Fun Cardboard Cat Playhouses

A cardboard cat playhouse can be a fun and temporary addition to your home, offering a novel piece of furniture for hiding, napping, and play. Cardboard furniture may not last forever, but it is usually affordable, and may have a fun theme using unique printing or shapes. Because they aren't meant to be durable, some cats have fun eventually destroying their cardboard cave by scratching or biting. Here are some funny novelty cardboard cat houses.

Fish Kiosk Cardboard Cat Playhouse

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This adorable cat-sized box is meant to look like a fish market stand. The Fish Bar playhouse is a fun printed box with openings at the rear and front. The front of the stand even has a little awning! This cat playhouse comes with a set of six matching cardboard toys.

Folding Cardboard Tank Playhouse for Cats

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This fun and easy to assemble folding cat playhouse is shaped like a military tank! The cute little hideaway for cats has an entrance port at the top and makes for a fun photo opportunity when kitty sits inside!

Milk Carton Novelty Cardboard Cat Playhouse

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This cute kitty playhouse is shaped like a large carton of milk. The interior floor of the cat-sized condo is covered with corrugated cardboard for scratching fun. The little house has one round entrance, making it a fun little hidey hole for play or snoozing.

USA Space Cat Funny Cardboard Capsule Playhouse

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Kitties in space! This funny cat playhouse is shaped like an early outer space capsule and makes for awesome photo ops when kitty poses in the round port hole. The pyramid-shaped cozy cat house is made of cardboard and has a great space capsule print. The floor has an enticing scratching surface for active play.

Sardine Tin Cat Playhouse with Scratch Surface Floor

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This cardboard house for cats is shaped like a can of sardines with a fun matching print! There's one entrance hole for kitty, making this rectangle shaped house cozy for hiding or napping. The print makes it look like the entrance is peeled back like a real tin of fish!

Cat Scratching Post and Bed Furniture from AmazonBasics

This is a cute little piece of cat furniture from AmazonBasics. The unit has a 360 degree round scratching post with a cozy round plush bed on top. The post rests on a stable square stand. This small and affordable cat furniture is a cute addition to your...

Funny Cardboard Cat Scratching Toys

Cardboard scratching toys can be a fun addition to your cat's playtime. They are affordable and often come with unique prints or in funny shapes. Because they aren't durable, some cats have fun destroying the rough surface by scratching, which is a natural behavior. Here are some funny novelty scratching toys to consider.

Arched Brush Self-Grooming Station

Kitties that like to be brushed will love this fun piece of cat furniture that is all about brushing! It's an arch-shaped brush that cats can use to groom themselves -- whenever they'd like!

Sisal Scratcher & Plush Tunnel Two-In-One Cat Furniture/Toy

This fun piece of cat furniture is a perfect 2-in-1 piece for cats who love tunnels and scratching! This combines a soft and cozy play tunnel with a set of two hard-sided sisal scratching areas in one unit. This cute cat furniture tunnel has three different openings...