Scratchers & Posts

Give your kitty a designated safe space to scratch with a scratching post! When cats have a comfortable piece of furniture or toy to act out their natural instinct to scratch, they are more likely to leave your own furniture, curtains, or walls alone. Sisal rope scratch posts provide a robust surface for cat claws to scratch.

Sisal Scratcher & Plush Tunnel Two-In-One Cat Furniture/Toy

This fun piece of cat furniture is a perfect 2-in-1 piece for cats who love tunnels and scratching! This combines a soft and cozy play tunnel with a set of two hard-sided sisal scratching areas in one unit. This cute cat furniture tunnel has three different openings...

Sturdy Oversized Sisal Cat-Scratching Post

This is a sturdy oversized scratching post for cats. The surface is covered with appealing sisal fiber that cats love to scratch.

Funny Cardboard Cat Scratching Toys

Cardboard scratching toys can be a fun addition to your cat's playtime. They are affordable and often come with unique prints or in funny shapes. Because they aren't durable, some cats have fun destroying the rough surface by scratching, which is a natural behavior. Here are some funny novelty scratching toys to consider.

Cat Scratching Post and Bed Furniture from AmazonBasics

This is a cute little piece of cat furniture from AmazonBasics. The unit has a 360 degree round scratching post with a cozy round plush bed on top. The post rests on a stable square stand. This small and affordable cat furniture is a cute addition to your...

Arched Brush Self-Grooming Station

Kitties that like to be brushed will love this fun piece of cat furniture that is all about brushing! It's an arch-shaped brush that cats can use to groom themselves -- whenever they'd like!

Fun Cardboard Cat Playhouses

A cardboard cat playhouse can be a fun and temporary addition to your home, offering a novel piece of furniture for hiding, napping, and play. Cardboard furniture may not last forever, but it is usually affordable, and may have a fun theme using unique printing or shapes. Because...

