Awesome Star Wars Cat Toys

Is everyone in your household a fan of the Star Wars series? Including your cat? Today, for May the Fourth (Star Wars Day!), we're sharing these awesome officially licensed Star Wars-themed pet toys made especially for your sweet kitty!

1 Star Wars Plush Mouse Cat Toys 2-Pack

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The cute plush toys in this set look just like droid BB-8 and Darth Vader. One toy for the Dark Side, and one for the Light Side! If you've got multiple cats, see who chooses which side! These plush toys have catnip infused and have feather tails for added kitty pleasure.

2 Cat Teaser String Toy with Praetorian Guard

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This is a cute fun toy that you can use to "go fishing" for your cat! This toy is a bit of a deep cut as it features a member of the Elite Praetorian Guard in plush form. The toy is on a string at the end of the stick for fun human-kitty interactive fun, Star Wars style!

3 Cute Chewbacca Cat Toy 2-Pack

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This is a fun two-pack of cat toys featuring Chewbacca! One toy is a Chewie character inspired double ball toy with feathers at the head for added excitement. The second toy in the set is a crinkle ball in Wookiee colors!

4 Catnip Yoda & Crinkle Ball Toys for Kitty

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This fun cat toy set includes a little plush Yoda and an enticing crunchy crinkle ball toy. The plush Yoda is infused with catnip for extra fun.

5 Chewbacca & Porg Catnip Toy Set

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This is a cute two-pack of cat toys. One toy resembles Chewbacca and the other is a Porg. Both toys have catnip infused. The Porg toy has an enticing feather attached for added fun.

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