Litter Scoops

Extremely Long Handled Cat Box Scoop

Save your back with an extremely long-handled litter box scooper like this unit from Sand Dipper. The handle is over 2 feet long!

Fresh Step All in One Litter Scoop | Fast and Easy to Use Cat Litter Scooper, Ergonomic Handle Grip Kitty Litter Scooper to Scoop Away Cat Litter – FAST AND EASY SCOOPING – Multi-angle scoop base helps easily isolate sifting between large and small clumps for a faster scoop; EFFICIENT AND SCOOPING AND SIFTING... View on Amazon
Arm & Hammer Deluxe 2-in-1 Litter Scoop with 12 Waste Bags, Colors Vary – Quality Material used for your pet's best health; Designed in the USA with high standards set; Trusted for decades in the pet industry and setting new... View on Amazon
PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Tray Refills with Sensitive Non-Clumping Crystals - 3 Pack – NO PERFUMES OR DYES: Free of all perfumes and dyes for sensitive cats and people; UNBEATABLE ODOR CONTROL: Absorbs urine and dries solid waste for 5x... View on Amazon
Scoop Away Multi-Cat, Scented Cat Litter, 38 Pounds (1) – EACH PACK CONTAINS Four(4) - 9.5 pound compact bags of Scoop Away Multi-Cat, Scented Cat Litter; Specially formulated to handle odors in even the busiest litter... View on Amazon
BasicForm Metal Cat Litter Scoop - Fast Sifting Deep Shovel with Comfy Handle, Designed for Multi-Cat Owners – FAST SIFTING: Just scoop and lift: the 6 mm gap allows litter to filter through in seconds, keeping more usable litter in the box and causing... View on Amazon
Petmate Boode Scoop'N Hide Deep-Bucket Cat Litter Scoop Built-In Rake 3 Colors – age_range_description: all ranges. View on Amazon
WePet Cat Litter Scoop, Aluminum Alloy Litter Scooper, Long Handle Cat Scooper with Holder, Poop Sifting, Pooper Lifter, Kitty Pet Sifter, Durable, Heavy Duty, Full Metal Litterbox Scoops Yellow – [Color & Size]: Black body with Yellow handle; Oversize Pooper Scooper - Length 14 x Width 5 x Deep 2 Inch.; [Deep Shovel Sifter Design]: WePet... View on Amazon
Cat Litter Scoop for Persian Cats, 2-Minutes to Clean a Litter Box, Easy sifting with Anti-Scatter Sides, Indestructible Aluminum-Steel, Family Heirloom, 1 Piece – ✔ CAT POOP POWER SHOVEL --- Cat ownership fills an emotional gap within us. Their capacity to receive affection make us feel welcome and openly accepted.... View on Amazon
Qualiall All Metal Litter Scoop, Solid Metal Sifter, Cat Litter Scoop Metal Jumbo, Cat Urine Scoop, Litter Scooper with Holder, Litter Scooper Holder, Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop Sifter Scooper Holder – 👍 【THE MOST EFFICIENT METAL SCOOP FOR CAT LITTER】Large size, deep shovel (2.3"), high mesh density and small blocking force, effortlessly hold more cat litter in... View on Amazon
Scoop Away Super Clump With Ammonia Shield, Unscented Cat Litter, 25 Pound Carton – CLUMPING LITTER: Fight litter box odors with the power of Scoop Away clumping clay unscented cat litter that deodorizes and provides instant odor control; Packaging may... View on Amazon
Cat Litter Scoop, Durable Metal Pet Kitty Kitten Sifter Heavy Duty with Long Handle Pet Kitty Dog Pooper Scooper, Easily Clean Litter Box – Cat Litter Scoop, Durable Metal Pet Kitty Kitten Sifter Heavy Duty with Long Handle Pet Kitty Dog Pooper Scooper, Easily Clean Litter Box. View on Amazon
WePet Cat Litter Scoop, Aluminum Alloy Sifter, Kitty Metal Scooper, Deep Shovel, Long Handle, Poop Sifting, Kitten Pooper Lifter, Durable, Heavy Duty, for Litter Box, Flat Aluminum with Blue Handle – [Color & Size]: Flat alumimum body with Blue handle; Oversize Pooper Scooper - Length 14 x Width 5 x Deep 2 Inch.; [Deep Shovel Sifter Design]:... View on Amazon
AmazonBasics Litter Scoop with Holder – Cat-litter scoop with holder that hangs off the side of the box, concealing the messy scoop yet keeping it within easy reach; Works with any scoopable... View on Amazon
Puppy Love Solid Cat Litter Scoop with Silicone Handle, Aluminum Alloy Deep Cat Shovel, Large Pet Litter Scoop Metal with Mesh, Lightweight Shovel Suitable for All Kitty Litter Box(14''5.5'' Navy – 【ALUMINUM ALLOY】- High quality aluminum alloy body has higher loading capacity without sag, allow the litter scoop to be more durable and anti-corrosion.; 【COMFORTABLE HANDLE】- The... View on Amazon
FireKylin Cat Litter Scoop with Lid Plastic Kitty Litter Scooper Shovel Reptile Habitat Sifting Scoop, with Mini Dustpan and Brush Set, Pet Cleaning Supplies (Pink) – 🐱Unique Design: Lid design, prevent pet droppings from spilling. Hollow large grid design, when cleaning the cat litter, shake it gently to let the clean cat... View on Amazon
