Shop for self-groomers for cats! There are a lot of different brush styles that you can purchase for your cat to use all by himself or herself. Arch-style bottle brushes offer a full-body massage, and corner-mounted hard plastic brushes are perfect for reaching hard-to-scratch zones, like the cheeks and chin. Find a variety of self-grooming mechanisms for kitties that can be mounted on walls or placed in convenient spots for your cat to use.

Arched Brush Self-Grooming Station

Kitties that like to be brushed will love this fun piece of cat furniture that is all about brushing! It's an arch-shaped brush that cats can use to groom themselves -- whenever they'd like!

Self-Groomer Wall-Mount Brush for Cats

Our overall best-selling item was this simple self-grooming brush that can be mounted on flat walls or corners. Easy installation with adhesive strips makes placement a breeze. Cats who enjoy being brushed will especially appreciate this self-grooming brush.

Wall-Mounted Self-Grooming Brush for Cats

This is a small affordable self-groomer / massager for cats that you install using adhesive pads. This particular unit is great because you can attach it to a flat wall or a corner -- whatever will work best for you and your cat.

Review: Self-Grooming Arch Brush for Cats

We've had a self-grooming brush arch like this one for about four years, and it's holding up very well although our cats don't really use it as intended. Our arch brush sits in our living room. Rather than using it for self-brushing, our boys Gumby and especially...

Exciting Multiple Sensory Activity Center For Cats

This is a fun toy that cats can use to rub and scratch, self-groom, and massage. The Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center offers multiple surfaces and textures for cats to enjoy! This fun device for cats offers a variety of stimulating activities. A soft green padded cushion is...

Cat-Shaped Easy Door Mount Self-Groomer

This is a super cute self-groomer in the shape of a cat that mounts easily to almost any door. The rigid "wall brush" offers a large surface of thick brush bristles for self-grooming. The fun cat shape makes it a cute addition to your home's decor while...

