The Best Blankets for Cats

During colder months, our cats love to find a warm spot to nap. Sunbeams are the best. When those aren't available, our cats gravitate to soft and snuggly surfaces, especially the fluffy plush blanket we have on our bed. Blankets made just for cats are typically small, for ease of care, and have a soft, plush surface that is perfect for snuggling and self-warming. Here are some top pick pet blankets.

3-Pack Small Tan Pet Blankets

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This is an affordable set of three blankets. The small size (23" x 16") makes them perfect to place in pet beds, on cat furniture, or tucked in your kitty's favorite spots. The small size makes them easy to clean, too. These blankets are available in a variety of different colors so you can pick a set that matches your home decor, or your cat's coat.

Funny Soft Plush Round Tortilla Blanket

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This adorable microfiber blanket has a fun tortilla or burrito print on one side. We actually got this cute little blanket four ourselves, and as soon as I put it on our bed, all of our cats were interested. Later I found them laying on it, comfortably snuggled. Beware, you might be inclined to make a purrito out of your kitty when you get this cute burrito blanket.

Self-Warming Padded Plush Cat Mattress Bed

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This quilted pet bed is a non-electric style of "self-heating" blanket with an internal thermal sheet that holds in your pet's body heat to keep them snug and warm. The thermal blanket comes in a variety of colors and styles to fit with your home decor or to best match your pet's fur. 

Cats Love the Mysterious Purr Pad!

This is a simple yet effective product that cats just seem to love. It's a soft polyester cushion mat that attracts both kitties and any fur, dander, or dust they might normally leave behind. That makes this amazing cat bed a win-win for both you and kitty!

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