Cute Christmas-Themed Cat Beds

Give your kitty a cozy cat bed that doubles as holiday decor for your home with one of these super cute cat beds. The comfortable cat beds all have fun holiday themes, adding extra festive cheer to your home this holiday season.

When you rotate your cat's furniture, toys, and bedding, you keep kitty interested and engaged in her environment. Mixing in a holiday-themed bed for the winter season can be a type of enrichment for your family pet. 

Adorable Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Cat Bed

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This fun cozy cat bed has one opening, making it an enclosed safe and warm space for kitty to have snooze. The adorable theme makes the bed look like a big reindeer, complete with a fawn color, brown antlers, and a bright red "nose" above the opening. 

Santa Claus Hat Cone-Shape Cat Tent Bed

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Kitty will look like she's snoozing inside Santa Claus's hat with this fun seasonal cat bed. The red cone-shaped bed has a white base and folding top with white pom on the end, just like the famous fat man's hat. There's just one round opening, making this a cozy and safe snooze spot for kitty.

Green Christmas Tree Shape Holiday Cat Bed

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This holiday cat bed in a cone shape is designed to look like a little Christmas tree, complete with some pompom "ornaments" and a yellow star on the top. This one would look great next to your holiday Christmas tree, or use this instead of a traditional tree! The cone top of the tree is attached with a zipper allowing for easy removal (in case kitty ends up preferring a bed without a top) and cleaning.

Foam Folding Self-Warming Cozy Holiday Cat Bed

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This darling dome cat bed easily converts from an enclosed shape as shown, to a cozy open-bed with plush sides, making it a great choice if you're not sure which style your cat prefers. This dome bed has a fun red and white holiday pattern with snowflakes, stripes, and dots. 

More Foam Folding Holiday Cat Beds

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Hollypet Self-Warming 2 in 1 Foldable Comfortable Triangle Cat Bed Tent House, Green Crutch – Made in super cozy materials, small, enclosed space to make your cats feel warm and cozy. Classic tent-shaped cat house, very cute and timeless.; Dimensions: 12... View on Amazon

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Halloween Costumes for Cats

While we admit that most cats probably wouldn't tolerate wearing a full costume for more than a few minutes, let alone all of Halloween, the outfits and costume pieces featured here are perfect in short bursts and make fun props for holiday photos. Here are some of our favorite Halloween and cosplay looks for kitty:

1 Adorable Cat Halloween Lion Mane Photo Prop

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This lion mane headpiece is a fun costume prop that works especially well with orange tabby cats like Timmy and William. The piece has a Velcro strap and can be adjusted for the most comfortable fit.

2 Cute Peacock Cat Costume With Hat

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This is a cute two-piece costume outfit. A blue harness-style top comes with a large peacock tail. The separate headpiece has a peacock head on top.

3 Santa Hat With Beard For Cats

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This costume can go double duty -- use it for both Halloween and Christmas! The beard acts as a strap and can be adjusted by Velcro to ensure a perfect fit. Pick this up for your family Christmas photos! The customer photos on this product are especially precious -- be sure to check them out!

4 Funny Kitty Cop Halloween Costume

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This costume is available in a variety of sizes so you can pick up an outfit for every furry member of your family and make a hilarious group photo. The costume pieces are easily adjusted with Velcro closures.

5 Pirate Cat Halloween Costume

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This fun outfit makes your kitty look like a little person! And not just any person -- kitty is a pirate! Use Velcro to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. This costume comes with a shirt piece, which has little "arms", one of which has a hook for a hand, as well as a matching pirate hat.

6 Little Sailor Halloween Costume for Cats

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This cute two-piece costume comes with a sailor hat with anchor motif and sailor bow-tie collar. This cat sailor costume has a lot of positive reviews -- 925 and counting at 4.5/5!

