Dyl No-Ant Pet Bowl,for Puppy Smaller Dog or Cat,Plastic with Moat and Non-Slip,1 Cup(8Oz),Yellow – Size : Interior 4.13" Diameter/ 1.57" Depth; The product can be separated from each other easy to clean.; Running water is applicable.; No need of any chemical.; Material : Plastic (PP/TPR). View on Amazon
TEESUN Dog Bowl Raised Pet Food Bowls Cat Puppy Bowls Round No Spill Colorful Anti Ants Water Feeder Eating Bowl for Small Animals – Safe PP material.; 2 bowls, blue + yellow.; for food and water.; ultra light, unbreakable, anti ants.; for dogs, puppy, cats, and other small animals.. View on Amazon
BugSnub Ant Proof Tray (Black) - Waterless – Keep ants out of your pet's food bowl without using messy liquids or poisions.; BugSnub insect blocking gel creates a physical barrier that is too goopy... View on Amazon
Anti-Ant Magic Tray, Shield, Pet Tray, No Ants Eat Foods (1) – Easy To Use; Everything you can put on the Magic Tray; No Plugging-In, No Water Required, No Toxic; Patent US 6460288 Certification; Made In Taiwan. View on Amazon
PetLike Plastic Dog Bowls, Pet Bowl for Cat Puppies Anti Ants Water Food Feeder Dish – β˜… ANTI ANT DESIGN : Must put water or mineral oil full in the surrounding tray. We suggest that the cheap mineral oil instead of water,... View on Amazon
FEED'EM Automatic Smart Pet Feeder | Food Dispenser for Cat & Dog - HD Video Camera, 2-Way Voice Interaction, Battery Backup, Easy Connection, Smartphone Application for iOS & Android, 4.5 litres – 🐢🐱 FEED YOUR PET WHERE EVER YOU ARE. 4.5L capacity. Use automatic (regular) feeding to feed your pet on scheduled time. Schedule up to 4 meals... View on Amazon
WDD Design Co. The 3-in-1 Ant Free Pet Dish – 3-in-1 Ant Free Pet Dish - Food and Water System All in One; Raised food bowl for comfortable and easier swallowing. Disassembles for easy cleaning. Durable... View on Amazon