Litter Boxes & Supplies

One big convenience / inconvenience of pet cat ownership is the litter box. How handy and civilized is it that cats use the bathroom indoors just like their owners? On the other hand, how annoying and demeaning is cleaning the box on a regular basis? Litter box technology has come a long way since clumping litter was first developed in the 1950s. This type of litter was finally introduced in the United States in the 1980s, and what a difference this made for pet cat owners. Clumping litter is made from small lumps of clay that clumps together when wet, making clean-up of both liquid and solid waste a simple matter of scooping out the clumps. But there are more types of litter than clumping. Natural litters of different materials are available for kitties who can't use clay and for owners looking for dust-free solutions. Crystal-type litters absorb liquid waste over a month or so per cat. Besides all of the choice in litter types, there is a huge variety in litter pan types. Open pans, lidded litter boxes, even self-cleaning boxes are all options for today's cat owner. You can also pick out your favorite style of litter scoop and accessories like liners and cleaning solutions to keep you and your cat happy.

Natural Litter Box Attractant (2-Pack)

If you are having trouble getting your cat to use the litter box, several issues may be at influence. A check at the vet is a good idea for a start, in case your kitty is having a medical issue like bladder stones that make urination painful. After...

Ewww Cat Stain and Odor Remover for Carpets

We love the name of this product: Ewww!  This is a highly rated spot cleaner for carpets. If your cat has ever had an accident outside of the litter box or been sick on carpet in your home, this enzyme-rich cleaning product will be a lifesaver for both you and your cat.

Compostable Pet Waste Bags

It's a good practice to keep kitty litter boxes clean with regular scooping. Keeping the catbox free of waste makes your cat happy and keeps your home cleaner and odor-free. But regular scooping might mean using a lot of plastic bags if that is your preferred waste collection...

Foldable Emergency Litterbox for Travel, More

This is a portable litterbox that is completely collapsible for easy storage and transport. Keep this box as a quick and easy extra for travel, emergencies, or even unexpected guests.

Genius Shape Corner Litter Scoop

Make your life easier with this uniquely shaped litter box scoop. Instead of a rounded or squared off outer edge, here the outside of the scoop comes to a 90-degree corner, enabling whoever has scooper duty to reach into litter box corners with a lot less effort!

Nature's Miracle Litter Box Scrubbing Wipes

Make spot clean-ups between full litter box washings a breeze with scrubbing wipes from Nature's Miracle.

