Litter Scoops

Extremely Long Handled Cat Box Scoop

Save your back with an extremely long-handled litter box scooper like this unit from Sand Dipper. The handle is over 2 feet long!

Cat Litter Scooper with Caddy Holder, Cat Scooper for Litter Box with Stand, A Nice Addition to cat Litter Tray Box, Store The cat Litter Scoop When not in use, Modern, Durable and Cute -Light Pink – 💚A place to store the cat litter scooper: The litter scoop with holder to keep the litter scoop in when not in use, you don't need... View on Amazon
Amazon Basics Metal Litter Scoop with Retractable and Adjustable Handle – Metal cat-litter scoop with retractable and adjustable handle for ultimate scooping convenience; Works with all scoopable litters, including clumping clay litter, crystal litter, and all-natural wheat... View on Amazon
Nature's Miracle Non-Stick Scoop & Caddy (P-82036) – Our 2-in-1 control and product protection inhibit caused; Non-stick surface makes for easy cleaning; Unique and durable design; Attaches easily to litter pan; Packagining may vary. View on Amazon
Fresh Step All in One Litter Scoop, 6pc. | Fast and Easy to Use Cat Litter Scooper, Ergonomic Handle Grip Kitty Litter Scooper to Scoop Away Cat Litter – FAST AND EASY SCOOPING – Multi-angle scoop base helps easily isolate sifting between large and small clumps for a faster scoop; EFFICIENT AND SCOOPING AND SIFTING... View on Amazon
CAT LOVE Litter Scoop, Green – Practical and convenient litter scooper; Easily removes solid waste from your cat's litter pan; Ideal for all types of litter, including clay and clumping clay litters;... View on Amazon
DHXYZZB Cat Kitty Litter Scoop Small Holes Fine Litter Scooper Shovel for Cat Dog Rabbits Hamster Snake Sifter Scoop High Qulity PVC Non-Toxic (2.5mm Hole) – ★ Material of litter scoop : high quality PVC plastic. Healthy, environmentally friendly, non-toxic cat Litter Scoop let you easily to filter out cat feces. Kitty... View on Amazon
WUMSTOT Cat Litter Scoop with Poop Bag Holder, Fast Sifter Cat Litter, Detachable Deep Sifting Shovel Holder Cat Litter Sifter Scoop System with 60 Count Poop Bags – High-quality Durable : WUMSTOT cat litter shovel is made of high-quality ABS+PP resin material. Its smooth surface makes it anti-corrosive, very durable, and long-lasting.; Cat Poop... View on Amazon
Cold Life Easy to Clean Sifting Litter Scoop Shovel for Small Pets Or Reptile Terrarium Sand Waste – The Cold Life sifting scoop from Royal pet is a nylon-based scoop designed to easily remove waste from your reptile's terrarium; Angled head and wedge design... View on Amazon
WePet Cat Litter Scoop, Aluminum Alloy Sifter, Kitty Metal Scooper, Deep Shovel, Long Handle, Poop Sifting, Kitten Pooper Lifter, Heavy Duty, for Litter Box, Irregularly Aluminum with Green Handle – [Color & Size]: Irregularly alumimum body with Green handle; Oversize Pooper Scooper - Length 14 x Width 5 x Deep 2 Inch.; [Deep Shovel Sifter Design]:... View on Amazon
BasicForm Fast Sifting Cat Litter Scoop – Stainless Steel Metal Scooper with Deep Shovel - Comfy Foam Handle – 🐈FAST SIFTING SAVES YOUR TIME: The BasicForm Cat Litter Scoop design with stainless steel metal wire traps solids while the 6mm gap allows litter to filter... View on Amazon
Cat Litter Scoop, Cat Scooper,Aluminum Alloy Sifter,Deep Shovel, Long Handle, Poop Sifting, Durable, Heavy Duty, for Litter Box,Jumbo Size (black) – Large shovel surface: 0.5CM hole spacing large shovel surface, only need to shake gently, can quickly leak sand.; Humanized handshake: with long handle, comfortable grip, easy... View on Amazon
Cat Litter Scooper Metal Cat Litter Scoop Long Handle Cat Scoop Aluminum Litter Box Scooper Kitty Litter Scoop Non-Stick Stronger Large Cat Litter Sifter Scoop Manages Big Clumps of Multi-cat Families – TIDY AWAY CAT LITTER – If your home contains cat litter trays then you know how important it is to keep them clean and fresh. Changing... View on Amazon
Moonshuttle Metal Cat Litter Scoop, Durable, Works with All Type of Cat Litter, Ergonomically Designed Handle – Aluminum Litter Scoop- Very Light yet Durable Cat Litter Scoop; Wider, Larger Size- Less Scooping, Saving Time. Clean litter box like a pro!; Working with Different... View on Amazon
CatGuru Premium Cat Litter Scoop Holder, Scooper Caddy, Scoop Stand Pairs with Any cat Litter Box and fits All cat Litter Scoops – ⭐️TIDY FLOORS. CatGuru Litter Scoop Holder keeps your floors tidy from unwanted messes and dust dropping from litter scooper. Place it next to your cat litter... View on Amazon
Acalu Cat Litter Scoop,Metal Long Handle Kitty Litter Scooper,Heavy Duty Cats Pooper for Litter Box Pet Poop Shovel (32 Inch) – 🐈LITTER SCOOP WITH LONG HANDLE: The cat litter scoop has a long handle which length adjustable from 16" to 32", you can clean the litter box... View on Amazon
