What Cats Need Top 2020 Best Sellers

2020 was the year that our cats stepped up to help their people get through some dark days. The comfort of our pets was amplified when we went into lockdown or quarantine. Isolation felt less isolated with our purring pals with us. And we pampered our pets this year, too. Here are our best sellers for 2020.

Self-Grooming Wall Mount Corner Brush

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This popular pick lets kitty give himself a good, satisfying scratch all on his own. We have a self-groomer like this on attached to a shelving unit in my office and William loves to use it to scratch his cheeks.

Extra Large Raised Cat Food Bowl

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Raised food bowls can help to reduce body stress when eating. This is a wide, shallow bowl (best for avoiding whisker fatigue) sitting on a stable elevated base. The bowl is made of porcelain and is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Natural Silvervine Chew Sticks for Cats

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Give your kitty a treat with this purchase of 12 sticks of natural silvervine. Some cats like to chew on this organic material, which can give them a similar feeling they get from catnip. 

Christmas Cat Tree Festive Furniture

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Your cat's scratching post can be part of your festive holiday decorations when you get this green Christmas tree cat tree. Complete with Santa hat and dangling toys, this is a fun holiday gift idea for kitty and her humans.

Plush Premium Sherpa Pet Blanket

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This cute cat-sized blanket has a plush sherpa surface on one side and a fleece feel on the other side. Get this darling blanket in a variety of colors to match your decor, or your cat's coat. 

Cat Litter Box Home Decor Storage Bench

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This top-seller is a great way to keep your cat's litter box out of sight without it taking up precious space in your home. The litter box fits inside this bench, giving you extra sitting space and kitty privacy when using the box. White was the best-seller but you can get this one in grey or brown to best suit your home decor. 

Motion Activated Automatic Cat Laser Toy

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Keep kitty entertained at any time with this motion activated laser toy. The versatile toy can be mounted or placed in a variety of ways. The rechargable battery has up to 3 hours of use.

Personalized Custom Pet ID Tags

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With several different shapes and colors, this customizable pet tag can be personalized with up to four lines of text per side. Pick your favorite combo to keep kitty safe in case she becomes lost.

Cute Whale Shaped Cat Food Mat

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This best-selling mat is made of silicone to help prevent food bowls from moving around at mealtime. The mat has raised edges to catch any spills. This non-slip pet food mat is available in several different colors to match your decor or taste.

Stainless Steel Litter Box with Enclosed Sides

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Treat kitty and kitty's butler (yourself) with a jumbo, easy to clean litterbox. Stainless steel boxes have been on our best-seller list before but this is the first one to have the popular elevated sides attachment.

Stainless Steel Cat Drinking Water Fountain

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Lots of cats like to drink from running water. Pet fountains like this popular choice are a great way to keep kitty hydrated. This model comes with 6 filters and a silicone mat.

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