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Get Ready for Football with NFL Cat Toys

Posted on 30 August 2016 in Catnip Toys

If your getting geared up for the upcoming NFL season, why not get kitty equipped as well? These are fun toys inspired by NFL teams. Pick up your favorite teams -- or maybe your cat beating up on your team's arch rival is more your style?

1Green Bay Packers Catnip Football Toy

The Green Bay Packers NFL logo is embroidered on this plush catnip toy.

2Pittsburgh Steelers Catnip Football Toy

The Steelers' logo is embroidered on this black football-shaped catnip toy.

3Chicago Bears NFL Catnip Cat Toy

The orange C logo of the Chicago Bears is embroidered on this catnip-filled cat toy.

4Indianapolis Colts NFL Catnip Toy

The Indianapolis Colts horseshoe logo is embroidered on this plush blue catnip toy for cats.

5New York Jets NFL Catnip Cat Toy

The name of the NFL team the New York Jets is embroidered on this plush catnip toy.

6New Orleans Saints Football Catnip Toy

The fleur-de-lis logo of the New Orleans Saints is embroidered on this black catnip toy.

7Oakland Raiders Football Cat Toy

The name of the Oakland Raiders is embroidered on this plush football-shaped cat toy.

8Detroit Lions Catnip-Filled Toy

The blue logo from the Detroit Lions NFL team is embroidered on this catnip toy.

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