Dental Care

Easy Finger Puppet Cat Toothbrushes

Oral health is an important part of your pet's overall health. Help keep kitty's teeth clean with these easy-to-use wearable finger brushes.

Greenies Feline Adult Natural Dental Care Cat Treats, Catnip Flavor, 4.6 oz. Pouch – This convenient pouch contains 4.6 oz. of FELINE GREENIES Crunchy Dental Treats in Catnip Flavor; Crunchy texture helps clean teeth, reduce tartar buildup, and freshen breath;... View on Amazon
HICC PET Teeth Cleaning Wipes for Dogs & Cats, Remove Bad Breath by Removing Plaque and Tartar Buildup No-Rinse Dog Finger Toothbrush, Disposable Gentle Cleaning & Gum Care Pet Wipes, 50 Counts – Clean Teeth & Gum. Just simply wipe with gentle cleaning dog teeth wipes, and instantly remove tartar and plaque. Giving your dog teeth cleaning, healthier gum,... View on Amazon
Arm & Hammer for Pets Dental Kit for Cats | Eliminates Bad Breath | 3 Piece Set Includes Cat Toothpaste, Cat Toothbrush & Cat Fingerbrush in Tasty Tuna Flavor,2.5 ounces – DID YOU KNOW AROUND 40 percent OF CATS HAVE DENTAL DISEASE? Dental disease causes pain and discomfort daily, but pets are pros at hiding it. Regularly... View on Amazon
Petrodex Dental Care Kit for Cats, Cat Toothbrush and Toothpaste, Cleans Teeth and Fights Bad Breath, Reduces Plaque Tartar Formation, Malt Flavor, 2.5oz Toothpaste + Toothbrush – ALL INCLUSIVE CAT DENTAL KIT: Everything you need in one easy to use kit.; FIGHTS BAD BREATH: With regular use, the Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste for Cats... View on Amazon
Jasper Dog Toothbrush, 360º Dog Tooth Brushing Kit, Cat Toothbrush, Dog Teeth Cleaning, Dog Finger Toothbrush, Dog Tooth Brush for Small & Large Pets, Dog Toothpaste Not Included - Blue 2-Pack – 360º DESIGN - Patented dog tooth brush design allows easy cleaning of the entire mouth with just a few swipes. Pet owners can finally provide a... View on Amazon
VetriScience Perio Support Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning Dental Powder, 4.2oz - Cat & Dog Breath Freshener - Clinically Proven Plaque and Tartar Support – Clinically proven cat & dog plaque and tartar remover: From the veterinarian-formulated brand comes the dog and cat teeth cleaning powder clinically proven to reduce plaque... View on Amazon
Qubccum 8 Pack Small Dog & Cat Toothbrush Kit, 360º Pet Toothbrush/Mini Head/Dual Head / 10000 Ultra-Soft Bristles Tooth Brush/Finger Toothbrushs for Cat Kitten Doggie Dental Care, Oral Hygiene – Multiple Pet toothbrush: If you don't know which kind of Toothbrush works with your puppy and kitten, Just look this. This 8 pcs toothbrush kit included... View on Amazon
Greenies Feline Adult Natural Dental Care Cat Treats, Savory Salmon Flavor, 9.75 oz. Tub – This convenient tub contains 9.75 ounce of Feline Greenies Crunchy Dental Treats in Savory Salmon Flavor; Crunchy texture helps clean teeth, reduce tartar buildup, and freshen... View on Amazon
WoLover Silvervine Sticks for Cats, Natural Catnip Sticks Matatabi Chew Sticks Teeth Molar Chew Toys for Cat Kitten Kitty (at Least 12 PCS) – Natural and Unprocessed – Silvervine is 100% wild, organic and safe. Healthy and safe for your pets.; Protection for Gingival – Silvervine sticks can effectively eliminate... View on Amazon
Minties Dental Treats for Cats, (Chicken/Salmon) Flavored Treats for Cats, Freshens Breath and Controls Tartar, 2.5oz – COMPARE TO FELINE GREENIES: MINTIES Dental Treats for Cats are an affordable alternative with no wheat, corn, soy or artificial flavors.; CLEANS TEETH: MINTIES Dental Treats... View on Amazon