yuntop 2 Pack Softer Self Groomer with Catnip Wall Corner Massage Comb Scratcher Grooming Brush Tool for Long & Short Fur Kitten Cats Dogs – 【Cats Favorite Combs】This is a cat corner self groomer, which is designed according to the cat's lifestyle. It provides a place for cats to rub and... View on Amazon
Kingtree Cat Self Groomer 2 Pack Wall Corner Brushes, Soft Cat Corner Scratcher Self Grooming Massage Combs for Long Short Fur Kitten Indoor Cats – 🌻 Cats Favorite Combs - This is a self-grooming aid for cats that is designed according to the cat's lifestyle. It plays the role of the... View on Amazon
Panbo Cat Cactus Self Groomer with Two Catnip Balls, Corner Grooming Hair Brush Scratching Pad Cat Massager Rubbing Post Interactive Cat Toy – All-in-one solution: Panbo Cat Cactus Self Groomer removes loose hair, keeping your home clean and your cat well-groomed.; Close to nature: The cactus-shaped design with comfortable... View on Amazon
AikoPets Cat Scratching Post with Cat Arch,Cat Self Groomer Massager Hair Brush Cat Scratcher Toys Fur Grooming Toy with Interactive Balls for Indoor Cats- Reversible Design – 2022 Upgrade with larger size brush, height up to 12.6" good for full-grown cats. Allow your cat to comfortably groom fur while rubbing the brush and... View on Amazon
Pet Prime Cat Arch Self Groomer for Indoor Cats Back Scratcher Cat Grooming Massage Brush with Sturdy Cat Scratching Pad Durable Brusher – 【Larger Size for All Cats】Our upgraded grooming arch is now even bigger, standing at 14" tall to accommodate cats of all ages and sizes.; 【Say Goodbye... View on Amazon
Catstages Scratch & Groom Corrugated Cat Scratch Pad with Catnip – SELF GROOMING SCRATCHER: This cat scratcher includes a removable curved brush for the perfect self-grooming station.; HEALTHY NAIL CARE: Made with irresistibly scratchable corrugate that trims... View on Amazon
Hollypet Cat Arch Self Groomer Massager, Cat Arch Brush Toy, Pet Back Grooming and Massaging, Pet Scratcher Pads Hair Cleaner – Updated Design. The brush is fixed on the base with screws, more stable and easier to install than ordinary arch groom. So the brush will not... View on Amazon
Cat Self Groomer, Wall Corner Massage Comb,Cat Corner Groomer Brush with Catnip,Perfect Massager Tool for Cats with Long and Short Fur- Grey(2PCS). – [Cat Self Groomer]: This Cat Wall Brush is a Self-grooming Aid for Cats, Designed According to the Cat's Lifestyle ,Helps Remove and Collect Loose Hair .Your... View on Amazon
MUTTROS Cactus Cat Tree for Medium Cats with Arch Cat Self Groomer and Hammock, Cat Scratching Post for Indoor Kitten with Dangling Ball and Full Wrapped Natural Sisal Rope,Green – Vivid Cactus Shape Toys: This small multifunctional cactus cat tree suitable for small and medium cats, it look like a real plant, adds a pop of... View on Amazon
Cat Self Groomer and Corner Brush, Reduce Shedding, Scratching, and Itchiness, Pet Tickling Artifact with Silicone Bristles, Easy Installation for All Cat and Dog Pet, Self Cleaning Cat Brush Toy – Self Cleaning and Scratching: Give your cat the ultimate grooming experience with our cat back scratcher. It acts as a self groomer and cat rubbing corner,... View on Amazon
Magnoloran 6 Pack Cat Self Groomer with Catnip Pouch Wall Corner Groomers Cat Face Scratcher Pet Grooming Brush Massage Combs for Cats Fur Pets Dog Kitten Puppy(Black & Gray) – Our cat brush is in line with the behavioural characteristics of cats who like to comb their hair. Made of eco-friendly plastic base and softer rubber... View on Amazon
HeyKitten Cat Self Groomer Arch, 13"H Back Scratchers, Face Hair Brush, Rubbing Post With Toy Mouse, Durable Brusher & Massager for Kitties to All Size Cats (Beige) – Versatile cats self groomer & massager, cat groom brush, scratcher with play toy, keeps your fur babies entertained for hours; Larger size cat brush up to... View on Amazon
Cat Self Groomer, 5-in-1 Cat Scratching Board & Cat Brushes for Indoor Cats, Cat Scratch Cardboard Pad w/Ball, Kitten Face Scratchers Hair Brush for Shedding, Cat Arch Massager Rubbing Post & Cat Toy – 🐱5 in 1 Functional Cat Scratcher: SSAWcasa cat scratching board works perfectly as a cat shedding & self-grooming brush, cat scratching board, resting platform, and interactive spring... View on Amazon
YOUNGFLY 2 Pack Cat Self Groomer Cat Brush Hair Wall Scratcher Pet Rubbing Corner Grooming Combs Self Massage Cleaning Tool Indoor for Long & Short Fur Cats Glove Bathing Brush Dogs Blue – Bring happiness: When you receive a cat brush, you can soak the brush for several hours in the catnip water. After soaking, it is more attractive... View on Amazon
Made4Pets Cat Scratching Post, Cat Self Groomer for Indoor Cats, Cloud Soft Perch for Rest, 17.5" Tall Natural Sisal Scratcher Cat Grooming Interactive Ball Track Toys – Multi-activity Center: Combine scratch posts, self groomer, cloud-shaped perch, pompom balls, and a 3-tier base with 4 track balls, this cat toy creates a compact playground... View on Amazon
