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Ethical Products Cat Bowls

Ethical Products is a company that provides products for pets and their families. The New Jersey-based company strives for sustainability in both their manufacturing processes and their final products. Eco-friendly materials are preferred and used whenever possible. Since 2011, the company's Bloomfield, NJ facility has been operating on 100% solar power.

Ethical Products produces a wide variety of items for both dogs and cats, including toys, travel gear, treats, and more. Their line of pet dishes includes cute designs in durable glazed stoneware. Here are some of our favorite cat dishes from Ethical Products.

1 5 Inch Red Cat Dish: Fish & Paw Prints

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This cute cat dish is glazed in high-quality metallic-look red with copper trim. The bowl motif is a small fish silhouette. The outside of the bowl is trimmed with cartoon-style paw prints.

2 5-Inch Blue Glaze Mouse Motif Stoneware Cat Dish

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This pretty stoneware cat dish has a fun two-tone look with a dark blue outside and light blue inside. A cute and simple mouse motif if featured around the rim and at the bottom of the bowl.

3 5-Inch Square Ceramic Cat Bowl: Mouse

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This is a super-cute tall ceramic pet bowl is marketed to dogs but can be used by cats as well. Like the blue bowl above, this one has a light blue interior with a contrasting dark blue outer side. Here the repeating motif is a paw print, around the outside and on the bottom of the inside.

4 Cute Meow Mouse Ceramic Bowl for Cats

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This is a darling white ceramic pet bowl has a simple illustrated mouse motif along with a cute little slogan "MEOW".

5 5-Inch Green Glazed Mouse Motif Cat Bowl

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This fun round cat food bowl features a mouse motif on the inside and several mice running around the outside. The interior is green with contrasting black mouse; the exterior has the colors reversed. This bowl is also available in red and black.

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