Itch Remedy

Excel Hydrocortisone Topical Skin Spray

Our tuxedo cat Gumby is FIV+. It may be due to his condition that he suffers from terrible allergies that used to leave his skin in pretty bad shape. When we first had him as our foster kitty, he had bumps on his skin at the base of his tail and at his haunches. We could see he was in misery from the itching -- it was awful. It was recommended we ask the vet for a steroid shot to help relieve the itching. This did wonders for his comfort, but we still had to get to the bottom of the skin issues.Something else that helps with skin irritations and allergies is this topical hydrocortisone spray from Excel.

Benzoyl Peroxide Medicated Pet Shampoo

Relieve your cat's itch and discomfort by giving her a bath using medicated shampoo like this shampoo from Pet MD.

Vetericyn Plus Feline Wound and Skin Care. Spray to Clean Cuts and Wounds on Cats. Offers Itch and Irritation Relief Without Stinging or Burning. Safe for All Ages (3 oz /88 mL) – FELINE WOUND AND SKIN CARE. As the first line of defense for your cat, this solution cleanses wounds and other ailments safely and effectively. Jump start... View on Amazon
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HomeoPet All Natural Skin And Itch Relief 0.5 Ounces (4 Packs) – Fast acting liquid - 15 ml each; No known side effects; safe for kittens, puppies, pregnant and nursing animals; Free of all chemicals; uses only the... View on Amazon
Pro-Sense Cat Hydrocortisone Spray, 4 oz – Helps soothe minor skin irritations; Long-lasting itch relief; Non-stinging formula; Contains Aloe Vera; Packaging may vary. View on Amazon
Pet Allergy & Immune Support - Made in USA - Cat & Dog Allergy Relief - 100% Natural - Milk Thistle & Turmeric - Best Treatment for Dog & Cat Immune System - Vitamin C for Pets - Non-GMO – #1 TREATMENT FOR YOUR PETS HEALTH - VETFLIX Allergy & Immune Support is an innovative pet supplement powered by Mother Nature! Perfect herbal blend enriched with... View on Amazon
Pet MD - Oatmeal Dog Shampoo Cats and Dogs for Itch Relief and Moisturizer for Dry Skin and Coat - 16 Oz – Safe and Effective Anti Itching Treatment for Pets Relieves Skin Irritation, Promotes Healing and Remoisturizing Sensitive and Dry Itchy Skin.; Soap and Alcohol Free Formula so... View on Amazon
Only Natural Pet Skin & Itch Homeopathic Remedy – Safe, effective remedy to provide relief for skin irritations such and itching, scratching, and hot spots due to allergies or other causes; Helps relieve irritation and... View on Amazon
HomeoPet Feline Skin & Itch – Enhances coat while providing temporary relief from: Scratching, itching, chewing, bald belly, and allergies; A natural homeopathic remedy that promotes temporary relief. View on Amazon
BestLife4Pets Healthy Skin and Allergy Relief for Cats - All-Natural Supplement to Relieve and Treat Pet Allergies - Strengthen and Improve Immune System - Prevent Itching, Infection and Fur Shedding – QUICK ALLERGY RELIEF WITH NO BAD STUFF- Relieve uncomfortable symptoms of allergic dermatitis such as constant itching, dry skin, raised welts, swelling, hair loss, patchy coat... View on Amazon
Vetericyn Plus Antimicrobial Wound and Skin Care. Spray to Clean Cuts and Wounds. Itch and Irritation Relief. No Stinging or Burning. for Cats, Dogs, Livestock and More. (3 oz /88 mL) – ANTIMICROBIAL WOUND AND SKIN CARE. As the first line of defense for your pet, this solution cleanses wounds and other ailments safely and effectively. It is... View on Amazon
Petkin Itch Wipes 30 count – Bitter taste stops licking & chewing; Cool formula eases discomfort on contact; Soothes hot spots, skin irritations & scratching; Aloe & oatmeal enriched. View on Amazon
Pet MD Hydrocortisone Spray for Dogs, Cats, Horses - Itch Relief Spray for Hot Spots, Flea and Insect Bites, Irritated Dry Itchy Skin, Allergies, and Dermatitis - Reduces Topical Inflammation - 4 oz – 1% Hydrocortisone Spray for Rapid Relief from Skin Irritations Caused by Bites and Other Skin Conditions.; ITCH RELIEF FOR DOGS AND CATS: Our Hydrocortisone Treatment Reduces... View on Amazon
VetSure+ Hemp Oil for Dogs,Cats, Separation Anxiety,Joint Pain, Reliefs Itch, Allergy, Stress Relief, Arthritis, Chronic Pains, Anti-Inflammatory - Omega 3, 6 & 9 – 100% Organic – Calming Drop – ✅ 100% SAFE for PETS & HUMANS: VetSure+ is made using only the highest quality certified organic hemp seed oil 100% pure virgin grade, we can... View on Amazon
HomeoPet Feline Skin and Itch (Packaging may vary) – Homeopathic remedy provides temporary relief from constant scratching, itching, gnawing, hair loss and bald belly caused by allergies; Helps to detoxify the skin from the inside,... View on Amazon
