Review: Self-Grooming Arch Brush for Cats

Timmy gives the arch a hug

Our self-grooming arch was easy to assemble, with the brush ends fitting easily into the base. This product for cats is advertised as a three-in-one item: the brush is a groomer, the carpet base is a scratcher, and when you add catnip, it's a toy. We'd have to say the three functions it serves here are: ineffective hiding spot, comfort napping zone, and mouth scratcher.

Gumby relaxes under the arch

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Arched Brush Self-Grooming Station

Kitties that like to be brushed will love this fun piece of cat furniture that is all about brushing! It's an arch-shaped brush that cats can use to groom themselves -- whenever they'd like!

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Cat-Shaped Easy Door Mount Self-Groomer

This is a super cute self-groomer in the shape of a cat that mounts easily to almost any door. The rigid "wall brush" offers a large surface of thick brush bristles for self-grooming. The fun cat shape makes it a cute addition to your home's decor while...