Christmas-Themed Cat Trees

Give your kitty her own Christmas tree this season. Maybe she'll leave yours alone, then! (If not, you can try a cat-proof tree solution or alternative). Rotating your cat's furniture (as well as toys) is a great way to keep kitty interested and engaged and burning her energy with appropriate play. So use these Christmas-themed cat trees as part cat enrichment, part holiday decor for your home. 

Christmas Tree Sisal Cat Scratching Post with Dangling Ornament Toys

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This is a holiday novelty cat tree but it has some great features that you'd expect to find on any piece of cat furniture. The bottom part of the main post is wrapped in sisal, while the tree-shaped top has a plush carpet surface. The different materials add scratching interest. Attached and dangling toys also add interest. The wide base makes this a sturdy piece of cat furniture.

Fun Christmas-Themed Cat Tree Play Furniture

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This is a cute multi-level Christmas tree shaped cat tree with soft faux fur levels. The base has a sisal rope surface to encourage proper scratching. Toys hang, dangle, or can be hidden in several spots on the tree. This piece is easy to assemble and users report that it can be disassembled for storage once Christmas is over.

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Update: Popular Jumbo Cat-Scratching Post

Almost four years ago we featured this sturdy sisal scratching post that our cats loved. This year we realized this extremely popular scratching post was showing serious signs of wear and it might be a good idea to replace it. 

Sisal rope scratching posts are often preferred by cats because of the material's feel. Owners like it because it's a sturdy and long-lasting substance. But sisal can only hold on for so long. It's a natural rope material made of an agave plant and with extensive use, wear is expected. 

All three of our boys use this scratching post multiple times each day. The post is tall so they can really stretch out when they scratch their front paws on this post. 

With the extensive wear, we decided to purchase a replacement post. Besides the obvious wear to the sisal, you can see how the post became discolored after years of use and abuse from little kitty paws.

Our cats took to the new post immediately, recognizing it is a special piece of furniture just for them. 

On the old scratching post, you can see that the most wear is towards the top. My next project is to see if I can flip the base and the top on the old post and place it somewhere else in our house for twice the scratching fun for our boys.

Gumby models the new post, shown next to the old post

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Alternative Use: Kitchen Cart as Kitty Station

Folding Cat Tree Scratch Tower & Bed

Happy National Black Cat Apprecation Day!

Black Cat Appreciation Day is meant to bring awareness to the fact that black cats have the lowest adoption rate among shelter cats. Many shelters offer special rates on black cat adoptions, especially on this date. Black Cat Appreciation Day is on August 17th every year.

Happy International Cat Day!

The International Fund for Animal Welfare established the first International Cat Day on August 8, 2002. The honorary holiday takes place each year on this date. The holiday is meant to bring awareness to cat care and welfare. We believe that keeping cats indoors is a great way for cats and native wildlife to stay safe. To learn more about this issue, look at the American Bird Conservancy's Cats Indoors site.

Happy International Cat Day to all!

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