7 Super Cute Bat Wings Costume Accessory for Cats

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This simple piece is among the most likely to be tolerated by kitty for the longest amount of time -- especially if kitty is already used to wearing a collar or harness. Like a typical harness, this bat wing costume piece has a strap around the neck and an additional strap across the chest for added security. Both straps are adjustable with Velcro -- be sure to keep kitty supervised when wearing this costume. Looks awesome especially on black or tuxedo cats. See the product reviews and photos for some really cute Halloween bat-kitties!

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Great Variety of Cat Carrier Backpack Styles

Back in 2016, we highlighted a great hands-free cat carrier in the shape of a backpack that made bringing kitty to vet appointments, on vacation, or other outings an easy affair. Today the market is full of several different styles of cat carrier backpacks for a variety of uses, cat sizes, and levels of comfort for both kitty and backpack-wearer. Here are some of the different styles of backpacks available for transporting cats.

Full-View Plastic Bubble Cat Carrier Backpack

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This unique pet carrier includes a full transparent window at the back to give your cat the most open view possible. Air holes on the sides and along the bottom provide plenty of ventilation. The backpack portion of the pack includes comfortable wide straps and an additional strap to secure the pack across the top of the chest for a less bumpy rider. Note the size of the pack to be sure your cat will be comfortable in this unique carrier style.

Bubble-View Secure Pet Carrier Backpack

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This style of backpack cat carrier might give some cats a more secure feeling, with a small port-hole "space capsule" bubble viewing area. Air holes along the sides and bottom are ample for good air flow, and the backpack straps are comfortably wide and adjustable. This bubble view pack is made of stylish-looking faux leather. 

Convertible Cat Backpack & Rolling Case

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This versatile case can be carried on a person's back, or as a piece of rolling luggage. Having this option is great for airline travel and other times when switching from a backpack to rolling luggage would be handy. A full mesh panel in the back allows ample airflow and viewing pleasure for your pet. Reviewers praise this carrier in particular as being ideal for air travel.

Horizonal Orientation Pet Carrier Backpack

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This wide-body pet carrier is different from other backpacks because it has a wider, more traditional pet carrying case profile. It's still comfortable to carry on the back, with adjustable straps. This carrying case also has a suitcase strap on the back to secure to a rolling luggage handle for another easy way to transport your pet. Several vented windows allow for great air flow and viewing ports for kitty.

Comfortable Cat Backpack with Expansion Back

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Carry kitty where you need to go with this comfortable backpack carrier. The wide adjustable arm straps, waist strap, and chest strap allow for a secure ride for kitty. This carrier is shaped like a traditional backpack cat crate, but has another great feature: an expanding back! While waiting at the vet, resting between flights, or other times of pause during travel, expand this case out with the folded mesh extension for even more room for kitty to move around. This great feature allows kitty to be extra comfy when not on the move.

Ice Cream Cone Cat Toys for Summer Fun

Mix up kitty's playthings by adding some fun seasonal novelty toys. These cat toys are all inspired by that favorite summer treat -- ice cream! 

Handmade Felt Ice Cream Cone Catnip Toy

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This adorable felt cat toy is hand stitched and filled with catnip. This is an Instagram-ready toy -- snap kitty taking a lick or chomp of her new ice cream cone for lots of hearts.

Crochet Ice Cream Catnip Cat Toy

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Pick your favorite flavor (color) when you purchase this handmade crochet catnip ice cream cone toy. The crafted toy includes a small fringe around the ice cream portion for an interesting texture and unique mouthfeel when kitty enjoys her fat-free ice cream treat!

Set of 4 Plush Ice Cream Cone Catnip Toys

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With this purchase you'll get a set of four different ice cream cone shaped catnip cat toys. The little cones have different "flavors" (colors), making this an eye-pleasing set for you as well as a nip-filled delight for your cat.

Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone Cat Kicker Toy

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This is a fun novelty cat toy in the shape of a soft-serve vanilla ice cream cone. The toy is filled with catnip and is a larger size that can be used as a kicker for cats who like to play with toys in this manner.