scooper... View on Amazon
PAWBEE Metal Cat Litter Scoop - Premium Non-Stick Cat Litter Scooper with Holder - Deep Shovel Cat Scooper - Long Non-Slip Handle Kitty Litter Scoop - Cat Poop Scooper - Cat Scooper for Litter Box – EXCELLENT DEEP SHOVEL SIFTER - No more spending endless hours trying to clean your litter box! Measuring 13.5”inches-long and 2-inch-deep, this sturdy litter box scooper is... View on Amazon
80 Count Cat Litter Box Liners 31 x 18 Inch Large Drawstring Kitty Litter Box Bag Thick Pet Pan Liners Cat Waste Litter Bags Thick Cat Litter Bags Pet Cat Supplies for Cat Litter Box Tray Trash Waste – Ample Quantity: you will get 80 pieces of cat litter box liners, each measures about 31 x 18 inches/ 79 x 45 cm, suitable for cat... View on Amazon
BUBBAS Super Strength Enzyme Cleaner - Pet Odor Eliminator - Carpet Stain Remover - Remove Dog & Cat Urine Odor from Mattress, Sofa, Rug, Laundry, Hardwood Floors and more. Puppy Training Supplies – ELIMINATES THE STUFF OF STAINS AND STINKS: The bio-enzymatic spray activates on contact with ammonia crystals and organic matter and doesnt stop working until it has... View on Amazon
ETICAT Natural Cat Litter Upcycling Coffee Grounds | Clumping Cat Litter Unscented | Lightweight Litter | Powerful Odor Control | Easy to Scoop 7.7 LB – ETICAT is all natural cat litter that is safe for your cat. It has POWERFUL odor control, EXCELLENT clumping, and VERY low dust. Now you can... View on Amazon
Petmate Large Litter Pan Liners, 12 Pack – Country Of Origin: China; The Package Length Of The Product Is 1.0 Inches; The Package Width Of The Product Is 1.0 Inches; The Package Height Of The Product Is 1.0 Inches. View on Amazon
Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer, 20 Oz. – CAT LITTER DEODORIZER BRAND* that's formulated with ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda Crystals to eliminate tough odors like urine on contact. This cat litter deodorizer helps... View on Amazon
Conlun Cat Litter Mat Litter Trapping Mat, 24" x 17" Premium Durable PVC Grid Mesh with Scatter Control, Non-Slip, Less Waste Cat Litter Box Mat, Soft on Kitty’s Paws, Urine Waterproof – Keep Litter Away from Your Floor: Our cat litter trapping mat features thick, tight mesh and deep grooves designed in a grid pattern, making it highly... View on Amazon
RIZZARI Enclosed Cat Litter Box,Semi-Open Anti-Splashing Cat Litter Box,Durable High Side Sifting Litter Box for Small Cats,Easy to Clean and Assemble (Gray-M) – Semi-Enclosed Design: This litter box has enough space to accommodate up to 13 pounds of cats to enter and exit freely. The open design increases air... View on Amazon
New Upgraded Smart Automatic Cat Litter Box - Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box with Built in Odor Eliminator - Works with Clumping Cat Litter - Large Cat Litter Box with Hood & Litter Mat. – SELF-CLEANING BOX - Never scoop—or touch—litter again. Spare yourself the dreary hassle of nightly scooping as litter is automatically raked out and doesn’t need to be... View on Amazon
KungFuPet Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic Cat Litter Box APP Control Smart Large Litter Box for Multiple Cats Safety Protection Odor Removal [Upgrade Version] – 【RELEASE YOUR HANDS】KungFuPet self-cleaning cat litter box adopts an App (Only 2.4ghz)remote or one-key control, clumping and separating cat excrement from clean cat litter automatically, tracking... View on Amazon