Homeo Pet Skin and Itch Relief - 0.08 fl oz – Homeopathic remedy provides temporary relief from constant scratching, itching, gnawing and hair loss caused by allergies; Homeo Pet. View on Amazon
New Anti Itch Oatmeal Spray for Dogs and Cats | 100% All Natural Hypoallergenic Soothing Relief for Dry, Itchy, Bitten or Allergy Damaged Skin Treatment | Professional Quality - 1 Bottle 8oz (240ml) – STOPS ITCHING ON CONTACT: Our plant and botanical based oatmeal baking soda spray provides instant, soothing, topical, relief to pets suffering from flea bites, hot spots,... View on Amazon
Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic and Antifungal Spray for Dogs and Cats – Medicated Topical Spray Treatment for Fungal and Bacterial Skin Infections in Dogs and Cats, Fast Acting, Heal and Soothe Infections (8 oz bottle) – HEAL AND SOOTHE – Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic and Antifungal Medicated Spray with Chlorhexidine Gluconate deodorizes and helps relieve fungal and bacterial skin infections on... View on Amazon
PetAlive Allergy Itch Ease Oral Spray - Natural Homeopathic Formula Relieves Skin Itch and Redness Caused by Allergies or Eczema in Pets - 59 mL – SAFE & EFFECTIVE – Allergy Itch Ease is an all natural homeopathic remedy to soothe and relieve skin itch and allergies while supporting the health and... View on Amazon
Antifungal + Antibacterial Medicated Wipes for Dogs & Cats - with Ketoconazole & Chlorhexidine - for Hot Spots, Ring Worm, Itch & Irritation – & Antifungal: special medicated wipes for the topical Management of skin problems and bacterial dermatitis. Keep your Jungle Pet from itching and scratching pesky skin issues.... View on Amazon
Vetericyn Plus Feline Antimicrobial Hydrogel. Promotes Healing for Wounds, Post-Surgery Sutures, Rashes and Irritation. Alleviate Dry or Itchy Skin. Safe for Cats of All Ages. (3 oz / 88 mL) – FELINE ANTIMICROBIAL HYDROGEL. Help jump start the healing process for wounds, rashes, hot spots and sensitive skin. The gel adheres to the wound site as a... View on Amazon
Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Hot Spot and Itch Relief Spray for Dogs and Cats – Medicated Topical Treatment for Skin Irritations and Hot Spots - Fast Acting, Heals and Soothes (8oz) – HEAL AND SOOTHE – Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Hot Spot and Itch Relief Spray provides dogs and cats with medicated analgesic and anti-inflammatory rapid relief of... View on Amazon
Burt's Bees For Cats Natural Dander Reducing Wipes | Kitten and Cat Wipes For Grooming, 50 Count – FIGHTS CAT DANDER AND FLAKING — Burt's Bees cat wipes moisturize and deeply condition your cat or kitten's dry skin to reduce redness and flakes; MADE... View on Amazon
Burt’s Bees for Cats Dander Reducing Spray with Colloidal Oat Flour & Aloe Vera, 10 oz – REDUCES CAT DANDER AND FLAKING — Gentle cat dander remover spray reduces cat dander and flaking, leaving fur shiny and soft; MADE WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY... View on Amazon
Pet Ringworm Treatment, Mange Mites for Skin That Itches - Sulfinex 8oz – RAPID RELIEF: Provides pets relief from itching & burning caused by fungus, mange, and parasites.; EASY TO USE: Designed for dogs & cats. Simply rub Sulfinex... View on Amazon
Emmy's Best Stop The Itch Maximum Strength Chlorhexidine Spray for Dogs and Cats – EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATES BACTERIA, FUNGUS, YEAST, PYODERMA AND RINGWORM: Our Maximum Strength Chlorhexidine Spray is Safe and Effective for Dogs and Cats; MAXIMUM VETERINARY STRENGTH FORMULA: Double... View on Amazon
Pro-Sense – Helps reduce inflammation; Helps to quickly stop itching and scratching; Non-stinging, aloe Vera formula; For use on Adult dogs and cats. View on Amazon
Pet Wellbeing Itch Support Gold for Cats - Natural Support for Itchy Skin Due to Allergies in Felines - 2 oz (59ml) – A drug-free alternative to relieve itchy skin due to allergies; Supports a healthy immune response to allergens; Helps alleviate the root cause and symptoms of allergies;... View on Amazon
Curaseb Antifungal & Antibacterial Chlorhexidine Spray for Dogs & Cats - Treats Yeast Infections, Hot Spots, Ringworm & Pyoderma – Anti Itch with Soothing Aloe - Broad Spectrum Veterinary Formula – ★ ELIMINATES YEAST, BACTERIA, FUNGUS, PYODERMA AND RINGWORM: Chlorhexidine and Ketoconazole Combine To Create a Super Effective Antiseptic Spray That Treats a Broad Spectrum of Skin... View on Amazon
HomeoPet Skin & Itch Relief, 15 ml – Provides relief from allergies and airborne pollutants that cause skin irritation and scratching; Typical symptoms are constant chewing itching scratching licking and gnawing; This product is... View on Amazon