Litter Boxes & Supplies

One big convenience / inconvenience of pet cat ownership is the litter box. How handy and civilized is it that cats use the bathroom indoors just like their owners? On the other hand, how annoying and demeaning is cleaning the box on a regular basis? Litter box technology has come a long way since clumping litter was first developed in the 1950s. This type of litter was finally introduced in the United States in the 1980s, and what a difference this made for pet cat owners. Clumping litter is made from small lumps of clay that clumps together when wet, making clean-up of both liquid and solid waste a simple matter of scooping out the clumps. But there are more types of litter than clumping. Natural litters of different materials are available for kitties who can't use clay and for owners looking for dust-free solutions. Crystal-type litters absorb liquid waste over a month or so per cat. Besides all of the choice in litter types, there is a huge variety in litter pan types. Open pans, lidded litter boxes, even self-cleaning boxes are all options for today's cat owner. You can also pick out your favorite style of litter scoop and accessories like liners and cleaning solutions to keep you and your cat happy.

Ewww Cat Stain and Odor Remover for Carpets

We love the name of this product: Ewww!  This is a highly rated spot cleaner for carpets. If your cat has ever had an accident outside of the litter box or been sick on carpet in your home, this enzyme-rich cleaning product will be a lifesaver for both you and your cat.

Litterbiotic: Highly Rated Litter Deodorizer

Litterbiotic is a highly-rated natural product designed to help reduce or elminate unpleasant odor coming from your cat's litterbox.

Natural Litter Box Attractant (2-Pack)

If you are having trouble getting your cat to use the litter box, several issues may be at influence. A check at the vet is a good idea for a start, in case your kitty is having a medical issue like bladder stones that make urination painful. After...

Foldable Emergency Litterbox for Travel, More

This is a portable litterbox that is completely collapsible for easy storage and transport. Keep this box as a quick and easy extra for travel, emergencies, or even unexpected guests.

Compostable Pet Waste Bags

It's a good practice to keep kitty litter boxes clean with regular scooping. Keeping the catbox free of waste makes your cat happy and keeps your home cleaner and odor-free. But regular scooping might mean using a lot of plastic bags if that is your preferred waste collection...

Genius Shape Corner Litter Scoop

Make your life easier with this uniquely shaped litter box scoop. Instead of a rounded or squared off outer edge, here the outside of the scoop comes to a 90-degree corner, enabling whoever has scooper duty to reach into litter box corners with a lot less effort!

