Great Variety of Cat Carrier Backpack Styles

Back in 2016, we highlighted a great hands-free cat carrier in the shape of a backpack that made bringing kitty to vet appointments, on vacation, or other outings an easy affair. Today the market is full of several different styles of cat carrier backpacks for a variety of uses, cat sizes, and levels of comfort for both kitty and backpack-wearer. Here are some of the different styles of backpacks available for transporting cats.

Full-View Plastic Bubble Cat Carrier Backpack

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This unique pet carrier includes a full transparent window at the back to give your cat the most open view possible. Air holes on the sides and along the bottom provide plenty of ventilation. The backpack portion of the pack includes comfortable wide straps and an additional strap to secure the pack across the top of the chest for a less bumpy rider. Note the size of the pack to be sure your cat will be comfortable in this unique carrier style.

Bubble-View Secure Pet Carrier Backpack

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This style of backpack cat carrier might give some cats a more secure feeling, with a small port-hole "space capsule" bubble viewing area. Air holes along the sides and bottom are ample for good air flow, and the backpack straps are comfortably wide and adjustable. This bubble view pack is made of stylish-looking faux leather. 

Convertible Cat Backpack & Rolling Case

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This versatile case can be carried on a person's back, or as a piece of rolling luggage. Having this option is great for airline travel and other times when switching from a backpack to rolling luggage would be handy. A full mesh panel in the back allows ample airflow and viewing pleasure for your pet. Reviewers praise this carrier in particular as being ideal for air travel.

Horizonal Orientation Pet Carrier Backpack

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This wide-body pet carrier is different from other backpacks because it has a wider, more traditional pet carrying case profile. It's still comfortable to carry on the back, with adjustable straps. This carrying case also has a suitcase strap on the back to secure to a rolling luggage handle for another easy way to transport your pet. Several vented windows allow for great air flow and viewing ports for kitty.

Comfortable Cat Backpack with Expansion Back

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Carry kitty where you need to go with this comfortable backpack carrier. The wide adjustable arm straps, waist strap, and chest strap allow for a secure ride for kitty. This carrier is shaped like a traditional backpack cat crate, but has another great feature: an expanding back! While waiting at the vet, resting between flights, or other times of pause during travel, expand this case out with the folded mesh extension for even more room for kitty to move around. This great feature allows kitty to be extra comfy when not on the move.

Double Decker Cat Carrier Backpack for Easy Kitty Transport

This innovative cat carrier backpack redefines travel with your furry companions. Whether you're a multi-pet family or a solo explorer, this backpack adapts to your needs, offering maximum comfort and convenience for both...

Oversized Portable Pet Travel Kennel

This is a huge travel kennel advertised for showing cats or small dogs but works for a variety of uses and can come in handy in many different situations.

Cozy, Comfortable Expanding Travel Cat Carrier

This handy pet carrier will be a favorite for both you and your cat. This versatile piece of pet luggage can expand to give kitty extra room. When not in use, the carrier can be stored flat so it won't take up a lot of space in your closet.