Arched Brush Self-Grooming Station

More Self-Grooming Arches for Cats

Happi N Pets The Original Cat Arch Self Groomer Cat Massager, Cat Grooming Brush with Sturdy Cat Scratching Pad and Catnip Toy, Cat Face Scratchers, Cat Scrathers for Indoor Cats, Cat Rubbing Post – 【Durable & soft bristles】Upgraded 2.0 soft & durable brush, allow your cats to comfortably groom their fur while rubbing the brush and make your home hair-free.... View on Amazon
Cat Grooming scratcher Toy - Self-Groomer Toy Massager Scratching Pet Cat Scratches Hair Brush and Catnip Interactive Kitten Toys – Multi-Use: Cats self groomer & massager, cat groom brush, scratcher and play toy, keep kitty entertained for hours; No More HMulti-Use: Cats self groomer & massager,... View on Amazon
FUKUMARU Cat Self Groomer, 2.0 Version Cat Arch Face Scratcher with Scratcher Pad, Cats Back Grooming Massager Toy Brush for Indoor Kitten and Small Dog – 2 IN 1 TOY - Self-groomer massager & Cardboard scratching pad. Helping stop fur shedding everywhere and keeping kitty entertained for hours. With Scratcher can also... View on Amazon

List: 2019 Cat Needs Best-Selling (Besides Toys)

Toys were tops for this webshop in 2019. Here are the other cat needs best sellers for the year. Does your cat have everything he or she needs? Litter box and food related needs are well-represented on this list.

Cat Scratching Post and Bed Furniture from AmazonBasics

This is a cute little piece of cat furniture from AmazonBasics. The unit has a 360 degree round scratching post with a cozy round plush bed on top. The post rests on a stable square stand. This small and affordable cat furniture is a cute addition to your...

Hexbug Nano Bug Toys 5-Pack

Pick up this awesome fun pack of fast-moving robot-like toys known to be irresistible to cats. Hexbugs are autonomous moving toy bugs that react to their environment (sounds, touch/pressure) as they scurry around.

Activity Board Toy for Cats

This is a fun enrichment activity toy for cats that offers a variety of different games to engage kitty's natural behaviors and have fun too. Hide objects or treats in the different configurations to get kitty excited for intelligent play! Small clear bowls can trap treats and toys...