Rocco & Roxie Litter Box Odor Eliminator – Best Natural Urine Deodorizer for Cat Litter Boxes – You Won’t Need to Change The Cat Litter as Often – Fresh Scent – Safe for Kitty (12 oz Bottle) – EFFECTIVELY ABSORBS EVEN THE STRONGEST LITTER BOX SMELLS Our proprietary blend of essential oils neutralizes odors at a molecular level, keeping your litter box smelling fresher,... View on Amazon
Fostanfly Cat Litter Mat, Large Urine Proof Litter Box Mat, Double Layer Easy Clean Machine Washable Litter Trapping Mat, Waterproof Leakproof Anti-Slip, Scatter Control Kitty Litter Mats for Floor – Machine Washable and Easy Clean: The four-side detachable cat litter mat consists of upper and lower layers. The upper honeycomb layer can be washed directly with... View on Amazon
Modkat XL Litter Box, Top or Front-Entry Configurable, Includes Scoop and Liners - Black – TOP OR FRONT ENTRY: The Modkat XL is purr-fect for larger cats and multi-cat households. Plus, you can configure it as a top or front-entry solution.;... View on Amazon
IRIS USA Open Top Cat Litter Tray with Scoop and Scatter Shield, Sturdy Easy to Clean Open Air Kitty Litter Pan with Tall Spray and Scatter Shield, Black/Clear – MADE IN USA with global materials - The IRIS USA open top kitty litter tray offers a functional and comfortable solution to your cat's bathroom needs.... View on Amazon
Conlun Cat Litter Mat Cat Litter Trapping Mat, Honeycomb Double Layer Design, Urine and Water Proof Material, Scatter Control, Less Waste,Easier to Clean,Washable – Best Mat for Gathering Litter: This cat litter mat helps you to trap the scatter cat litter, no more getting litter stuck to your feet and... View on Amazon
Ni-SHEN Dog Plaque Remover for Teeth,Pet Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner Toothbrush,Teeth Cleaning Kit -Tartar Remover for Teeth Stains for Dogs and Cats (Black) – 【Pet Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner 】This tooth cleaner uses the latest intelligent ultrasonic technology to effectively remove plaque, calculus and tartar from the teeth of dogs and... View on Amazon
ROCCS Foldable Cat Litter Box with Lid,No Smell Large Top Entry Litter Cat Box with Litter Scoop,Covered Drawer Type Kitty Potty,Including Brush & Cleaning Glove,Grey 20" x 16" x 15" – 🐱LARGE PRIVACY SPACE: The Top Entry Litter Cat Box is an essential household product for your pet! There is plenty of space for your beloved cats,... View on Amazon
PINPON Cat Litter Box with Lid Foldable Covered Litter Box with Shovel & Rubbing Brush Drawer Type Large Litter Box for Indoor Cats – Foldable Design: This cat litter box adopt collapsible design makes it easy to carry and store. Easy to install and disassemble, be more space-saving and portable,... View on Amazon
ALLOSWELL Cat Litter Box Furniture, Cat Washroom Storage Bench, Hidden Cat Litter Cabinet, for Living Room, Bedroom, Entrance Hallway, Rustic Brown CWHR2501 – Provide Private Space: The double door design and the locking device at the entrance provide your cat with a private space that will not be disturbed!... View on Amazon
IRIS USA Jumbo Enclosed Cat Litter Box with Front Door Flap and Scoop, Hooded Kitty Litter Tray with Handle and Buckles for Portability and Privacy, Gray – MADE IN USA with global materials - The IRIS USA enclosed kitty litter tray offers a functional and private solution to your cat's bathroom needs. With... View on Amazon
Fresh Step Clumping Cat Litter, Advanced, Clean Paws Multi-Cat, Extra Large, 37 Pounds total (2 Pack of 18.5lb Boxes) – FIGHTS ODORS LONGER: Fight litter box odors with Fresh Step Advanced Clean Paws Cat Litter that starts fighting odors on contact to control odor longer vs.... View on Amazon