Cat Tunnels

Cat tunnels are part toy, part furniture, and all fun. Kitties often like to find places to hide, whether for play (Timmy especially loves to play hide and seek, pouncing out at his brother unexpectedly ), for a feeling of security and safety, or just to have a quiet hidden place to relax and have a nap.

Cat tunnels come in all kinds of sizes to accommodate both your pet's size and preference as well as your home decor and space constraints. You can find tunnels with a crinkly texture that excites some cats. Tunnels come with or without access holes to encourage play among cats. Many tunnels are collapsible, making them easy to store out of the way when not in use. These are great not only because they can be used temporarily in smaller spaces, but rotating your cat's toys is a great way to keep them enriched and excited.

You'll also find tunnels with unique patterns, soft textures, with or without toys attached, tunnels with bells, round tunnels and tunnels with multiple tubes, and tunnel systems that can be expanded or even attached to cat trees and other cat furniture.

Sisal Scratcher & Plush Tunnel Two-In-One Cat Furniture/Toy

This fun piece of cat furniture is a perfect 2-in-1 piece for cats who love tunnels and scratching! This combines a soft and cozy play tunnel with a set of two hard-sided sisal scratching areas in one unit. This cute cat furniture tunnel has three different openings...

Crinkle Fun Play Tunnel for Cats

Cats love to find hiding places and their natural curiosity gives them a desire to explore. Large interactive toys like this fun tunnel fulfill these natural cat tendencies.

Collapsible Paper Cat Tunnel: Crunchy Fun

This is a fun toy for cats who love tunnels and crunching sounds. It's a sturdy collapsible tunnel made of biodegradable paper! When not in use the tunnel folds up like an accordian for simple storage.

Hilarious Catnip Tunnel Pants Cat Toy

This is a great tunneling toy that cats will love and their humans will adore! These are like clown pants made for kitty tumbling -- infused with catnip and enticing crinkle sounds.

Jumbo Circle Cat Tunnel & Snuggle Bed

This is such a cute and fun piece of furniture for cats. This highly rated tunnel and bed combo provides space for curious play, exploration, hiding, and even a snuggly bed!

Cozy 2-in-1 Plush Cat Tunnel with Bonus Covered Napping Spot

This fun kitty play tunnel is a great value because it's like two pieces of cat furniture in one! The plush tunnel is a fun place for cats to hide, chase, and play. When active time is over, the plush tunnel has plush covered mat for sleeping and lounging.

