Deterrents for Training

Double-Sided Cat Scratching Deterrent Tape

Save your couch and other furniture from being scratched up by your cat by using this specially designed tape as a scratching deterrent.

Motion-Activated Pet Proofing Repellent

This is an unscented motion-activated spray that can be used to deter pets from being in or on areas that you want them to avoid.

Homarden Cat Repellent Outdoor - Cat Scat Mat of 16 X 13 Inches (Set of 10) - Cat Repellent Spikes to Keep Cats Out of Yard Permanently - Cat Deterrent Indoor 13ft Coverage – 📏Ideal Area Coverage - Includes 10 sets of Scat Mats. Each Cat Scat Mat is 16" x 13" and have 1" spikes to keep cats away,... View on Amazon
ohlela Scat Mat for Cats - Great for Cat Deterrent Indoor & Outdoor PP Plastic Cat Spike Mat - Wide Area Coverage - Large & Adjustable Size (78 in x 12 in) with 12 Garden Staples – [Keep Cats Away] - This scat mat prevents cats, dogs and other animals disable your plants, furniture, garden and car. A humane and effective solution to... View on Amazon
Ysglory 16 Pack Cat Deterrent Outdoor Scat Mat 16 x 13 Inch Cat Counter Deterrent Mat Plastic Spikes for Cats Dogs Training Mat for Indoor Outdoor Supplies, 18.3 Square Feet – 【Sufficient Quantity】There are 16 pieces of cat Deterrent mats in the package you will receive, each scat mat is about 42.5 x 34 cm/ 16 x... View on Amazon
BYTEBAY 8 Pack Cat Repellent Outdoor/Indoor Scat Mat for Cats&Dogs, Keep Away Pest Plastic Mats with Spikes,16 x 13 Inches – Effcitive security spikes : Stop furry family members or wild life from stepping where they shouldn't go. Unique Transparent design is hidden from animals, effectively scaring... View on Amazon
Panther Armor Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape – 12 Double Sided Anti Scratching Sticky Tape - Cat Furniture Protector – Cat Training Tape Corner Couch Protector for Cats - Cat Scratch Furniture Protector – ✔️[ TRAIN YOUR CAT INSTANTLY ] The best double-sided cat scratch deterrent tape is new in town & ready to roll. The 5-Pack XL 16”L 12”W... View on Amazon
ANGRY ORANGE Pet Odor Eliminator for Strong Odor - Citrus Deodorizer for Strong Dog or Cat Pee Smells on Carpet, Furniture & Indoor Outdoor Floors - 24 Fluid Ounces - Puppy Supplies – Powerful - A little goes a long way with the Angry Orange pet odor eliminator for home use. It’s a carpet deodorizer that targets strong, lingering... View on Amazon
Luckkya Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent,Solar Powered Deterrent with Motion Sensor and Flashing Lights Outdoor Solar Farm Garden Yard Device,Dogs,Cats,Birds – ☀𝐄𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞 & 𝐔𝐬𝐞𝐟𝐮𝐥: Intense ultrasonic signal covers up to 26 feet and can scare away the dogs, cats and more other animals away from your zone,... View on Amazon
Hmyomina 10 Pack Cat Scat Mat 16 X 8 Inch Square Scat Mat for Cats Prickle Strips from Digging Cat Deterrent Outdoor – [Keep the cat away] Keep the cat away from the furniture-Prevent your dog or cat from scratching your sofa and furniture!; [Garden Protector] Use our cat... View on Amazon
PetSafe ScatMat Indoor Training Mat, 7 Correction Modes, Protect Your Furniture, Training Tool for Dogs and Cats, Threshold Size Mat (46 in X 3 in) - Pet Proof Shelves, Mantles - Battery-Operated Mat – LCD DISPLAY: LCD display shows the correction level, battery level and a counter to show how many times your pet steps on the mat; EASY TO... View on Amazon
PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Pet Deterrent, Motion Activated Pet Proofing Repellent for Cats and Dogs, Environmentally Friendly – PROTECT FURNITURE: Place SSSCAT Spray Deterrent on countertops, next to the trash can or near rooms to keep curious pets out of certain areas of your... View on Amazon
Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator for Strong Odor - Enzyme Pet Odor Eliminator for Home - Carpet Stain Remover for Cats and Dog Pee - Enzymatic Cat Urine Destroyer - Carpet Cleaner Spray – CERTIFIED GENTLE AND SAFE Chlorine free and color safe. Safe to use around pets and children. No hazardous propellants, no residue left behind. So gentle it’s... View on Amazon
Cat Deterrent Scat Mat For Cats - Cat Spike Mat (Set Of 10, Grey) 16.5 x 13.4 Inch With 1 Inch Spikes Is A Perfect Cat Repellent Indoor & Outdoor For All Seasons – [Keep Cats Away] - This cat counter deterrent mat helps to prevent cats, dogs and other animals damaging your plants, furniture, garden, car.; [Humane Solution] -... View on Amazon
Sofisti-Cat Training Tape, Cat Scratch Deterrent for Furniture, Keep Cats from Scratching Furniture with Our Double -Sided Tape Cat Repellent, 2.5" x 15' Roll – LOVE YOUR CAT, SAVE YOUR SOFA! - Tired of your cat scratching and destroying your furniture? Our humane scratch deterrent solution eliminates clawing of your furniture... View on Amazon
Shoo Cat Ultrasonic Trainer. Motion Activated Cat Deterrent for Counters, Furniture, and Christmas Tree Defense. Teach Cats to Stay Away from Indoor Plants Without Messy Sprays or Shock. – THE CAT DETERRENT INDOOR CATS CAN'T IGNORE - The Motion Detector activates an Ultrasonic Sound annoying to cats. Humans, dogs and other pets are not affected... View on Amazon
OCEANPAX Cat Scat Mat with Spikes Prickle Strips Anti-Cats Network Digging Stopper Pest Repellent Spike Deterrent Mat, 78 inchx11 inch – Keep Animals Away: our cat repellent mat can keep cats, dogs and other animals away from your garden, flower beds and vegetable fields.; Humane Cat Plastic... View on Amazon
Bodhi Dog Cat No More Marking! Spray | Deters Cats from Urine Marking Indoors & Outdoors | Removes Urine Marking Odors | Safe for Indoor & Outdoor Use | Made in USA 8oz – STOP URINE MARKING: When your cat no longer uses the litter box and urine marks items in the home. It is time for Bodhi Dog Cat... View on Amazon
Berkland [2 Pack] Refill for PetSafe SSSCat Spray Deterrent Device - Non-VOC Dog & Cat Spray Deterrent - Family-Safe Cat Deterrent for Counters & Trouble Areas - Made in The USA - 7.88oz Total – Compatible Refill Cans — You love your pets, but there are just some places they're not allowed. Keep them away from problem areas with a motion... View on Amazon
Cat Repellent Outdoor Spray Indoor 32 OZ 100% Organic & Natural Yard Furniture Repellant (32) – Cat Repellent Spray Outdoor & Indoor MAKE YOUR YARD, GARAGE, Crawl Space, TRASH AREA FREE OF Pesky Stray and Feral Cats Naturally. Colton’s Naturals Cat spray... View on Amazon
SmartyKat Scratch Not Scratch Deterrent Spray for Cats - 13.5 Fluid Ounces – SCRATCH DETERRENT: Scratch Not Spray contains a blend of lemon and eucalyptus essential oils, scents cats actively avoid; the spray helps train and condition cats from... View on Amazon
IB SOUND Solar Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent, Outdoor Solar Powered Deterrent Device with Motion Sensor and Flashing Light, IP44 Waterproof Device to Protect Garden, Farm, Yard, Dogs, Cats, Birds and More – 🐶【𝗛𝘂𝗺𝗮𝗻𝗶𝘇𝗲𝗱 𝗗𝗲𝘀𝗶𝗴𝗻】Solar ultrasonic cat deterrent is only to drive the animal from garden without any chemicals. No chemical components hurts human's health, the Passive Infrared sensor(PIR)... View on Amazon
