Exciting Multiple Sensory Activity Center For Cats

Fun Digger Activity Toy for Cats

This fun interactive toy for cats encourages the natural behavior of digging. Your cat can get her dig on without scratching up your furniture or carpet in the process -- and she might even get a treat out of it!

Funny Interactive Cat Toy Dome With Motion

This is a fun USB rechargeable interactive cat toy. The game is a small dome that covers small feather toys with limited paw-sized access ports. When turned on, the tufts move around using magnetic maglev technology, enticing your cat to chase and play. The idea of the game...

Catit Play Circuit Ball Track

This is a fun track toy for cats. The toy comes with several pieces of track and a ball that cats can move along the track without removing the ball from the toy. The segments are interchangeable so you could make a circle, winding line, or even combine multiple toy tracks to make bigger toy circuits.

Engage Your Cat's Curiosity with the Ultimate Interactive Treat Maze

The MEGA Cat Treat Puzzle Box is the ultimate interactive treat maze, designed to captivate, challenge, and enrich your indoor cat's day! Created by the minds behind Cat Amazing, this treat-powered (treats not included) super-challenge is not just a toy; it's an adventure for your feline friend,...