Litter Lifter Cat Litter Scoop (Colors May Vary) – No-sift peaked blades lift only waste; Clean litter stays in the litter box; Strong, durable plastic construction; Strong scraper for heavy messes. View on Amazon
Petmate Boode Scoop'N Hide Deep-Bucket Cat Litter Scoop Built-In Rake 3 Colors – Cat Scoop Holder: This easy to clean plastic cat scooper provides a designated place to store the kitty litter scoop out of sight and in a... View on Amazon
sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Litter 36lb – WHEAT BASED contains no harmful ingredients, naturally neutralizes odors and is a 100% renewable resource; BIODEGRADEABLE + NO DYES/PERFUMES made from renewable resources so everything can... View on Amazon
DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop, All Metal End-to-End with Solid Core, Sifter with Deep Shovel, Multi-Cat Tested Accept No Substitute for the Original (colors may vary) – The ONLY end-to-end all-aluminum litter scoop on Amazon, patented design.; Solid metal handle with comfortable molded rubber coating. Don’t accept inferior partially-plastic substitutes.; Jumbo size yet... View on Amazon
BasicForm Fast Sifting Cat Litter Scoop – Stainless Steel Metal Scooper with Deep Shovel - Comfy Foam Handle – 🐈FAST SIFTING SAVES YOUR TIME: The BasicForm Cat Litter Scoop design with stainless steel metal wire traps solids while the 6mm gap allows litter to filter... View on Amazon
Vivaglory Cat Litter Scoop, Durable Metal Litter Scoop for Kitty, Sifter with Deep Shovel and Ergonomic Handle, Made of Heavy Duty Solid Aluminum, Jumbo Size, Navy Blue – Durability: Vivaglory cat litter scoop is made of solid aluminum alloy body and ergonomic molded rubber handle, which is lightweight but durable; lasting longer time than... View on Amazon
IPRIMIO Cat Litter Scooper with Deep Shovel - Non Stick Plated Aluminum Scoop - Designed by Cat Owners - Patented Sifter with Holder - Super Solid Handle - Black – Patented perfect cat litter scooper combines sifter method with a deep shovel - The best of both worlds – owning a cat is fun and rewarding... View on Amazon
CatGuru Premium Cat Litter Scoop Holder, Scooper Caddy, Scoop Stand Pairs with Any cat Litter Box and fits All cat Litter Scoops – ⭐️CLEAN FLOORS. CatGuru Litter Scoop Holder protects your floors from bacteria, viruses and dust dropping from litter scooper. Place it next to your cat litter box... View on Amazon
Scoop Away - Multi-Cat, Scented Cat Litter, 25 Pound Carton (38 LBS.) – Clumps tight and destroys odors so that even busy litter boxes never need to be dumped;; The scented odor control is formulated to battle odors immediately... View on Amazon
Ouneed Tiapo Cat Litter Scoop Stainless Steel Wire Litter Scoop Long Handle Scooper, Fast Sifter and Instant Cleaning – Materials: Metal; Size: 35 x 15.5cm(13.77 x 6.10); Premium quality materials metal materials made, durable, difficult to get rust.; A cleaning shovel for cleaning cat litter... View on Amazon
Nature's Miracle Non-Stick Antimicrobial Scoop & Caddy (P-82036) – Our 2-in-1 odor control and antimicrobial product protection inhibit odors caused by bacteria; Non-stick surface makes for easy cleaning; Unique and durable design; Attaches easily to litter pan; Packagining may vary. View on Amazon
CO-Z Solid Aluminum Alloy Cat Litter Scoop Sifter Deep Shovel with Flexible Long Handle (Grey) – High quality aluminum alloy body guarantees outstanding anti-corrosion, anti-rust and waterproof performance as well as higher loading capacity for lifelong quality without rack or sag. The... View on Amazon
Chibuy The Latest Update Cat Litter Scoop with Metal TABS/Round Teeth, Deep Shovel Sifter Cats Litter Scoop, Durable Pet Kitty Litter Scooper in Aluminium – ☀ PATENTED TABS DESIGN ☀ With Latest Update ROUND TEETH, our cat litter scoop makes it much faster to clean your litter box, patented genius design... View on Amazon
iPrimio Scoop Monster Cat Litter Scoop with Easy Grip Soft Foam Handle for Sore Hands - Fast Sifter/Deep Shovel. Patented. (Large Polished Aluminum) – PATENTED - This Scoop Monster is Extra Soft Foam Handle is easy on your hands and wrist. Easy to grip and easy to clean.; Polished Aluminum... View on Amazon
Petmate 29112 Jumbo Litter Sifter/Scoop – Made with environment friendly recycled plastic; Microban anti-microbial make this litter scoop stain & odor resistant; Extra wide mouth and large slits for easy sifting; 11.4 X 4.7 X 2.4. View on Amazon