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Jumbo Circle Cat Tunnel & Snuggle Bed

Posted on 10 September 2019 in Cat Tunnels

This is such a cute and fun piece of furniture for cats. This highly rated tunnel and bed combo provides space for curious play, exploration, hiding, and even a snuggly bed!

Zip together the two pieces of jumbo cat tunnel to make a circular tube where cats can hide, play, and explore. The tube is larger than typical cat tubes, with an opening diameter of 12.5" to accomodate larger cats who may feel confined by usual tunnel toys.

The donut shaped tunnel toy for cats comes with a plush cushion bed to place in the middle. The two pieces of tunnel zip together; they can also be used separately if that is what your kitty prefers or what works best in your space.

Foam Cat Toys With Feathers

Posted on 6 November 2018 in Feather Toys
This is a pack of 8 cat toys that are perfect for batting, chasing, and even carrying around! These are lightweight sponge-foam golf balls with attached feathers. More


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