Get Ready for Football with NFL Cat Toys

If your getting geared up for the upcoming NFL season, why not get kitty equipped as well? These are fun toys inspired by NFL teams. Pick up your favorite teams -- or maybe your cat beating up on your team's arch rival is more your style? The 2023-2024 season kicks off on Thursday, September 7th, with the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs host the Detroit Lions.

1 Pittsburgh Steelers Catnip Football Toy

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The Steelers' logo is embroidered on this black football-shaped catnip toy. The toy uses black and yellow colors, just like the team's colors.

2 Chicago Bears NFL Catnip Cat Toy

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The orange C logo of the Chicago Bears is embroidered on this catnip-filled cat toy. Will your cat root for the Monsters of the Midway, or roar for the other team?

3 Indianapolis Colts NFL Catnip Toy

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The Indianapolis Colts horseshoe logo is embroidered on this plush blue catnip toy for cats. This cute plush toy has white yarn tassels. Go Colts!

4 New York Jets NFL Catnip Cat Toy

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The name of the NFL team the New York Jets is embroidered on this plush catnip toy. I wonder how many cats are parts of Gang Green?

5 New Orleans Saints Football Catnip Toy

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The fleur-de-lis logo of the New Orleans Saints is embroidered on this black catnip toy that has black and white yarn tassels on the sides. Is your kitty part of Who Dat Nation?

6 Las Vegas Raiders Football Cat Toy

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The name of the Raiders is embroidered on this plush football-shaped cat toy. The toy is black and white, just like the pirate logo for the team, which moved from Oakland back in 2020.

7 Detroit Lions Catnip-Filled Toy

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The blue logo from the Detroit Lions NFL team is embroidered on this catnip toy. The toy is shaped like a black football with black and white tassels.

More Football Toys for Kitties: Pick Your Team!

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Soft Plush Refillable Catnip Mouse Toy

Our cats love this soft mouse toy from SmartyKat. Madcap Mouse is a soft toy with plush "fur" on its body and a soft face with a shorter pile. The mouse has a short tail, whiskers, and leopard-pattern ears.

Katz Kicker Plush Crinkle Kitty Toy

These fun toys are great for cats to "fight" with and attack! They are called "kicker" toys because their shape is perfect for grabbing with the front paws and kicking with the legs, also known as a bunny kick.

Set of 4 St. Patrick's Day Catnip Pillow Toys

Get this fun set of handcrafted catnip ravioli toys featuring an Irish theme for St. Patrick's Day! Let kitty share in Irish pride and St. Patrick's fun with these holiday themed cat toys!This purchase will get you a set of four square catnip pillow...

Ten Fun Refillable Catnip Cat Toys

One of our cats' favorite toys is the popular Madcap Mouse plush from SmartyKat. This is always our Timmy's favorite toy, but he shows added interest when we add a bit of dried catnip from our stash. Yep, Madcap Mouse is refillable! These kinds of toys will attract your cat initially and then again and again as you keep the catnip pouch filled with the good stuff. Here are 10 great refillable catnip toys for cats.