Litter Scoops

Extremely Long Handled Cat Box Scoop

Save your back with an extremely long-handled litter box scooper like this unit from Sand Dipper. The handle is over 2 feet long!

Litter Genie Plus Pail (Black) | Cat Litter Box Waste Disposal System for Odor Control | Includes 1 Square Refill Bag – REDUCE LITTER BOX ODOR: The makers of Diaper Genie present the Litter Genie Plus Pail to keep litter box odor in check! The pail holds up... View on Amazon
SunGrow Large Cat Litter Scoop, Life Transforming Cat Scooper, Reduces Hand Fatigue, Saves Clear Litter, Makes Scooping Faster and Easier – No Strain on Your Wrist with Lightweight Metal Scooper --- If you are tired of cheap plastic scoops or heavy metal scoops, this large, but surprisingly... View on Amazon
Petmate Litter Scoop for Cats, Large Size, Bleached Linen – Large Cat Litter Scoop: The 4.2 inch wide and 1.7 inch long mouth (not including handle) was built for durabilty; Wide Mouth: Also features large slits... View on Amazon
WePet Cat Litter Scoop, Aluminum Alloy Sifter, Kitty Metal Scooper, Deep Shovel with Diagonal Sifting Hole, Long Handle, Kitten Poop Lifter for Litter Box, Large Size, Blue Handle – [Color & Size]: Irregularly aluminum body with Blue handle; Large Size Pooper Scooper - Length 14 x Width 5.25 x Deep 2 Inch.; [Deep Shovel Sifter... View on Amazon
iPrimio Universal Cat Litter Scooper Holder - Durable with Heavy Scoopers Holding Stability - Kitty Litter Box Scooper Accessory - Works with Plastic & Metal Cat Litter Scoop Holder - 4 Color Options – UNIVERSAL CAT LITTER SCOOPER HOLDER - This newly designed durable cat litter scoop holder with easy dumping container fits all types of litter box scooper be... View on Amazon
Petmate Scoop N' Hide Cat Litter Scoop with Discreet Litter Scoop Holder, Brushed Nickel – Innovative Hidden Storage: This litter scoop comes with a cat litter scoop holder that discreetly conceals the scoop when not in use. This not only keeps... View on Amazon
Litter Genie Cat Litter Scoop | for Your Cat Litter Box | Easy Scooping & Disposal | Grey – COLLECT THE STINK: With a wide surface and deep opening, this litter scooper is meant to get the job done fast. With rounded edges, this cat... View on Amazon
HYXUVUV Cat Litter Scoop with Holder, Kitty Metal Scooper, Deep Shovel, Ergonomic Handle, Kitten Poop Sifting, Durable, Heavy Duty Speed Sifter, for Litter Box – Large Pooper Scooper - Length 11.00" x Width 5.30" x Deep 1.95". The 1.95-inch depth facilitates fast sifting of cat litter, designed for easier scooping.; 2-in-1... View on Amazon
Cat Litter Scooper Metal Cat Litter Scoop Long Handle Cat Scoop Aluminum Litter Box Scooper Kitty Litter Scoop Non-Stick Stronger Large Cat Litter Sifter Scoop Manages Big Clumps of Multi-cat Families – TIDY AWAY CAT LITTER – If your home contains cat litter trays then you know how important it is to keep them clean and fresh. Changing... View on Amazon
Kitty City Corrugate Cat Scratch Pad, Cat Non-Stick Litter Scoop, Cat Litter Mats, Cat Litter Box Kit, CM-10161 – FOR CATS ON THE “GO”: The Litter Scoop by Kitty City is designed to make a necessary, if inglorious, part of daily life more convenient for... View on Amazon
Petmate Metal Cat/Kitty Litter Scoop, Deep Shovel, Premium Non-Stick Large Scooper with Non-Slip Handle & Curved Design for Maximum Coverage – DURABLE AND FUNCTIONAL; EASY TO GRIP: Ergonomic grip for easy use; VERSATILE FOR ALL LITTER TYPES: Adaptable scoop holes and built-in litter box rake sift through... View on Amazon
WePet Cat Litter Scoop, Aluminum Alloy Sifter, Kitty Metal Scooper, Deep Shovel, Long Handle, Poop Sifting, Kitten Pooper Lifter, Durable, Heavy Duty, for Litter box – [Color & Size]: Flat aluminum body with Blue handle; LARGE Pooper Scooper: Length 14.0" x Width 5.0" x Deep 2.0".; [Deep Shovel Sifter Design]: Deep Shovel... View on Amazon
Van Ness Pets EZ Sift Stainless Steel Cat Litter Scoop, Heavy Duty, Reduces Dust – Lightweight and durable stainless steel litter scoop; Designed with a deep basket with long, slender openings that sift litter efficiently and reduces dust; Ideal for use... View on Amazon
Cold Life Easy to Clean Sifting Litter Scoop Shovel for Small Pets Or Reptile Terrarium Sand Waste,Green,9 inches – The Cold Life sifting scoop from Royal pet is a nylon-based scoop designed to easily remove waste from your reptile's terrarium; Angled head and wedge design... View on Amazon
Petmate Ultimate Litter Plastic Scoop 22972, Colors may Vary 17.5 x 4 x 6"; 4.8 oz – Ergonomically designed litter scoop, enables consumers to clean the litter box while standing; Extra-large scoop sifts faster than average scoops; Serrated edge gets under the toughest... View on Amazon
