Meet our Cats

Welcome to our site. We'd like you to meet the cats of Three cats make up our fur family.

Meet Our Cats: Timmy

On September 2, 2014, I was birding at Gemini Springs when I found a mother cat and two kittens. According to a park staffer I spoke with, the cats had been abandoned at the park. I thought we'd bring all of the cats to the humane society, but...

Meet Our Cats: William

Only in the last year or so has William started to show affection and enjoy more quiet activities, like sitting on the couch and being petted. We used to think that he seemed anxious or on edge a lot of the time, but he's finally started to mellow...

Meet Our Cats: Gumby

Gumby's Likes Baking himself in sunbeams Chasing laser lights Meeting strangers Being brushed Gumby's Dislikes Visits to the vet When dinner is late Crunchy sounds Snakes Posts Featuring Gumby Excel Hydrocortisone Topical Skin Spray