Nature's Miracle Disposable Litter Box, Jumbo, 2-Pack - P-82029 – Baking soda provides extra protection against the tough litter box and ammonia odors; Will not shred or leak; Made from recycled paper and land-fill safe; Suited... View on Amazon
Arm and Hammer Super Scoop Clumping Litter, Fragrance Free 26.3lb – Great for fragrance sensitive cats and their owners!; Combines super absorbent clay with Baking Soda crystals to eliminate tough odors on contact; The Super Scoop Fragrance... View on Amazon
Petmate 29112 Jumbo Litter Sifter/Scoop – Made with environment friendly recycled plastic; Microban anti-microbial make this litter scoop stain & odor resistant; Extra wide mouth and large slits for easy sifting; 11.4 X 4.7 X 2.4. View on Amazon
Alfapet Kitty Cat Pan Disposable, Sifting Liners- 10-Pack + 1 Transfer Liner-for Large, X-Large, Giant, Extra-Giant Size Litter Boxes-Included Rubber Band for Firm, Easy Fit - Pack of 3 – THE ORIGINAL SIFTING LINERS- Alfapet sets out to make the pet owner’s life easier when it comes to cleaning the cat pan. Our liners help you... View on Amazon
VINGLI Cat Hidden Litter Box Enclosure Storage Cabinet Nightstand Side Table Kitty House Furniture Privacy Cat Washroom Storage Bench Pet Crate with Metal Frame and Wood Sturdy Structure for Indoor – Atractive & Versatile--More than just use as cat litter box furniture hidden, you can put it in entrance and exit as a shoe-changing stool; as a... View on Amazon
MINIDIO Foldable Cat Litter Box with Cat Litter Scoop Reduces Litter Tracking Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Lid Function Improvement Kitty Litter Box Easy for Cats to Get in and Out – 🐾 SPACIOUS INTERIOR SPACE: There is enough space for cats to play, so that cats can move freely without restriction. This foldable cat box makes them... View on Amazon
Pet Stain & Odor Miracle - The Best Enzyme Cleaner for Dog Urine Cat Pee Feces Vomit, Enzymatic Solution Cleans Carpet Rug Car Upholstery Couch Mattress Furniture, Natural Eliminator (S/M 32FL OZ) – ❤️ EASY CLEANUP - Pet Stain & Odor Miracle makes clean up fast and easy, so you can quickly return to having fun with your fur-baby.... View on Amazon
Purina Tidy Cats Light Weight, Low Dust, Clumping Cat Litter, LightWeight Free & Clean Unscented, Multi Cat Litter - 17 lb. Box – One (1) 17 lb. Box - Purina Tidy Cats Light Weight, Low Dust, Clumping Cat Litter, LightWeight Free & Clean Unscented, Multi Cat Litter; Unscented cat... View on Amazon
Disposable Cat Litter Boxes, Pre-Filled with 100% Recycled Paper Litter Pellets- 5 Pack of Trays- Includes Litter. Eco Friendly! Simply Peel Off Perforated Lid, Use, Dispose of Entire Tray! – SUPER CONVENIENT! Tired of the whole litter business? We have a great solution! DISPOSABLE LITTER TRAYS PRE FILLED with 100% Recycled paper litter. Simply peel off... View on Amazon
Arf Pets Cat Litter Box Enclosure, Furniture Large Box House with Table – MULTI-FUNCTIONAL CAT HOUSE – Functional Table Hides Your Cat’s Litter Box Or Pet Bed; Looks Like Regular Furniture Piece & Blends With Your Home’s Décor; HANDY... View on Amazon
Purina Tidy Cats Non Clumping Cat Litter, Instant Action Low Tracking Cat Litter - (4) 10 lb. Bags – Four (4) 10 lb. Bags - Purina Tidy Cats Non Clumping Cat Litter, Instant Action Low Tracking Cat Litter; If you loved this Tidy... try searching... View on Amazon
SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter, 20-Pound (6506) – Out Clumps Clay Everyday; "No Smell Can't Tell" Odor Control; Lightweight; Made 100% out of Grass Seed. Transition Instructions-Use 50/50 mix of new litter with existing... View on Amazon
IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Cat Litter Scoop, Dark Gray & White, Dark Gray/White, Large – This top-entry kitty litter box is the perfect way to prevent litter scatter and effectively contain spraying; The Large top entryway on the deep cat litter... View on Amazon
IRIS USA, Inc. IRIS USA Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Cat Litter Scoop, White & Beige Punt-530, Large (586962) – Age Range Description: All Life Stages. View on Amazon
Nature's Miracle Cat Oxy Formula Set-In Stain Destroyer, 128 fl oz, Pet Stain Remover and Odor Control for Set In Stains – Set-in stain destroyer; Works to penetrate, separate and lift Embedded stains and odors; For use on carpets, hard floors, furniture, & more (See directions for use... View on Amazon
PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Blue Non Clumping Crystal Cat Litter, 2-Pack – COMPATIBLE LITTER BOXES: Works with any traditional litter box and the PetSafe ScoopFree Reusable Litter Tray; CONVENIENT PORTIONS: Includes 2 pre-portioned bags of premium PetSafe crystal... View on Amazon
