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Ten Fun Refillable Catnip Cat Toys

One of our cats' favorite toys is the popular Madcap Mouse plush from SmartyKat. This is always our Timmy's favorite toy, but he shows added interest when we add a bit of dried catnip from our stash. Yep, Madcap Mouse is refillable! These kinds of toys will attract your cat initially and then again and again as you keep the catnip pouch filled with the good stuff. Here are 10 great refillable catnip toys for cats.

1 Fuzzy Squirrel Refillable Catnip Toy

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This toy has to top our list because its just like another favorite at our house! Now that I think of it, though, I haven't seen it for a while. Maybe I should check under the couch (a favorite stash spot!). The fluff factor on this toy's tail is out of control, which makes it perfect for kitties that like to snuggle with their toys.

2 Two-Pack Mouse Set: Pair of Refillable Toys

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Here's another set of toys we've had in our home. Like the others on the list, they each have a refillable pouch that seals with a safe velcro seam. The set includes a bit of nip to get you started.

3 Soft Fleece Refillable Fish Catnip Toy

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Cats will love the fleece texture of this refillable catnip toy! Here you'll get a toy in the abstract shape of a fish, with fuzzy plush body and fabric face. This refillable catnip toy comes with 2 grams of catnip.

4 Refillable Catnip Scratch Toy for Cats

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This toy may not be fluffy and plush, but I bet your cat will still love it! The bulk of the toy ball is made of irresistible cardboard corrugate which kitty will love to scratch. And when with each scratch another whiff of catnip is released from the refillable center, kitty will be occupied for a very long time.

5 Fluffy Mouse Refillable Catnip Toy

Found on Amazon

This extremely popular choice from Petlinks comes with a standard velcro-closure pouch that you can refill with catnip as needed. The cute furry animal comes complete with a stubby tail and fun animal pattern.

6 Catnip Bomb Refillable Cat Toy

Found on Amazon

This is a cute novelty toy that comes with a vial of catnip to get kitty started! The happy cat photo on the package is funny, but true -- that's how some cats look after a bout with catnip.

7 Extra Cute Plush Toad Catnip Toy

Found on Amazon

This darling little toad cat toy comes with a Velcro closure pouch to add catnip for added kitty interest. The protruding toes and eyes on the cute toy are interesting to kitty, too.

8 Cute Burlap Rat Catnip Toy with Refill Pouch

Found on Amazon

This cute burlap rat-shaped cat toy has a hidden catnip pouch. Features like eyes, ears, and tail are made from felt or string, and there is an enticing curled ribbon at the end for added fun and interest.

9 Oversized Dice Refillable Catnip Cat Toys

Found on Amazon

These vinyl toys aren't fuzzy like most of the other toys on this list, but that doesn't make them any less fun! Kitty can bat around the nip-filled dice to release the sweet fumes. And how much fun is it to bat around a box-shaped object as if it was a ball? Can you say random crazy trajectories!?

10 Set of 3 Refillable Catnip Ball Toys

Found on Amazon

This set of three catnip ball toys is a great pack for multi cat households.You'll get three refillable balls that also make realistic sounds like birds, crickets, and frogs. The balls also move on their own; recharge using USB. This is a fun set of toys that have a lot going on!

11 Kong Premium Catnip

Found on Amazon

Pick up some extra catnip to keep your refillable toys stuffed with the best stuff that your kitty loves! This is a two ounce package of North American grown nip.

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Soft Plush Refillable Catnip Mouse Toy

We have three cats that are fond of Madcap Mouse here in our home. This toy was the first one that our kitten Timmy went for when we first brought him home. We had picked up Timmy and his mother, sister, and brother from living wild at a local county park. Madcap Mouse was the first toy he went to, and it's still his favorite toy today. Timmy likes to grab the mouse in his front paws and kick at it with his back paws. He also carries the toy around the house, which is extremely cute to watch.

Here's a photo of Timmy the first day we had him, right after he found Madcap Mouse.

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