WePet Cat Litter Scoop, Non-Stick Plated Aluminum Alloy Sifter, Kitty Durable Metal Scooper, Deep Shovel, Long Handle, Kitten Pooper Lifter, Size Medium, Coated Black Body with Turkish Blue Handle – [Color & Size]: Black body with Turkish Blue handle; Medium Pooper Scooper - Length 11.00" x Width 4.25" x Deep 1.85".; [Deep Shovel Sifter Design]: WePet... View on Amazon
Litter Lifter Cat Litter Scoop (Colors May Vary) – No-sift peaked blades lift only waste; Clean litter stays in the litter box; Strong, durable plastic construction; Strong scraper for heavy messes. View on Amazon
Premium Cat Litter Scooper kit – The Ultimate Solution for a Clean and Tidy Environment Include Plastic Cat Litter Shovel, cat Litter Scoop,Pickers, Handheld Dustpan, Broom,Cleaning Brush,Paste Hook – Plastic Cat Litter Shovel: Our sturdy and durable plastic cat litter shovel is designed for easy add cat litter and efficient scooping. The ergonomic handle provides... View on Amazon
FIRSAL Cat Litter Scoop Stainless Steel Mesh Scooper Long Handle Deep Shovel Non-Stick Coated Metal Litter Scoop for Litter Box Kitten Pooper Lifter (Hole:3.8mm/Regular Cat Litter Scoop) – 1.(2 * 2 mm small Mesh/Special for fine sand,3.8*3.8mm/Cat litter scoop).Clean environment will make your pet more healthy, using this product to clean containers more convenient,Metal... View on Amazon
Neater Pet Brands - Neater Scooper Mess-Free Cat Litter Scoop - Scoop to Bag Spill-Proof Kitty Litter Sifter System with Waste Bin - Includes 60 Refill Bags, Grey – EASIER - Scooping & bagging combined into a quick, easy, one hand operation; CLEANER - Attached waste bin and clever trap door design makes cleaning the... View on Amazon
PetsMia Stainless Steel Large Cat Litter Scoop - Durable Sifter with Detachable Base and Ergonomic Handle - Premium Kitty Litter Scooper for Easy Cleanup and Long-Lasting Performance. – Efficient Scooping and Sifting: Our PetsMia large cat litter scoop features optimal-sized gaps in the mesh, allowing you to scoop and sift through litter with ease,... View on Amazon
Sprinkle & Sweep Cat Litter Scoop - Heavy Duty Litter Scooper & Speed Sifter with Comfortable Beech Wood Grip - Metal Cat Litter Scoop, Washable Convenient Stand for Easy and Efficient Cleaning – Cat Litter Scooper - 5X Faster Sifting: Experience unmatched efficiency with our metal litter scoop, boasting a speed sifter that cleans 5 times faster than traditional... View on Amazon
Frxat Cat Litter Scoop - Aluminum Alloy cat Litter Shovel, Suitable for All cat Litter, Metal Durable Garbage Shovel Blue – Color Size:Blue handle,Length 11 x Width 4.25 x Deep 1.85 Inch, Small size, more suitable for the fun of cleaning cat litter.; Design: Pure aluminum metal... View on Amazon
iPrimio Monster Cat Litter Scoop with Easy Grip Soft Foam Handle for Sore Hands - (Large Black) - Fast Sifter/Deep Shovel. Patented Cat Litter Scooper - Kitty Litter Box Accessory – INCLUDES ONE SCOOPER - PATENTED - NO MORE SORE HANDS! PATENTED CAT SCOOPER DESIGNED FOR SORE HANDS – This Scooper is mainly designed to give a... View on Amazon
Amazon Basics Litter Scoop with Holder for Cat – Cat-litter scoop with holder that hangs off the side of the box, concealing the messy scoop yet keeping it within easy reach; Works with any scoopable... View on Amazon
Yangbaga Metal Cat Litter Scoop with Deep Shovel&Long Handle,Detachable Stainless Steel Non-Stick Litter Sifter with Foam Padded Grip, No Bending Back Heavy Duty Cat Litter Scooper (Silver Shovel) – DO CAT LITTER SIFTING IN AN EASY WAY ----- With this long-handled cat litter scoop, you don’t need to bend your back every time cleaning the... View on Amazon
Fresh Step All In One Litter Scoop - Fast and Easy to Use Cat Litter Scooper - Deep Shovel Ergonomic Handle Grip Kitty Litter Scooper to Scoop Away Cat Litter – DID YOU KNOW? More efficient litterbox scooping reduces how often you have to change your litter. Our innovative litterbox scoop gives you more control with the... View on Amazon
DuraScoop® Premium Multicat Cat Litter Scoop | Solid Metal | Litter Box Tray Pan Sifter – Own the First and Only Premium Cat Litter Scoop – Now selling for over 20 years, the DuraScoop is a hand tool specifically designed for the... View on Amazon
PLACHIDAY Cat Litter Scoop,Stainless Steel Mesh Litter Shovel,Deep Shovel,Reliable Litter Cleaner Corner Shovel,Beach Shovel,Easy to Clean Reptile Terrarium Sand Waste,Dark Black – 🐱【5mm*5mm Small Mesh】The small mesh design allows you to easily separate cat feces fragments and cat litter with just a simple shake PLACHIDAY cat litter scoop,... View on Amazon
Petmate Litter Scoop for Cats, Jumbo Size, Bleached Linen – Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop: The 4.7 inch wide and 2.4 inch long mouth (not including handle) was built for durabilty; Wide Mouth: Also features large slits... View on Amazon