ZoomGroom Massaging Cat Grooming Brush

Customizable Heart Shaped Cat ID Tag

Pick your color and pick your size when you order this cute heart-shaped lightweight pet ID tag for your kitty. There are two sizes available and nine different colors.

Meet Our Cats: Gumby

Gumby's Likes Baking himself in sunbeams Chasing laser lights Meeting strangers Being brushed Gumby's Dislikes Visits to the vet When dinner is late Crunchy sounds Snakes Posts Featuring Gumby Excel Hydrocortisone Topical Skin Spray

Oversized Portable Pet Travel Kennel

This is a huge travel kennel advertised for showing cats or small dogs but works for a variety of uses and can come in handy in many different situations.

Fun Digger Activity Toy for Cats

This fun interactive toy for cats encourages the natural behavior of digging. Your cat can get her dig on without scratching up your furniture or carpet in the process -- and she might even get a treat out of it!