HomeoPet Feline Purr Dental, Dental Care for Cats, 15 Milliliters – CAT DENTAL CARE: Help support your cat's oral health with Feline Purr Dental. This natural product can gently and naturally support your cat or kitten's oral... View on Amazon
Vet's Best Dental Care Finger Wipes - Reduces Plaque & Freshens Breath - Teeth Cleaning Finger Wipes for Dogs & Cats - 50 Count – CLEANS TEETH & GUMS: Keep your pet's teeth and gums clean and healthy with these cat and dog dental wipes; perfect for keeping your pet's mouth... View on Amazon
ProDen PlaqueOff Soft Chews with Natural Kelp - for All Breed Cats - Supports Normal, Healthy Teeth, Gums, and Breath Odor in Cats - 45 Soft Chews – ProDen PlaqueOff Soft Chews are recommended for use in cats to help support healthy teeth, gums, and breath odor.; Our key ingredient is 100% natural kelp... View on Amazon
Potaroma 3 Pack Silvervine Cat Toys, Catnip Cat Chew Toys Teeth Cleaning, Matatabi Cat Treat, Edible Kitty Toys – Guaranteed 100% Natural: Our silvervine sticks are made from 100% natural silvervine sticks, raffia, sisal rope and gall fruit (fruit of silvervine). Please rest assured when... View on Amazon
Greenies Feline Adult Natural Dental Cat Treats, Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor, 9.75 oz. Tub – This convenient tub contains 9.75 oz. of FELINE GREENIES Crunchy Dental Treats in Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor; Crunchy texture helps clean teeth, reduce tartar buildup, and... View on Amazon
Purina DentaLife Made in USA Facilities Cat Dental Treats, Tasty Chicken Flavor - 19 oz. Pouch – DentaLife Daily Dental Treats for Cats feature a porous texture to reduce tartar buildup; Scientifically tested to reduce tartar buildup; Purina DentaLife cat treats made with... View on Amazon
PawInTown Silicone Cat Toothbrush Set – 2 MiniHead Brushes – Kitten / Cat Dental Care, Cat Teeth Cleaning, Pet Care, Cat Necessities, Cat Tooth Brushing Kit, Pet Toothbrush for Cat (Blushing Flamingo) – 🌟【Comprehensive Pet Tooth Brushing Kit】Includes two micro-sized toothbrush for cats. Features a 360-degree head for thorough cleaning and a mini-head for targeted cleaning, promoting overall cat... View on Amazon
Cat Dental Care Powder - Easier Than Cat Toothpaste - Cat Dental Treat Alternative to Get Plaque Off - Cat Teeth Cleaning Powder with Bactase PET - Cat Breath Freshener for Cat Bad Breath - Oral Care – Advanced Cat Dental Protection: Harness the power of seven potent enzymes, including Glucose Oxidase and Lysozyme, expertly formulated to get plaque off your cats teeth and... View on Amazon
Virbac C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit for Cats and Dogs | 3 Piece Set with Dual Ended Toothbrush, Fingerbrush, and Poultry Flavor 2.5 oz tube of Toothpaste | Remove Plaque & Tartar Buildup – Complete kit to start a program of regular oral hygiene for pets; Dual-sided toothbrush designed specifically for both mouths of large and small tooth surfaces; Long... View on Amazon
Arm & Hammer Complete Care Fresh Dental Water Additive for Cats - Cat Dental Care Solution for Bad Breath, Includes Cat Toothpaste Enzymatic Action, Ideal for Cat Grooming Supplies, 8 Fl Oz – Complete Dental Care - Arm & Hammer Complete Care Fresh Dental Water Additive for Cats provides an all-in-one solution to your cat's dental needs. It helps... View on Amazon