PAWZ Road Cat Tunnel Collapsible S Shape Cat Play Tube 10.5 Inches in Diameter – Great Choice for Adventure: this nice long cat tunnel comes in 46” in length and 10.5 ” tall that provide spacious room for adult cats and... View on Amazon
LUCKITTY Geometric Straight Cat Tunnel with Plush Inside,Cats Toys Collapsible Tunnel Tube with Balls, for Rabbits, Kittens, Ferrets,Puppy and Dogs, Diameter 9.8 Inch – Inner fabric: soft flannel Outer fabric: waterproof and strong oxford cloth; Length: 47.2 inch/120 cm Diameters: 9.8 inch/ 25 cm; Strong &Solid Spring Structure-Sprung Steel Frame... View on Amazon
Kitty City Pop Open Jungle Combo,Collapsible Cat Cube, Play Kennel, Cat Bed, Tunnel, Cat toys – All in one – include 1 Lion Cube, 1 Tiger House, 1 Safari Tunnel; Made of polyester. Openings and mesh panel provides peek-boo playtime; The Kitty... View on Amazon
Large Cat Tunnel Bed for Indoor Cats with 3 Toys, Scratch Resistant Donut Cat Bed, Up to 30 Lbs (L 24x24x11, Dark Grey) – Dual-Purpose Cat Cave, No Collapse - The top and middle of the cat tunnel bed can provide a firm, large and comfortable space for your kitties... View on Amazon
Large Cat Cave Tunnel Bed - Cat Donut Tunnel Bed with Soft Mat and Plush Ball Toy - Fluffy Cat Tube & Peekaboo Cat Cave Donut - 3 ft Collapsible Cat Tunnels for Indoor Cats, Dark Gray, Cat Park – THEY DESERVE THE BEST (or is it demand?) so give it to them! The Cat Park Eclipse extra large cat tunnel bed for indoor cats is... View on Amazon
Alicedreamsky Cat Tunnel, Collapsible Tube with 1 Play Ball Toys, 3 Ways Tunnels for Indoor Cats, Puppy, Kitty, Kitten, Rabbit (White and Gray) – 🐭3 Ways Play Tunnel :The design of three spacious passages and the design of bells on the side of the middle opening give your pet several... View on Amazon
PetLike S Way Cat Tunnel Collapsible Pop-up Pet Tube Hideaway Play Toy with Ball (S-Way, Black) – ☻ PETLIKE KEEP YOUR PET AMUSED : S way, 2 peek-a-boo holes beside with 1 ball. Extension tunnel for hiding out, exercising or sleeping. Scratching the... View on Amazon
Cat Tunnel Bed, Bienbee Cat Tunnel 2 in1 S-Shape Foldable Cat Tunnels for Indoor Cats Large, Cat Tubes Peekaboo Cat Cave for Cats Guinea Pig Rabbit – 【2 in 1 Cat Tunnel】This cat tunnels are Splicing Design, it can be a Round or S-shaped or Semicircle shape according to cat's preferences. The circular... View on Amazon
Cat Tunnels for Indoor Cats 2 Way Cat Tunnel Durable Cat Toys Foldable Cat Tube Funny Cat Stuff – 【Foldable & Portable】: The cat tunnels for indoor cats can be folded into a small size in seconds for easy portability, allowing your cat to be... View on Amazon
LUCKITTY Cat Tunnel Tube with Plush Ball Toys Collapsible Self-Luminous Photoluminescence, for Small Animals Pets Bunny Rabbits, Kittens, Ferrets,Puppy and Dogs Grey Moon Star – ★Length: 47.2inch/120cm Diameters: 9.8"/ 25cm; ★Glows In The Dark: Expose the tunnel to natural sunlight,lamplight and watch the magic happen. It will glow for approximately 3-5... View on Amazon
GONPETGP Cat Tunnels for Indoor Cats with Cube Tent Toys Combo, Pop Up Collapsible Crinkle Interactive Peek Hole, Cat Tube with Play Ball and Bell for Kitten, Puppy, Kitty, Rabbit - Set of 3 – 🐱3-IN-1 Design: Combined design of cat tunnel, cat cubes, cat tent. Compared with traditional cat tunnels, this upgraded tunnel nest makes a fun place for cats... View on Amazon
Malier Interactive Cat Tunnel Toys Set With Feather Toy, Crinkle Balls, and 3-Way Tube - Great for Kittens and Cats – 【Upgraded Rainbow Cat Tunnel】Our cat tube tunnel is every feline’s fantasy, unique design and attractive color scheme, and with wider 3 way and one peek hole... View on Amazon
Depets Cat Tunnel for Indoor Cats, 5 Way Large Cat Tube with Play Ball, S-Shaped Folded Cat Play Tunnel Toy for Indoor Exercise, Durable Interactive Peephole Pet Tunnel for Cat Kitten Puppy Rabbit – High Quality & Durability. Depets large cat tunnels are made of tear-resistant polyester material, which is sturdy and easy to clean. The fully enclosed steel frame... View on Amazon
Cat Tunnel and Bed Toy Set with Removable Plush Bed for Indoor Use; Perfect for Cats, Dogs, and Ferrets; Cat Toys Attached; Top Pet Tunnel for Fun, Exercise, and Rest; Cat Toys for Indoor Cats (White) – VERSATILE ENTERTAINMENT: Keep your cat or kitten endlessly entertained with our premium cat tunnel. This 3-in-1 design combines a cozy cat bed, a soft interactive tunnel,... View on Amazon
iCAGY Cat Tunnel for Indoor Cats Interactive, Rabbit Tunnel Toys, Pet Toys Play Tunnels for Cats Kittens Rabbits Puppies Crinkle Collapsible Pop Up Sky Blue 20" – 【PET LOVES】 - The pet tunnel is a toy for cats kittens rabbits puppies and small pets when they are playing, also is a cat bed... View on Amazon