Calvinci - IRIS Open-Top Pet Cat Litter Box with Shield and Scoop w/ Removable Shield YRS0636 – The IRIS Open Top Litter Pan with Shield makes cleaning up after your cat a snap; This litter Box has a removable litter shield to prevent... View on Amazon
Arm & Hammer Top Entry Litter Pan (packaging may vary) – TOP ENTRY LITTER BOX: This enclosed kitty litter box features high walls for cats' privacy. The wide, top entry design easily accommodates larger cats & has... View on Amazon
Dr. Elsey's Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter, 40 Lb / 18.14 Kg (Pack May Vary) – NOTE: Item package indicates weight in both Kg and lb. 40 Lb is equal to 18.14 Kg; 99.9% dust free, hypo-allergenic natural litter to keep your... View on Amazon
Nature's Miracle Premium Clumping Corn Cob Litter, 10 lb (P-98119) – 99.9% dust free; Fast-clumping formula made with natural corn cob; Guaranteed to work or your money back; Age Range Description: All Ages. View on Amazon
ökocat Less Mess Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter Mini-Pellets, Great for Long-Hair Breeds, Medium, 14.8 lbs. – Pellet Cat Litter: Our next-generation, clumping cat litter mini-pellets are exceptionally absorbent to clump solid and stop odors, and are less likely to stick to your... View on Amazon
IRIS USA Open Top Cat Litter Box Kit with Shield & Scoop, Blue CLH-12 – Open top IRIS cat litter box is designed to offer cats plenty of room and quick accessibility.; Iris cats litter box includes a matching litter scoop... View on Amazon
CatSpot Non-Clumping Litter: Coconut Cat Litter, All-Natural, 100% Organic, Biodegradable, Lightweight & Dust-Free (Non-Clumping, 2 Bags) – SAVE MONEY!: Our 2-pack bundles save $1.50/bag over normal, retail price!; SUPERIOR ABSORBENCY: One, 5-lb bag of CatSpot, has the same absorbency as 20 pounds of... View on Amazon
Imperial Cat Neat 'n Tidy, 28 Litter Sifting Liners – don't have to change bags in and out; can throw away with clumps inside; no mess after scooping. View on Amazon
Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter, Multi-Cat, 40 lb – 10% more odor eliminators than our clump & Seal fresh scent; 100% dust free platinum formula; 7 day odor-free home, Guaranteed; Patented formula seals and destroys... View on Amazon
Simple Green Cat Stain & Odor Remover - Enzyme Cleaner for Cat Urine, Feces, Blood, Vomit (32 oz Sprayer & 1 gallon Refill) – Permanently eliminates tough stains and unpleasant odors from urine, feces, vomit, scent markings, dirt, blood and more; Use on carpets, rugs, pet bedding, upholstery, clothing, curtains,... View on Amazon
Amazon Basics Cat Pad Refills for Litter Box, Unscented - Pack of 20 – 20-pack of cat-litter pads; for use with a cat-litter system (not included) or when traveling in the car; Purple-colored pad made of PE film with a... View on Amazon
Gorilla Grip Original Premium Durable Cat Litter Mat, 35x23, XL Jumbo, Water Resistant, Traps Litter from Box and Cats, Scatter Control, Soft on Kitty Paws, Easy Clean Cat Mat, Gray – Captures Litter: this technologically advanced mat features deep grooves and superior mesh to capture litter, both kicked out and stuck to furry paws; thick coils on... View on Amazon
Ultra Pearls Cat Litter ,5 lbs – Elimates Odors - Maximum Odor Control; Soft on Cat's Paws; Absorptive surface with 1000's of mini-channels for liquid waste absorption; Dries solid waste for odor control; Very Low Dust. View on Amazon
Cat Litter Box Liners, 10 Count Jumbo Extra Durable Large Drawstring Kitty Litter Pan Bags – MULTI-SIZE FIT:10 liners. 36inch*18inch*2Mil (Extra thick design) , fits most litter boxes,eliminating guesswork for the pet owner.; Convenient Cleaning: The litter box liners have drawstring handles,... View on Amazon
Petfive Sustainably Yours Natural Sustainable Multi-Cat Litter (plus), 13 lbs – JACKSON GALAXY’S LITTER CHOICE - Sustainably Yours is the cat litter top choice of Cat Daddy himself, Jackson Galaxy; “It's THE BEST cat litter I’ve ever... View on Amazon
Purina Tidy Cats Hooded Litter Box System, Breeze Hooded System Starter Kit Litter Box, Litter Pellets & Pads – Purina Tidy Cats Hooded Litter Box System, BREEZE Hooded System Starter Kit Litter Box, Litter Pellets & Pads; Satisfaction Guaranteed: Love this system, or your money... View on Amazon
PetSafe Deluxe Cat Litter Box with Crystal Litter System – Starter Kit Includes Litter Scoop, Pee Pad, 1 Month of ScoopFree Premium Crystal Litter – Long-lasting cat litter: Vents on the underside of the litter box promote airflow, increasing crystal cat litter life; 1 bag of PetSafe premium crystal litter will... View on Amazon
Ten Second Litter Boxes (10 Litter Boxes- 10 Week Supply) – *10 Disposable Litter Boxes-Perfect for traveling; *PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR VIDEO BELOW*; * Endorsed by The International Cat Association (; * Water resistant coating; * Change the box in ten seconds!!!!!. View on Amazon