3-in-1 Cat & Kitten Training Aid with Bitter | Cat Training Spray for Indoor and Outdoor Use | Anti Scratch Furniture Protector | Establish Boundaries & Keep Cat Off | Made in The USA (8oz) – TRAIN YOUR CAT TO STAY AWAY FROM TREATED AREAS: Live in harmony and establish boundaries with your kitten or cat with Bodhi Dog 3-in-1 Cat &... View on Amazon
12Pack Cat Repellent Indoor Outdoor, Cat & Dog Natural Repellents Peppermint Oil to Repel Stray Dog Feral Cats Deer Animal Keep Your Home Yard Porch Furniture Curtain from Cat Damages – 【Effective Cat & Dog Repellent】: Our cat repellent contains strong active ingredients that get rid of pesky stray dog and feral cats naturally, stop the cats... View on Amazon
Nature's Miracle Advanced Platinum Cat Pet Block Repellent Spray, 8 Ounces, Indoor Training Aid for Cats – FORMULATED TO HELP KEEP PETS AWAY FROM TREATED AREAS: Repellent scent acts as a signal telling cats to stay away from the treated areas; FOR INDOOR... View on Amazon
Karaseno Anti Cat Scratch Tape, 3 inches x 30 Yards Cat Training Tape, 100% Transparent Clear Double Sided Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape, Furniture Protector for Couch, Carpet, Doors, Pet & Kid Safe – SAVE THE FURNITURE TRAIN THE CATS: This anti-scratch cat training tape helps to train your cat to stop scratching your couch by using cat’s natural hateness... View on Amazon
Stelucca Amazing Shields Cat Scratch Deterrent - Pack of 6, Adhesive Clear 17 x 12 inch Furniture Protectors from Cats - Plastic, Anti-Scratch Cat Repellent Mat for Couch… – Protection - Our cat scratch pad discourages your furry friend from scratching up the furniture while safeguarding fabric upholstery from pet claws and paws. Not recommended... View on Amazon
NOOBECR Cat Spray Deterrent - Cat Repellent Spray Suit for Indoor and Outdoor, Prevent Scratching, Stay Away from Restricted Areas, Indoor and Outdoor Use – 😺【Just Spray to Deter Scratch】: Cat scratching deterrent spray easy to use. It has been meticulously picked to be both plant-based and gentle, as well as test to... View on Amazon
PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Deterrent – Motion-activated unscented spray safely keeps pets away from off-limits areas such as counters and trash cans; Versatile and easy to use Indoor training aid for cats... View on Amazon
Nature's Miracle Pet Block Repellent Spray Just for Cats, 8-Ounce – Formulated to keep pets away from treated areas; Contains no harmful chemicals; FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR TRAINING: Long-lasting, concentrated formula is designed for both indoor and... View on Amazon
Ley's Cat Deterrent Mat, Scat Mat for Cats with Spikes, Cat Repellent Indoor Furniture, Outdoor Garden Fence Animal Barrier, 12 Pack/Set – Cat scat mat can prevent animal from digging your garden and potted plants. In addition, could keep them away from the area to be protected, like... View on Amazon
NXWVPC Cat Spray Deterrent 250ml/8.45OZ, Cat Repellent Outdoor for Cat & Dog - Anti-Scratching & Biting, Protect Furniture, Floor & Plants & Safe for Pets, Stay Away from Restricted Areas – 😺【Pet Deterrent Spray】: Our cat repellent spray can also help other pets correct bad habits, such as kittens, dogs, puppies, rabbits and hamsters. If you have any suggestions... View on Amazon