Cat Wine: Liquid Catnip Treat for Kitties

Soft Plush Refillable Catnip Mouse Toy

Our cats love this soft mouse toy from SmartyKat. Madcap Mouse is a soft toy with plush "fur" on its body and a soft face with a shorter pile. The mouse has a short tail, whiskers, and leopard-pattern ears.

Pawbreakers Awesome Oversized Catnip Ball Toys for Cats

The name Pawbreakers is a play on "jawbreakers", which are oversized candies or gumballs. These oversized balls are made of edible catnip. Get six Pawbreaker catnip treat toys with this purchase.

Play With Peeps! Cute Bunny Shaped Cat Toys for Easter

Let your kitties dive into the festive spirit of Easter with these super cute Easter Bunny Catnip Toys, an adorable toy set that promises to bring joy and excitement to both your feline friends and their human companions. This adorable collection of catnip toys, inspired by the...

List: 2018 Cat Needs Best Sellers

This is a list of the best selling cat need items sold on this webshop over 2018. Does your cat have everything he or she needs?