30" tall cedar scratch post for cats with 16" square carpeted base/cedar post/kitten/wooden cat scratcher/cat scratch/cat furniture – If you have a cat that is prone to scratching the wooden surfaces in your home, this 30" cedar scratch post is the perfect choice for... View on Etsy
Kilodor Cactus Cat Scratching Post Kitten Scratcher Tree with 3 Sisal Scratching Poles and Ball Green Medium – BEAUTIFUL AND DURABLE: This cat scratching post like a mimic cactus looks cute and fresh that help blends into any modern decor and add a fun... View on Amazon
Cat Tree House | Modern Cat Home | Cat Tower | Scratching Post | Large or Small Cats | Pet Furniture | Multilevel Condo | Square Happystack – Does your cat like to hide?! Is your kitty skittish, shy, fearful, or feel anxious at times?! Our award winning cat house furniture design has helped cats... View on Etsy
Dimaka 29" Tall Cat Scratching Post, Claw Scratcher with Sisal Rope, Teasing Toy Ball and Covered with Soft Plush (Grey) – [Standard Full Stretch Post] - 29 inches / 74 cm Height, design for all size cats from kitten to adults, except huge ones.; [Natural and Eco-Friendly]... View on Amazon
Replacement Removable 3 Piece Cat Snuggle Pet Bed Set Soft Fleece Dark Grey for Natural Paradise Cat Tree Scratch Post (not incl. cat tree – Spare, Replacement Part 3 Piece Cat Bed Set for Natural Paradise XXL Scratch Post Handmade to order cat bedding with easy removal Velcro backing for cleaning washing. This... View on Etsy
PEEKAB 32“Tall Cat Scratching Post Sisal Rope Scratch Posts with Soft Plush Platform Top and Interactive Ball Toys Vertical Scratcher for Indoor Cats Kitten Scratches Protector Furniture (Gray) – Natural and Eco-Friendly: Made of 100% environmental-friendly material which is harmless to your cat.It is made with thick cardboard tube and wrapped with natural fibrous sisal;base... View on Amazon
Scratching post / Natural scratching tree / Cat scratching post – Here I sell a handmade natural scratching tree made of natural beech and oak discs with 4 robust lying surfaces. Metrics Base plate: 0.90 m x 0.48 m Height... View on Etsy
Scratching post / Natural scratching tree / Cat scratching post – Here I sell a handmade natural scratching tree made of natural beech with two robust lying surfaces. The scratching post includes three interchangeable play ropes to provide... View on Etsy
Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree Beige Cat Scratch Post: Height between 240cm - 288cm, Runesol Cat Tower – UK - orders are delivered next day delivery with DPD - for orders to NI & Channel Islands please contact me US & Canada - orders are... View on Etsy
Cat Scratcher - Cat Massage comb - Self Groomer – The new toy by Amazefy, also equipped with imported high-quality high-purity catnip. press illustrates the corner the cat is placed in a corner or get enough... View on Etsy
Cat Scratch Sphere Post | Hemp Rope – Beautiful Cat Toy! Furniture Protection: Your cat can easily grind its paws, prevent cat from scratching your floor, sofa, cushions and furniture. Attract Cats' Attention: Stimulate... View on Etsy
Cute Jungle Themed Giraffe Cat Scratcher, Cat Scratch Post, Cat House, Sisal Cat Scratcher Tree with Pompom – Very easy to assemble and ultra sturdy. Great for cats that love to jump around and have fun. An attractive multi-functional cat tree that can satisfy... View on Etsy
Catry Cat Tree with Feather Toy - Cozy Design of Cat Hammock Allure Kitten to Lounge in, Cats Love to Lazily Recline While Playing with Feather Toy and Scratching Post, (Innovative Arrival) – PLAY WITH CATRY - What else does a cat do other than sleep? Of course, it's PLAY! Catry cat trees always provide a maze-like attraction to... View on Amazon
FUKUMARU Cat Scratcher Mat, 23.6 X 15.7 Inch Natural Sisal Cat Scratch Mats, Horizontal Cat Floor Scratching Pad Rug, Protect Carpets and Sofas – Safe & Non-toxic - The pet natural sisal cat scratching mat, for one, is environmentally and cat-friendly. It has not been treated with any harsh oils,... View on Amazon
Cat gym tree, Cat's Choice 64 Inch Quad Tub Tower, cats love this cat tree, cat climbing furniture is a great gift, cat scratch post 190109 – We are excited to bring to you our Cat's Choice 64 Inch Quad Tub Tower. This tall cat tower provides the perfect height for your kitties... View on Etsy
4 Tier Soft Plush Cat Tree with Condo | Cat Tree Tower with Double Condo and Top Perch | Scratching Poles, Scratch Ramp & leisure sisal rope – The upgrade and luxury compact activity center. This luxury compact activity tree is the upgraded version of our luxury compact cat activity center. It provides more... View on Etsy
Set of Cat wall furniture, Unique cat trees, Cat climbing tree, Cat tower, Cat perch, Sisal pole scratcher, Sisal cat tree, Cat scratcher – This set consists of a wall-mounted scratching post with 2 shelves, a cat shelf with handrail (NEW) and 2 step shelves. I have selected such a kit... View on Etsy
Kazura Tall Cat Scratching Post, Claw Scratcher with Sisal Rope and Covered with Soft Smooth Plush, Vertical Scratch [Full Stretch], Modern Stable Design for Cats (34") – [Standard Full Stretch Post] design for all size cats from kitten to adults, except huge ones.; [Natural and Eco-Friendly] Scratching Post Tree is made with thick... View on Amazon
SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post (Beige) – 32″ height allows cats to stretch fully and tone muscles; Sturdy 16″ by 16″ base eliminates tipping and wobbling; Fibrous and durable woven sisal naturally inspires... View on Amazon
All original scratch, jingle and roll ultimate cat kicker toy with organic catnip, silver vine and valerian root – 🚚Orders are shipped out within 9/10 business days of the order date. THE SUPPLY ISSUE NATION WIDE HAS HIT ME ALSO. THE NEW COLOR OF THE EARTH TONE... View on Etsy
Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post Natural Sisal cat Scratcher Durable Slim Scratch pad Wall Mount Board for Cats – WowWood sisal scratching post is a modern alternative to large cat trees and towers. It fits into any decor with its pure design and the perfect... View on Etsy
Topeakmart Cat Tree 33in Cat Tower with Extra Scratch Boards and Sisal Posts as Kitty Activity Center – 🌴 Cute Design but Complete Use: Have a small cute design, it can fully meet indoor cats' needs: one condo, one basket, one platform, one nest,... View on Amazon
Cat tower tree, Cat's Choice Deluxe Kitty Pad Tree, cats love this cat gym, cat perch is a great gift, cat scratching post sisal rope 110038 – Our Cat's Choice Deluxe Kitty Pad Tree is a customer favorite, a 52 inch high quality cat tree with rock solid wood construction to keep it... View on Etsy
MECOOL 34“ Tall Cat Scratching Post Premium Basics Kitten Scratcher Sisal Scratch Posts Trees with Hanging Ball for Indoor Cats (34 inches for Adult Cats, Gray) – Premium Quality Materials- This product is made of 100% natural sisal hemp.The base and top is a weighted MDF covering the carpet.Nature High Quality Sisal Safe... View on Amazon
Dimaka 34" Tall Ultimate Cat Scratching Post, Claw Scratcher with Sisal Rope and Covered with Soft Smooth Plush, Vertical Scratch [Full Stretch], Modern Stable Design 34 in Height (Beige V2) – [Standard Full Stretch Post] - 34 inches / 86 cm Height, design for all size cats from kitten to adults, except huge ones.; [Natural and Eco-Friendly]... View on Amazon