Pop-Up Cat Playhouses

Keeping your cats engaged and interested is part of keeping them happy and healthy. Providing a variety of toys and play-spaces can be part of that, and rotating furniture by using pop-up cat houses is an easy and affordable way to mix things up. These pop-up cat cubes and furniture pieces fold down for easy storage and can be rotated in and out of your home to keep curious kitty on her toes. Use these along with rotating tubes and tunnels for extra variety and fun.

Roar! Kitty Jungle Novelty Pop-Up Cat House

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This cute foldable cube cat playpen has a fun print, with jungle leaves on one side and an animal print (panther or lion cut-out style varies) around one of the other openings. This type of cat playpen also comes in a house style with a larger domed roof for extra space and fun.

Peek & Play Pop-Up Play Tent for Cats

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This playpen has a unique shape with openings on the side and in the middle. The tunnel-house hybrid has a hanging toy attached from the roof for extra fun.

Blue Pop-Up Tent for Playful Cats

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This cute plain pop-up tent in blue looks great in a variety of home decors without screaming "cat furniture". The little pop-up style play set has round openings on three of the four sides and includes several hanging ball toys. You can also get this simple style of pop-up, foldable cat tent in purple polka dot cube.

Pop-Up Tents & Tube Cat Toy Bundle

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Pick up a whole cat playpen system with this purchase that includes a cat play tube along with two pop-up playpens. One of the pens is tent-shaped and the other is a cube. All three pieces are separate and can be attached with Velcro or used individually for maximum variety.

Deluxe Double-Decker Little Box Enclosure

This is a functional piece of cat furniture that can work as a litter box housing or cat bed hideaway while doubling as an end table or night stand for feline's human companions.

Space-saving Cat Condo Furniture Door Hanger

This is a genius product for anyone that wants to give kitty a grand piece of furniture but might not have the floor space available for a traditional cat tree. This is a kitty condo unit that fits over a door!

Alternative Use: Kitchen Cart as Kitty Station

Kitchen carts designed to hold microwaves or other appliances are usually sturdy pieces of furniture. Consider using a multiple shelf unit like this one, highly rated for its intended use, as a piece of furniture for your cat! There are several different space-saving ways you can use...

Folding Cat Tree Scratch Tower & Bed

This is a fun activity furniture for cats that includes scratching surfaces, hiding and napping spots, and toys on strings. The little piece of cat furniture folds up flat so it can be used in small spaces temporarily, or be used when kitty has to travel. This