Medium Cat Pan - 16 in. x 12 in. x 4 in. (Colors may vary) – Ideal for kittens who benefit from easy entry and exit; High polished finish that is odor and stain resistant; Easy to clean. View on Amazon
IRIS USA Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Cat Litter Scoop, Gray/White TECL-20 – The perfect way to prevent litter scatter and contain spraying; Large top entryway for easy entry and exit; Keeps Fidos nose out of the cats business;... View on Amazon
World's Best Cat Litter, Clumping Litter Formula for Multiple Cats, 28-Pounds – OUTSTANDING ODOR CONTROL — More cats shouldn’t mean more smells — keep your cats happy with a natural litter with long-lasting odor control.; QUICK CLUMPING &... View on Amazon
So Phresh Elastic Cat Litter Pan Liners, 17" L x 32" W, Large – Elastic Cat Litter Pan Liners from So Phresh; Features a dependable tear-resistant design and an elastic band designed to hug their pan; Easy dispensing box doubles... View on Amazon
PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic Litter Box for Cats, Works with Clumping Cat Litter – SELF-CLEANING LITTER BOX: Bowl rotates and sifts clumps from the litter, making a full rotation every hour and a half; REDUCED ODOR: Waste bin is covered... View on Amazon
Nature's Miracle Non-Stick Antimicrobial Scoop & Caddy (P-82036) – Our 2-in-1 odor control and antimicrobial product protection inhibit odors caused by bacteria; Non-stick surface makes for easy cleaning; Unique and durable design; Attaches easily to litter pan; Packagining may vary. View on Amazon
Neater Pet Brands - Neater Scooper and 60 Count Refill Bag Bundle - Cat Litter Sifter Scoop System with Extra Waste Bags (Grey) – EASIER - Scooping & bagging combined into a quick, easy, one hand operation; CLEANER - Attached waste bin and clever trap door design makes cleaning the... View on Amazon
Litter Lifter Cat Litter Scoop (Colors May Vary) – No-sift peaked blades lift only waste; Clean litter stays in the litter box; Strong, durable plastic construction; Strong scraper for heavy messes. View on Amazon
Blackhole Litter Mat - Moonshuttle Rectangular Cat Litter Mat, 30 X 23-Inch, Dark Gray – Cleaner Floors Start Today – These versatile cat litter box mats help keep litter from being tracked or scattered across your floors by trapping it in... View on Amazon
WePet Cat Litter Mat, Kitty Litter Trapping Mat, M Size, Premium Durable Soft PVC Rug, No Phthalate, Urine Waterproof, Easy Clean, Washable, Scatter Control, Box Carpet, CATTITUDE, 30 x 20 Inch Grey – [Color & Size]: GREY; Medium; Length 30" x Width 20" x Height 1/3" Inch [Slogan]: CATTITUDE; [DESIGN]: Deep grooves superior mesh incorporating carpet fiber technology to... View on Amazon
Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator - Enzyme-Powered Pet Odor & Stain Remover for Dog and Cats Urine (1 Gallon) – CERTIFIED GENTLE AND SAFE Chlorine free and color safe. Safe to use around pets and children. No hazardous propellants, no residue left behind. So gentle it’s... View on Amazon
Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box 3 Colors, Brushed Nickel – DOME LITTER BOX: This cat litter box with dome lid encloses cats on all sides, ensuring privacy while keeping floors litter-free. The grooved clean-step entrance gently... View on Amazon
Litter Pearls Micro Crystals Cat Litter, 10.5 lb – Elimates Odors - Maximum Odor Control; Soft on Cat's Paws; Absorptive surface with 1000's of mini-channels for liquid waste absorption; Dries solid waste for odor control; Very Low Dust. View on Amazon
Nature's Miracle P-98154 Cat Stain and Odor Remover, Melon Burst Scent, Enzymatic Formula for Urine Stains, Feces Stains, Vomit Stains and Drool Stains, Odor Control, 128 fl oz – Included Components: Stain & Odor Remover. View on Amazon
JONNY CAT Cat Litter Box Liners 5 / Box (Pack of 6) – 6 pack, each box is 5 ct., Heavy Duty, Jumbo; Tear resistant fits most litter boxes.; Easy cleanup!; 3 feet x 18 inches x 2 mil.,... View on Amazon
Quality Gray Cat Litter Trap Mat, Non-Slip Backing, Dirt Catcher, Soft on Paws, Easy to Clean – Reduce litter scatter and keep paws clean with this Cat / Pet Litter Catcher Mat featuring soft, rubberized material that traps dirt and litter and brushes... View on Amazon
Fresh Step Drawstring Cat Litter Box Liners, Fresh Scent, Size Large, 30" x 17" - 7 Count | Kitty Litter Bags – SUPER THICK LITTER BOX LINERS — Your kitty won't be able to tear through these heavy duty litter box liners with 2 ML thickness. High quality... View on Amazon
Cats Desire Biodegradable & Disposable Litter Box (Natural Brown) 10 Pack – Features a moisture resistant barrier and is easy to fold & dispose of. Can be used in the open or closed box configuration.; Keeping litter at... View on Amazon
32 inch Cat Litter Scooper Metal Cat Litter Scoop Long Handle Cat Scoop Litter Box Scooper Non-Stick Aluminum Deep Shovel Litter Scoop Large Kitty Sifter Scoop Manages Big Clumps of Multi-Cat Families – KEEP YOUR DISTANCE - No need to practically stick your head into your cat litterbox or inside the covered lid (if you have one), with Sturdy... View on Amazon
