Ten Fun Novelty Cat Beds

Cat beds are an affordable way to make your kitty feel at home in various spots in your house. Cats like to have a space for themselves, and the more comfort zones you add for kitty, the happier kitty will be.

Cat beds and cozy snuggle spots don't have to be boring. Check out these fun, and sometimes funny, novelty cat beds that will make kitty happy and make you and your guests smile.

Fun novelty cat beds also make great gifts for cat owners of all kinds. If you know someone with a new kitty friend or seasoned cat lovers, make them smile this holiday season by gifting a funny novelty cat bed.

1 Hilarious Mouse-Shaped Bed & Play Zone

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This cute snuggly bed comes in the shape of a smiling mouse, complete with oversized ears, tail, and paws. The hard back of the bed has a scratching zone and the mouse's eyes are hanging toys for batting. When playtime is over, kitty can curl up inside or on top of this fun multipurpose cat furniture.

2 Open-Mouth Fish Cozy Cat Cave Bed

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Kitty can curl up right inside the mouth of a giant fish with this cozy pet bed. Done in neutral muted grey, this funny fish cat bed would look great in a variety of different home decor styles.

3 Funny Strawberry Milk Covered Cat House Bed

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This funny cat bed is shaped like a beverage carton and decorated in pink shades to look like strawberry milk! Kitty can enter via a large round hole and play peek-a-boo or grabbie paws through smaller holes on the side of the bed.

4 Funny Banana Bed for Cats and Kittens

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This soft open plush pet bed is shaped like a banana. This larger novelty bed should accommodate the largest cat or multiple cats snoozing together. It would go perfectly in a kitchen or dining room as funny home decor with or without snoozing kitties inside.

5 Happy Camper Pet Hut Conical Cat Bed

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Kitty can go camping indoors with this fun cone shaped tent cat bed. The cute little enclosed bed has "curtains" over the entryway for easy access and the option for total darkness and privacy. The entrance is signed "Happy Camper".

6 Tree Stump Cozy Cat Cave Style Bed

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Kitty can sleep in a tree with this adorable plush tree stump cat bed. The bark-colored tree stump includes a soft bottom and a couple of branches sticking out of the sides for added authenticity. This would look great in any natural home decor, or in a lanai or 3/4-season room.

7 Cute Instant Noodle Partially Covered Pet Bed

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This plush round bed has a lid that folds back, making it versatile for cats who like to have a view and cats that like to be completely hidden. This funny food-inspired cat bed would look great in a kitchen or dining room.

9 Cute & Cozy Strawberry-Shaped Cat Bed

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Kitty will have a nap in a sweet fruit when you get this fun strawberry-shaped cat bed. Place this Strawberry Cat Bed in your kitchen or in a child's bedroom for some fun themed whimsy!

8 Fun and Funny Flamingo Covered Pet Bed

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Let kitty nap inside a bird for fun hunting dreams. This bird is a flamingo and the bed is pink with the head and long neck of the familiar bird above. If you've got a bird-themed room or a space with pink decor, this flamingo cat bed would be a great addition!

10 Pineapple-Shaped Cozy Cat House Bed

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This cute yellow cat bed is in the shape of an pineapple. The pineapple pet house is highly rated with an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 from over 900 reviewers. This would look great in a tropical-themed room.

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