Conlun Metal Cat Litter Scoop Aluminum Silver Scooper for Litterbox Kitty Poop Scoop with Deep Shovel, Cat Litter Poop Sifter Long Handle Durable Heavy Duty Corrosion Resistant Blue Handle – CAT LOVER’S CHOICE: Conlun litter box scooper is curated by experienced cat owners through out years, and carefully designed by Conlun, this kitty scoop is easy... View on Amazon
Petmate Metal Litter Scoop, Silver – DURABLE AND FUNCTIONAL: Made of durable die cast aluminum; EASY TO GRIP: Ergonomic grip for easy use; EASY TO CLEAN AND SANITARY: Easy-to-clean metal cat scooper... View on Amazon
IPRIMIO Cat Litter Scooper with Deep Shovel - Non Stick Plated Aluminum Scoop - Designed by Cat Owners - Patented Sifter with Holder - Super Solid Handle - Black – Patented perfect cat litter scooper combines sifter method with a deep shovel - The best of both worlds – owning a cat is fun and rewarding... View on Amazon
Neater Pet Brands - Neater Scooper Cat Litter Sifter - Includes 60 Refill Bags - Mess Free Cat Litter Scoop to Bag Waste Bin System with Extra Waste Bags (Pink) – EASIER - Scooping & bagging combined into a quick, easy, one hand operation; CLEANER - Attached waste bin and clever trap door design makes cleaning the... View on Amazon
Litter Lifter Cat Litter Scoop (Colors May Vary) – No-sift peaked blades lift only waste; Clean litter stays in the litter box; Strong, durable plastic construction; Strong scraper for heavy messes. View on Amazon
DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop – All Metal Scoops for Kitty Litter Boxes – Sifter, Deep Shovel, Solid Core – Corrosion Resistant Litter Box Cleaner – Various Colors - 12.7 x 5.9 x 2.6 In. – THE ULTIMATE LITTER BOX SCOOP: Ensure your feline has a safe and clean place to relieve herself when cleaning cat litter boxes with the DuraScoop Jumbo... View on Amazon
PAWBEE Cat Litter Scooper – Premium Non-Stick Aluminum Alloy Kitty Metal Litter Scoop - Heavy-Duty Deep Shovel Poop Scoop & Long Non-Slip Handle for Easy Sifting, Catbox Cat Scooper with Storage Hook – EXCELLENT DEEP SHOVEL SIFTER - No more spending endless hours trying to clean your litter box! Measuring 13.5”inches-long and 2-inch-deep, this sturdy litter scoop is equipped... View on Amazon
sWheat Scoop Wheat-Based Natural Cat Litter, Original Fast Clumping, 25 Pound Bag – Fast Clumping Litter: Absorbent, all-natural wheat starch formula forms clumps fast to trap odors on contact; The formula's fast-acting clumping makes scooping and flush clean-up easy;... View on Amazon
WePet Cat Litter Scoop, Non Stick Plated Aluminum Alloy Sifter, Kitty Metal Scooper, Deep Shovel, Long Handle, Poop Sifting, Kitten Pooper Lifter, Coated Black Body with Black Handle – [Color & Size]: Black body with Black handle; Oversize Pooper Scooper - Length 14 x Width 5 x Deep 2 Inch.; [Deep Shovel Sifter Design]: WePet... View on Amazon
Yangbaga Newest Cat Litter Scoop with Deep Shovel, Non-Stick Coated Metal Litter Scoop with Ash Wood Handle&Hanging Design, More Efficient Litter Sifter with Better Litter Filtration (Dark Brown) – ALL DESIGNS FOR EASIER SCOOPING --- The 6mm gaps on the scoop allow you to sift most cat litter like bentonite cat litter and Tofu cat... View on Amazon
Petmate Litter Scoop for Cats, Jumbo Size, Bleached Linen – Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop: The 4.7 inch wide and 2.4 inch long mouth (not including handle) was built for durabilty; Wide Mouth: Also features large slits... View on Amazon
Petmate Scoop and Hide Litter Scoop with Storage Compartment and Built-in Rake. Available in 3 Colors – CAT SCOOP HOLDER: This easy to clean plastic cat scooper provides a designated place to store the kitty litter scoop out of sight and in a... View on Amazon
Van Ness Pets Dust-Free Stainless Steel Cat Litter Scoop – Lightweight and durable stainless steel litter scoop; Designed with a deep basket with long, slender openings that sift litter efficiently and reduces dust; Ideal for use... View on Amazon
WePet Small Cat Litter Scoop, Aluminum Alloy Sifter, Kitty Metal Scooper, Deep Shovel, Long Handle, Poop Sifting, Kitten Pooper Lifter, Durable, Heavy Duty, Flat Aluminum with Blue Handle – [Color & Size]: Flat aluminum body with Blue handle; SMALL Pooper Scooper: Length 11.00" x Width 4.25" x Deep 1.85".; [Deep Shovel Sifter Design]: Deep Shovel Sifter was... View on Amazon
EYNEL Cat Litter Scoop with Small Holes, Long Handle Reptile Sand Box Scooper, Poop Sifter Dog Rabbit Pooper Lifter Kitten Sifting Deep Shovel Best Pet Accessories Litter Spatula (Black) – USE for SMALL SIZE SAND; Scoop helps the poop seperate from litter when cleaning cat litter. The capacity of the shovel increases from front to back... View on Amazon