ARM & HAMMER Naturals Cat Litter, Multi Cat, 18lb – An Odor-Free Home Starts Here…Naturally!; Baking Soda + Corn + Plant Extracts for Outstanding Odor Elimination; Highly absorbent, this formula absorbs 2x as much liquid as... View on Amazon
PETOCAT Litter Box Liners, 34 Count Jumbo Cat Litter Pan liners, Drawstring Litter Liner Bags For Litter Box, Easy Clean Up. Thick Large Kitty Litter Liner XL, Eco Friendly Pet Cat Supplies(36" x 19") – Super thick durable litter box liners - heavy duty litter liners is made by rugged material, scratch-resistant, tear-resistant and waterproof. No more urine or rubbish seeping... View on Amazon
ökocat Super Soft Natural Wood Clumping Litter, Large – Next generation plant-based litter that's cleaner and healthier for your cat, family and home.; STOPS ODOR BEFORE IT STARTS: Wood fiber naturally prevents enzymes from bonding... View on Amazon
PetLike Cat Litter Mat Kitty Litter Mats for Tray Boxes, Kitty Litter Trapping Mat House Floors Clean (30 x 18, Tan) – KEEP YOUR FLOOR CLEAN : PetLike cat litter mat’s design can nice catch litters from litter boxes and cats. The good scatter control can keep your... View on Amazon
Catit Cat Litter Pan, Gray, 58702 – Added rim acts as a shield to help prevent litter from spilling out of the cat litter pan; Raised back and high sides help keep litter inside the... View on Amazon
IRIS USA Large Hooded Corner Litter Box with Scoop, Navy 588426 – Corner cat litter box provides plenty of space for your kitty and maximizes space; Cat box lid with flap entry door keeps litter and spray contained;... View on Amazon
Chibuy The Latest Update Cat Litter Scoop with Metal TABS/Round Teeth, Deep Shovel Sifter Cats Litter Scoop, Durable Pet Kitty Litter Scooper in Aluminium – ☀ PATENTED TABS DESIGN ☀ With Latest Update ROUND TEETH, our cat litter scoop makes it much faster to clean your litter box, patented genius design... View on Amazon
PetFusion Large Litter Box. Non-Stick Coating (FDA, EPA Approved) Reduces Clean time. (Vets Recommend Open top Litter Box to Avoid Behavior associated w/Tight Spaces & Cat's Stronger Sense of Smell) – GREAT VALUE: 2018 Top 2 cat litter pans; VET RECOMMENDED FEATURES: Open top litter box to promote healthy usage (enclosed spaces might cause behavior issues).... View on Amazon
Alfapet Kitty Cat Pan Disposable, Sifting Liners- 10-Pack + 1 Transfer Liner-For Large, X-Large, Giant, Extra-Giant Size Litter Boxes-Included Rubber Band for Firm, Easy Fit - Pack of 3 – THE ORIGINAL SIFTING LINERS- Alfapet sets out to make the pet owner’s life easier when it comes to cleaning the cat pan. Our liners help you... View on Amazon
ecoFlex Litter Loo, Litter Box Cover/End Table, Antique White, Standard – Sealed floor Design prevents kitty accidents from leaking to the floor.; Easy, no-tools assembly.; Flip down front door for easy clean up.; Resistant to moisture, warping, cracking, splitting. View on Amazon
Fresh Kitty Durable XL Jumbo Foam Litter Box Mat – No Phthalate, Water Resistant, Traps Litter from Box, Scatter Control, Easy Clean Mats – Black & White 40"x 25" – The Fresh Kitty Decorative Foam Litter Mat from Royal Pet is an unobtrusive soft mat that helps catch loose litter and prevents it from being tracked... View on Amazon
So Phresh Scoopable Odor-Lock Clumping Micro Crystal Cat Litter in Blue Silica, 8 lbs. – Scoopable Odor-Lock Clumping Micro Crystal Cat Litter from So Phresh; Offers powerful clumping to control stinky situations; Fragrance-free is perfect for cats with sensitive noses; Lighter... View on Amazon
BUBBAS Super Strength Commercial Enzyme Cleaner - Pet Odor Eliminator | Enzymatic Stain Remover | Remove Dog Cat Urine Smell from Carpet, Rug or Hardwood Floor and Other Surfaces (Gallon) – BEST PROFESSIONAL GRADE CLEANING SOLUTION: Scientifically formulated to be more potent than other pet odor enzyme cleaners for your flooring, upholstery, area rugs and carpets, yet... View on Amazon
Fresh Step Plastic Disposable Litter Box, Blue – WATERPROOF CAT LITTER BOX — Fresh Step Disposable Litter Box is waterproof and can be used anywhere in the house, for a cat box that is... View on Amazon
Boxiecat Extra Strength Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter, 28 lb – VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED: Ranked best odor control in veterinary professional study; ADVANCED PROBIOTIC-POWERED ODOR CONTROL: Stops odors before they start; IDEAL FOR CATS ON A HIGH PROTEIN... View on Amazon
Resolve Urine Destroyer Spray Stain & Odor Remover, 32oz – Neutralizes urine odors on contact; Great for pet and people accidents; Safe for carpets, fabrics, and hard floors; Helps prevent remarking; Safe for pets when used as directed. View on Amazon
Petmate Boode Scoop'N Hide Deep-Bucket Cat Litter Scoop Built-In Rake 3 Colors – Cat Scoop Holder: This easy to clean plastic cat scooper provides a designated place to store the kitty litter scoop out of sight and in a... View on Amazon