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List: 2019 Cat Needs Best-Selling (Besides Toys)

Toys were tops for this webshop in 2019. Here are the other cat needs best sellers for the year. Does your cat have everything he or she needs? Litter box and food related needs are well-represented on this list.

1 Self-Groomer Wall-Mount Brush for Cats

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Our overall best-selling item was this simple self-grooming brush that can be mounted on flat walls or corners. Easy installation with adhesive strips makes placement a breeze. Cats who enjoy being brushed will especially appreciate this self-grooming brush.

3 Clear 8 Quart Pet Food Storage Dispenser

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Keep kitty's food fresh with this popular food storage container. This is especially a great choice for cat owners who like to blend their pet's food.

4 3-Pack Soft Pet Blankets

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Use these pet blankets to line your cat carrier, or to demarcate spots on your furniture where you want to encourage your pet to sleep or sit. Your pet will love the comfortable soft fleece fabric and you'll love the feel of these plush pet blankets.

5 Stainless Steel Cat Litter Pan (Catering Pan)

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This was our top seller in 2018, and it continues to be a popular alternative to traditional cat litter boxes. This product is designed for industrial catering or cooking, but it's the perfect size and shape for a large cat litter box. The stainless steel construction is sturdy and super easy to clean, too. And the price is great! This pan measures about 20.88" x 12.88" x 6.13".

6 Stainless Steel Cat Litter Pan (Purpose Built)

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Here's another stainless steel container to use a litter box, but this one is purpose built. This litter box has the added advantage of non-slip rubber feet to elevate the box and keep it in place. This one is available in two different sizes.

7 Reversible Plush Pet Blanket

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This pet blanket is available in four different sizes and there is a wide variety of colors and patterns from which to choose. Protect your furniture and keep kitty happy with this plush warm pet blanket.

8 Ceramic Raised Pet Feeding Bowl

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This is a popular high-sided raised feeding or water bowl for your kitty. Raised bowls are great for cats that have digestive issues and this popular model is made of premium shatter-proof pottery.

9 Jumbo Litter-Trapping Litterbox Mat

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Keep kitty from spreading litter outside of her box area with this mat that traps litter. The extra large mat covers a large area outside of the box to protect your flooring and keep litter off.

10 Extra Large Ventilated Travel Pet Carrier

Found on Amazon – See more in Soft-sided Cat Carriers

This jumbo cat pet carrier rounds out our top-seller list for 2019. The carrier has large mesh openings for maximum ventilation and visibility. The carrier has a steel support frame that's easy to assemble and insures maximum safety for your traveling kitty.

List: 2019 Cat Needs Best-Selling Toys

This is a list of the best selling cat toys sold on this webshop over 2019. Does your cat have these popular toys? Interactive toys and tunnel tubes topped the list.

1 Three-Level Track Ball Tower Cat Toy

Found on Amazon – See more in Interactive Cat Toys

Our top-selling toy in 2019 was this three-level tower of tracks, each with a moving ball that spins around with every bat of your cat's paw. This is an extremely popular product on Amazon, both in sales and ratings.

2 Rechargeable Laser Light Pointer Cat Toy

Found on Amazon – See more in Laser Pointers

Stop messing around with cheap laser pointers that you just end up throwing away because you're not going to replace the small unhandy batteries! Get a highly rated USB rechargeable unit like this one, similar to our best-selling model.

3 Soft & Crinkly Cat Toy Play Tunnel

Found on Amazon – See more in Cat Tunnels

This is a fun hideaway toy for cats. The tunnel has a soft suede like finish with fluffy borders at the ends and hidey-hole, with an attached dangling toy and crinkle texture for playtime fun.

4 Madcap Mouse Super Fun Refillable Catnip Toy

Found on Amazon – See more in Catnip Toys

This best-seller remains one of Timmy's favorites. This popular and extremely affordable soft plush refillable toy comes in random styles (you might get a koala or different colored mouse).

5 Rabbit Fur Cat Toy on Elastic String

Found on Amazon – See more in Toys on Strings

This simple toy was our 5th top seller in 2019. If your cat goes wild for real rabbit fur, dangling a ball of it on the end of the string will surely drive him or her wild.

6 Affordable Paper Tunnel Toy for Cats

Found on Amazon – See more in Cat Tunnels

Some cats love tunnels. Some cats love paper bags. This fun playtime cat toy tunnel is an intriguing combination of these two concepts -- it's a play tunnel made of sturdy paper! This one folds down, accordion-style, for easy storage.

7 Automatic Cat Toy with Laser & Feather

Found on Amazon – See more in Laser Pointers and Interactive Cat Toys

A cat-toy like this two-in-one unit, that works automatically to invite interactive fun, was a best-seller in 2019. The device rotates a laser light and a feather toy in various patterns and speeds to keep your kitty engaged and active!

8 Interactive Feather Smart Toy for Cats

Found on Amazon – See more in Automatic Toys and Feather Toys

The last top selling toy on our list is another interactive gem with battery-powered lights and motion. The toy rolls around in a random pattern, catching your cat's attention with its irregular movement and enticing dangling feather attachment.

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