Andiker Cat Tunnel, Cat Tubes for Indoor Cats Collapsible Cat Play Toy for Puzzle Exercising Hiding Training and Running with a Red Fun Ball and 2 Holes (25&120cm) (Colorful) – ★〖Great fun for your cat〗: spacious connected tunnels appeal to cat to hide, stalk, bounce and chase with each other in it, encouraging healthy activity and... View on Amazon
HIPIPET Tunnel for Indoor, Tube with Collapsible Washable Bed,Premium Toy for Small Medium Large cat.(Matcha) – 【Multifunctional cat tunnel bed】—Hipipet Cat Tunnel provide your cat a cozy space to play, relax and rest in rooms, Ideal for multiple cats to play together,the... View on Amazon
Glittme Cat Tunnel, Cat Tunnels for Indoor Cats, S-Shape Peekaboo Cat Cave with Cat Toys, Foldable Cat Tubes and Tunnels for Cats, Rabbit, Puppy, Guinea Pig – 【Unique S-shaped design】Our cat tunnels got rid of the boring straight design and adopts an S-shaped design.It provides enough space for cats to move around in... View on Amazon
Tempcore Pet Cat Tunnel Tube Toys 3 Way Collapsible, Tunnels for Indoor Cats,Kitty Bored Peek Hole Toy Ball Cat, Puppy, Kitty, Kitten, Rabbit – Best Ways to Play: Our cat tunnel with 3 spacious tunnels, peephole & ball toy, this popular cat toy gives your kitty more ways to have... View on Amazon
SmartyKat Crackle Chute Crinkle Activity Tunnel Cat Toy - Tan/Red, One Size – FUN & PLAY: SmartyKat's Crackle Chute tunnel toy encourages chase and exploration, and is designed with a large side opening that makes it perfect for pouncing... View on Amazon
EGETOTA Cat Tunnel for Indoor Cats Large, with Play Ball S-Shape 5 Way Collapsible Interactive Peek Hole Pet Tube Toys, Puppy, Kitty, Kitten, Rabbit (Blue & Black) – 【Simple and Beautiful Design】Pop up cat tunnel, collapsible s-tunnel tube 5 way pet tunnel for easy storage, it's light and one peephole increased the flexibility of... View on Amazon
GONPETGP Cat Tunnel Toy and Cubes Combo, Cat Tunnels for Indoor Cats with Play Ball, Interactive Crinkle Collapsible Tent and Cubes, Cat Tube for Puppy Pet Rabbit - All in One Set of 3 – 🐱3-IN-1 Design: Combined design of cat tunnel, cat cubes, cat tent. Compared with traditional cat tunnels, this upgraded tunnel nest makes a fun place for cats... View on Amazon
FelRelWel Cat Tunnels for Indoor Cats, Cat Tunnel Bed Toy, Cat Stuff Accessories for Large Cats Kitten and Other Small Animals to Chase and Play, Foldable & Easy to Store, Cat Tube Toys L 59" – 🐈【Crazy Toys】The cat tunnel imitating tree trunk toys makes animals obsessed and crazy, the cat tunnel is made of polyester double-layer fabric, not easy to tear,... View on Amazon
PetLike Cat Tunnel for Indoor Cats Collapsible Pop-up Pet Tube Peek Hole Hideaway Play Toys for Cats with Ball – ☻ DIMENSION : Length 46" Diameter 10" inch.; ☻ PETLIKE KEEP YOUR PET AMUSED : One way, 2 peek-a-boo holes with 1 ball. Extension tunnel for... View on Amazon
Sheldamy Cat Tunnel, S-2-Way Cat Tunnels for Indoor Cats, Collapsible Cat Play Tunnel, Interactive Toy Maze Cat House with 1 Play Ball for Cats, Puppy, Kitty, Kitten, Rabbit (Blue & Black) – 🐇S TYPE 2 TUBE CAT TUNNEL: The new S-shaped design labyrinth-shaped pet tunnel toy is suitable for all types of small animals, such as kittens, puppies,... View on Amazon
Glittme Cat Tunnel, 3 Way Cat Tunnels for Indoor Cats with 3 Toy Balls, Peekaboo Cat Cave, Collapsible Cat Tubes and Tunnels for Cat, Puppy, Kitty – 【3 Way Cat Tunnel】Our cat tunnels have 3 spacious tunnels with 3 toy balls, and a peephole, this popular cat toy provides more fun for your... View on Amazon
4 Way Cat Tunnels for Indoor Cats, Collapsible Tube 10 Inch Diameter & 47 Inch Longer Cat Tunnel Toy, Bell Ball for Pet Play Puppy Kitten Rabbit (Black) – 【🐾 Thicker Material】:The tunnel is made of strong 210D Oxford Cloth, not cheap material that will tear quickly. The 4 Way Cat Tunnel is very durable... View on Amazon
Best Friends by Sheri Ilan Oxford Cat Tunnel for Indoor Cats in Tidepool with Ball Toy, 36" x 10" – CAT PLAY TUNNEL: Your cat can go from snoozing to playing! The enclosed tunnel space includes a dangling ball toy for your cat to swat and... View on Amazon
PAWZ Road Cat Tunnel 51 Inches Long Cat Toys Collapsible Tunnel 12 Inches in Diameter Large Cat Tube for Big Cat,Rabbits and Puppy- Large – Great Choice for Adventure: This nice long cat tunnel comes in 11.8” tall that provide spacious room for adult cats, kittens and other animals like rabbits... View on Amazon
Cat Tunnel Bed, Cat Cave Bed ,Beds for Indoor Cats - Large Cat House for Pet Cat Cave ,Detachable Round Felt & Washable Interior Cat Play Tunnel for Small Pets (20 Inch, Dark Grey) – 🛋 CAT TUNNEL&CAT BED: Double layer composite doughnut/round design, to meet the needs and wishes of cats drilling and playing. Cats can nap, run, play hide... View on Amazon