Exciting Multiple Sensory Activity Center For Cats

Outdoor / Indoor Playpen for Cats

Pop-Up Cat Playhouses

Keeping your cats engaged and interested is part of keeping them happy and healthy. Providing a variety of toys and play-spaces can be part of that, and rotating furniture by using pop-up cat houses is an easy and affordable way to mix things up. These pop-up cat cubes and furniture pieces fold down for easy storage and can be rotated in and out of your home to keep curious kitty on her toes. Use these along with rotating tubes and tunnels for extra variety and fun.

Roar! Kitty Jungle Novelty Pop-Up Cat House

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This cute foldable cube cat playpen has a fun print, with jungle leaves on one side and an animal print (panther or lion cut-out style varies) around one of the other openings. This type of cat playpen also comes in a house style with a larger domed roof for extra space and fun.

Peek & Play Pop-Up Play Tent for Cats

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This playpen has a unique shape with openings on the side and in the middle. The tunnel-house hybrid has a hanging toy attached from the roof for extra fun.

Blue Pop-Up Tent for Playful Cats

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This cute plain pop-up tent in blue looks great in a variety of home decors without screaming "cat furniture". The little pop-up style play set has round openings on three of the four sides and includes several hanging ball toys. You can also get this simple style of pop-up, foldable cat tent in purple polka dot cube.

Pop-Up Tents & Tube Cat Toy Bundle

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Pick up a whole cat playpen system with this purchase that includes a cat play tube along with two pop-up playpens. One of the pens is tent-shaped and the other is a cube. All three pieces are separate and can be attached with Velcro or used individually for maximum variety.

Funny Cardboard Cat Scratching Toys

Cardboard scratching toys can be a fun addition to your cat's playtime. They are affordable and often come with unique prints or in funny shapes. Because they aren't durable, some cats have fun destroying the rough surface by scratching, which is a natural behavior. Here are some funny novelty scratching toys to consider.

Funny DJ Deck Cardboard Cat Scratching Toy

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This cute cat scratching toy is shaped like a spinning LP deck and comes with moving parts like the spinning scratching surface and a moving needle arm. The funny print on the deck includes "stickers" themed to a feline DJ. 

Funny Presidential Podium Cat Scratching Toy

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This cute scratching toy is shaped like a podium and comes with a pair of flags that have cat paws instead of stars. The toy has enticing scratching surfaces at the base behind the podium and at an angle within the podium. This makes for hilarious photo ops when kitty sits slightly upright when using the podium scratcher. Another great detail is a "microphone" bristle brush that entices kitty to bite or rub on her face.

Skate Board Cardboard Cat Scratcher

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Kitty will look cute using this one! This cat scratching toy is shaped like a cat-sized skateboard with an enticing cardboard scratch surface. It's a cute small piece of scratching furniture that will fit in almost anywhere.

Ship Shaped Cardboard Scratcher for Cats

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This fun cat toy furniture is a thick plank of cardboard with an enticing texture that kitty will love to scratch. The toy is shaped like a ship and comes with a "mast" holding up a feather toy.

Kitty Over The Rainbow! Cute Scratcher Toy

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This fun half-circle shaped cardboard cat scratcher toy looks like a rainbow! The unique rounded shape offers lots of different ways for kitty to scratch, including sitting right to top of the rainbow. The tall rainbow toy also allows for kitty to stretch up while scratching for satisfying play.

Affordable Grooming Mitten for Cats

Cat-Shaped Easy Door Mount Self-Groomer

Collapsible Cloth Pet Toy Storage Bin

Highly Rated Grown in USA Natural Catnip

Cute Grumpy Cat Cartoon Knit Cat Toy

The Best Blankets for Cats

During colder months, our cats love to find a warm spot to nap. Sunbeams are the best. When those aren't available, our cats gravitate to soft and snuggly surfaces, especially the fluffy plush blanket we have on our bed. Blankets made just for cats are typically small, for ease of care, and have a soft, plush surface that is perfect for snuggling and self-warming. Here are some top pick pet blankets.

3-Pack Small Tan Pet Blankets

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This is an affordable set of three blankets. The small size (23" x 16") makes them perfect to place in pet beds, on cat furniture, or tucked in your kitty's favorite spots. The small size makes them easy to clean, too. These blankets are available in a variety of different colors so you can pick a set that matches your home decor, or your cat's coat.

Funny Soft Plush Round Tortilla Blanket

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This adorable microfiber blanket has a fun tortilla or burrito print on one side. We actually got this cute little blanket four ourselves, and as soon as I put it on our bed, all of our cats were interested. Later I found them laying on it, comfortably snuggled. Beware, you might be inclined to make a purrito out of your kitty when you get this cute burrito blanket.

Self-Warming Padded Plush Cat Mattress Bed

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This quilted pet bed is a non-electric style of "self-heating" blanket with an internal thermal sheet that holds in your pet's body heat to keep them snug and warm. The thermal blanket comes in a variety of colors and styles to fit with your home decor or to best match your pet's fur.