Cat Scratching Post, 33" Tall Scratching Post with Cat Arch Self Groomer Natural Sisal Rope for Indoor Large Cat Scratcher Post, Dangling Spring Ball Toy, Cat Scratcher & Unique Home Decorating – 【Unique Artistic Design】:Tropical style cat scratching post designed by VAESCOL designers, the 33 inch tall cat scratching post is perfect for kittens and adult cats to... View on Amazon
[Upgraded Version] Pehum Anti Fall Down Cat Arch Self Groomer and Massaging Brush for Indoor Cats,Cat Scratching Pads,Cat Toys (M: Brush height:13.4") – 【Upgraded Cat Scratcher Cardboard】★Weighs more than four pounds and is very stable,never knocked down ★Large size, Up to 15.5 inches in diameter.Suitable for Small/medium/large cats ★By... View on Amazon
MeowSir Cat Tree 4 in 1 Cat Scratching Post Featuring with Cat Self Groomer Wide Large Top Perch Natural Scratching Post and Danging Ball for Indoor Cats-Grey – Creative 4 in 1 Design –This 4 in 1 cat scratching post tree comes with self groomer, scratching post, thick raised top perch and pompom ball... View on Amazon
Cat Self Groomer, 2 Pack Cat Grooming Brush, Cat Face Scratcher, Wall Corner Groomers Soft Grooming Brush Cat Massage Combs for Short Long Fur Cats, Softer Massager Toy for Kitten Puppy – 【3.0 Softer Cat Self Groomer】Our cat self groomer provide larger friction area for cats, that make them feel more comfortable. As well as help cats remove... View on Amazon
Happi N Pets Original Large Size Cat Arch Self Groomer Massager, Cat Grooming Brush with Sturdy Cat Scratching Pad and Catnip Toy, Cat Face Scratchers, Cat Scrathers for Indoor Cats, Cat Rubbing Post – 【Large size】Upgrade larger brush, height up to 14" good for full-grown cats.Allow your cat to comfortably groom fur while rubbing the brush and make your home... View on Amazon
Cat Corner Scratcher | Cat Corner Self Groomer Remove Loose Fur, Removable Design for Cleaning, Cat scratcher Cat Massage Combs for Short Long Fur Cats, Kitten Puppy Massager Cat Brushes – This Cat Corner Scratcher Made of environmentally friendly material, safe and non-toxic.; Our Cat Corner Scratcher can help you remove and collect loose pet fur while... View on Amazon
PETFUTURE 2PC Cat Brush, 2-in-1 Self Cleaning Cat Brush and Cat Glove Brush for Shedding,Cat Hair Brush for Short or Long Haired Cats – Self Cleaning Cat Brush:The Cat grooming brush is designed to cater to your feline friend's natural instincts. Attach it to a cat tree, climbing rack, or... View on Amazon
3.0 Softer Cat Self Groomer with Catnip, Dog Cat Corner Groomer,Wall Corner Scratcher Comb,Grooming Massage Brush, Perfect Scratch Massager Tool for Long & Short Fur Kitten/Puppy – 【Safe & Favorite for Cats】 - Made of Upgraded Version 3.0 Softer and Durable ABS Plastic bristles, ensure gentle massaging and grooming without hurt or pain... View on Amazon
4 Pack Cat Self Groomer with Catnip Pouch,Cats Corner Massage Comb Grooming Brush Tool for Kitten Puppy (2 Black/2 Grey) – Perfect Grooming Brush for Cat: This is a self-grooming aid for cats which is designed according to the cat's lifestyle. It plays the role of the... View on Amazon
BEGA PET Cat Tree Tower 19.6 inch - 4 in 1 Dark Grey Cat Scratching Posts - Cat Arch Self Groomer Widen Base & Bed, for Indoor Cats - Natural Sisal Scratcher Tall Scratch Post Items Stuff – 4 in 1 cute Cat tree: Embrace the ultimate climbers with this multifunctional piece, serving as removable plush top perches bed, double scratching posts that naturals... View on Amazon
PAWZ Road Cactus Cat Tree, 33 Inchs Cat Tower with Cat Self Groomer, Soft Hammock and Fully Wrapped Sisal Scratching Post for Indoor Cats – Larger Cat Tree Size: Compared with similar products in the market, the scratching post of our cat tree is 33.1 inches and the hammock 15.7 inches,... View on Amazon
Cat Scratcher, Cat Brushes for Indoor Cats, Cat Arch Self Groomer Scratching Board Scratch Pad, Cat Hair Brush for Shedding, Cat Face Head Self Grooming Brush Post for Deshedding w/Cute Kitten Toy – 🐱3 in 1 Functional Cat Brush: Combine the function of cat grooming brush, cat scratching board and cat toy. The cat arch self groomer massager keeps... View on Amazon
Cat Self-Groomer - Bristle Ring Brush Cat Arch with Carpeted Base, Back Scratcher and Massager for Controlling Shedding and Claws by PETMAKER (Black) – CAT BRUSHES FOR INDOOR CATS - This cat hair brush arch features bristles that gently remove excess or loose hair from your cat when they rub... View on Amazon
Catit Senses 2.0 Self Grooming Cat Brush and Interactive Cat Toy – Self-Grooming: With the Catit Self Groomer, your cat can literally walk by and enjoy a quick brushing session whenever they feel like it. The brush will... View on Amazon
JAKI Cat Self Groomer Brushes 4 Pack Wall Corner Self Message, Interactive Cat Toy with Face Scratcher Comb, Pet Grooming Brush Tool for Indoor Cats Long Short Fur Kitten Puppy – 【CAT SELF GROOMER】Cat wall corner brush is a self-grooming Aid for cat which is designed according to the cats lifestyle.; 【EASY TO INSTALL】Two installation methods are... View on Amazon