List: Three Adorable Spider-Man-Themed Cat Beds

Let your kitty have some superhero action when they nap. Officially licensed cat beds like these are a fun way to add a little Marvel theming to your home and give your pet(s) something new and comfortable to cherish. Here is a short list of three different small pet beds with a fun Amazing Spider-Man style.

1 Small Cuddling Spider-Man Pet Cup

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This cute little round cat bed has a darling Spider-Man motif. This is great for cats that weigh up to 12lbs, although when it comes to cats, no matter the size, if I fits, I sits, amirite?

2 Rectangular Plush Spider-Man Cozy Cat Bed

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Your larger cat or group of kitties will love to snuggle in this plush, traditional cat bed. This is suited for pets up to 30lbs (in other words, up to 30lbs of cats - the more the merrier, when it comes to snoozing!).

3 Spider-Man Themed Pet Mat

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This is a larger pet bed option for up to 50lbs of cat, for multiple pets who want to share, or for spoiled kitties that like to stretch out! The totally removable shell is easy to clean and has a fun Spider-Man pattern.

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What Cats Need Prime Day Best Sellers

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When Prime Day rolls around, we usually check the items on our wish list to see if anything comes up discounted. We'll also keep an eye on certain store categories (like cat toys!) in case something we can use comes up.

Last year here at, we had a variety of best-selling items across different categories. Here is a list of our top five best-sellers for Prime Day last year.

1 Stylish Top-Entry Litter Box from IRIS

This stylish litter box from IRIS USA comes in several different colors to match a variety of decors. The Orange/Brown and White/Beige were the best-sellers for Prime Day last year. It also comes in two sizes and you have the option of a filtered lid (litter drops back inside) or a grooved lid (litter is trapped in grooves). This top seller box is an Amazon's Choice product. The top-entry box is great for keeping nosy dogs out of the litter and the rounded shape makes scooping clean up easy.

2 Jumbo 5 Liter Automatic Pet Feeder

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This oversized pet feeder was another best-seller last year. This feeder comes with voice recording, so you can call your pets to eat when the hopper door opens. The feeder also uses dual power -- battery power from 3 D batteries provides back-up in case the power in your home goes out. Kitty won't miss a meal!

3 Cat Dancer Fleece Wand Teaser Toy

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I'm not surprised this was a best-seller for Prime Day last year. We have this simple fleece "tail" on a wand toy and our cats really enjoy chasing it. It's a fun interactive toy for you to play with your kitty. This one is available in a single serving or a two-pack.

4 Adorable Princess Cat Bed

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This cute cat bed comes with four pieces: the bed; plush mattress; matching blanket; and pillow. This washable pet bed has such a cute princess theme and lots of darling details like a rope edging, soft fleece surfaces, and a princess tiara motif at the head and foot. The purple and lilac bedding set is available in three different sizes.

5 Catit Self-Grooming Brush with Catnip

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This is a wall-mountable self-grooming short-bristle plastic brush for cats to groom themselves. It has an onboard compartment for adding catnip, in case kitty needs some extra enticement to use the groomer. When this is mounted at cat-level on a corner wall, kitty will be able to scratch herself in hard-to-reach feel-good spots like chin and cheek. This comes in single, double, or triple-pack packaging.

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